8 Ways to Quickly Improve Your Paper Writing Skills

Writing. For some people, it comes like a breeze, while for others it’s one of the most daunting and difficult things that they need to do. If you found yourself in a situation where you have to write a paper, but have absolutely no idea where to begin, the first thing that you must know is that it’ll take time, patience, and a lot of practice to get better.

Nonetheless, if you don’t have a lot of time to compose a paper and if you have to enhance your skills fast, don’t worry, our 2024 guide below can help you! We’ve compiled a list of eight ways that’ll allow you to quickly improve your writing skills, so, let’s take a look at what you can do!

1. Before You Start, Determine What Your Paper Will Be About

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It isn’t easy to just sit and begin writing and if fact, a lot of professional writers take a lot of steps before they actually write one word. This basically means that you have to determine what your article will be about before you begin composing it. The simplest method for determining? Well, the simplest method to do this is – one you should narrow down the thesis, and second, you should create a reasonable argument that you could then utilize for starting your article.

When you do these two things, you’ll be capable of forming a suitable outline that has to consist of some notes that’ll assist you to compose your opening – which should also contain the thesis – the body must possess distinct paragraphs that’ll support your opinion with evidence, and the conclusion must link everything together. Once you go through all of these steps, the next one will require you to gain a better comprehension of grammar.

2. You Must Use Proper Grammar & Punctuation

This is, perhaps, one of the things that are most important when composing an article for your school. Without you having a good comprehension of grammar, as well as punctuation, you won’t be capable of expressing your thoughts properly, hence, the reader might end up being confused by what you’ve composed. Grammar basics are crucial when composing a piece, however, you need to also focus on punctuation, such as using commas and periods when required.

3. It’s Better Not to Utilize Big Words

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Since you’ll be composing an essay for your school, you must remember that you’ll actually be influencing other individuals that you’re an expert in the field, and that you could, without any issues, speak about the subject of the essay.

Because of this, you must remember that utilizing big words can often lead to them having an opposite effect, meaning that, if you don’t know entirely what a word means and how to use it, it’s better to leave it out from your paper.

4. Go Through The Evidence You Have

In order for you to understand the argument, you must ensure that you go through the evidence that you have. Yes, it can be a little bit tempting for you to go further into the topic, but it might end up making your article completely messy and unreadable.

Hence, you must always ask yourself whether or not the proof that you’ve gathered will actually defend the thesis that you hold. If the response to this question is ‘no’, you shouldn’t utilize the evidence – which is exactly why it’s important for you to study it.

It’s worth mentioning that if you aren’t sure about how your writing looks, and if you cannot connect the proof with your theory and argument, you could leave the work to professional authors. Luckily, there are various websites such as top10writingservices.com that’ll offer custom paper writing services, hence, if you cannot reach your deadline and if you cannot compose a good article, you could opt for such services.

5. The Conclusion Might Be Daunting to Compose

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A lot of people think that the most daunting part of composing a paper is the introduction, however, the reality is, that the conclusion might be even more daunting. The ending needs to connect every single paragraph that you’ve written, and it’ll also prove your idea. This means that it shouldn’t be a duplicate of your opening, instead, you must come up with something strong that’ll highlight the facts you’ve written about.

Besides this, it also needs to shortly highlight the proof that you’ve utilized and discussed, and if you ensure this, you’ll be capable of attaching everything together. It’s worth mentioning that there are a lot of amazing articles out there that were completely ruined by the closing the writer came up with, which is why you must do everything in your power not to let your paper become like this one, hence, take some time to compose a thrilling conclusion.

6. The Introduction Must Be Attention-Grabbing

There are different ways that you could start your article, and no matter what you opt for, you must ensure that it’s attention-grabbing, which means that the reader should be hooked by it and continue reading your essay.

If it isn’t attention-grabbing, the reader might simply go through the paragraphs that you’ve written, without actually paying attention to what you really had to say. Hence, besides the conclusion, also spend some extra time on writing the introduction.

7. Don’t Proofread Alone

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Yes, you’ll most likely read your paper several times, however, even if you correct the mistakes you’ve made, there still might be some that are left. Because of this, once you go through your essay several times, ask a friend, family member, partner, or one of your classmates to go through it as well!

They won’t only help you correct any mistakes that you may have made along the way, but they’ll also tell you whether or not they can understand what you’ve written about.

8. Be Careful About The Transitions Used!

Last on our list, but equally as important as everything we’ve mentioned is that you must ensure that you utilize the proper transitions while composing.

If you don’t utilize proper words, they might make your writing messy and unclear, thus, do some digging so that you could figure out how to disconnect and connect the paragraphs properly.

This will certainly help you communicate your ideas and guarantee that there is a flow to the paragraphs, so, ensure that you utilize the correct words.


As you could see, there are various things that you could do in order to enhance your essay writing skills quickly, and, if you follow the advice we’ve mentioned above, you could ensure that you deliver an essay that is straightforward, that’ll support your opinion, and more importantly, that’ll be appealing to the people reading it.