TOP 10 Highest Paid DJs in the World 2024

Forbes magazine has published a ranking of the most popular and highly paid DJs in the world. For some, this year has become a time of unprecedented take-off, while someone, on the contrary, “flew out” from under the wheel of Fortune. There is one Russian in the rating – Anton Zaslavsky (better known under the pseudonym Zedd), which cannot but rejoice. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the list of lucky people who happened to become the kings of the modern DJ industry.

10. Zedd

German DJ and music producer Anton Zaslavsky was born in Saratov in 1989. He was brought up in a family of musicians, which undoubtedly became decisive in the choice of his professional activity. Already in 2014, Anton received the Grammy Award in the nomination “Best Dance Recording”, and in 2014 he entered the top 10 highest paid DJs in the world. Now his income is $ 19 million.

9. Martin Garrix

Born in Amsterdam, Martin is now only 21 years old, making him one of the youngest DJs in the world. Well, his youth is not in vain: since 2014, he has been the headliner of the largest musical events such as Sensation, Coachella, etc. The Animals track, inspired by the world-famous DJ Tiesto, brought Martin fame. Garrix’s current income is $19.5 million.

8. Marshmello

The pseudonym of this independent DJ is absolutely justified by his extravagant image: at his numerous concerts he performs in a helmet shaped like the famous American sweet. Marshmallo, despite its anonymity, has become incredibly popular since 2015, and it was not his mysterious image that brought him popularity, but really high-quality DJing. However, his work is based on bass-heavy electronic dance music. Zephyrka’s income is $21 million.

7. David Guetta

Few will argue with the fact that David Guetta is, in a way, already mainstream. After all, it is difficult to calculate how many world rankings and how many times he was recognized as the best or even more – the best of the best. In addition to DJing, David is a very successful producer, collaborating with world-famous stars such as Rihanna, Sia, Akon and many others. Guetta is a permanent resident of the most “top” places, and therefore dollars flow to him like a river: $ 25 million a year is received by the owner of the seventh place in Forbes.

6. Diplo

Diplo is the most in-demand DJ in the US and one might say the most unique DJ in the world. His work is difficult to attribute to any direction, because he created his own style, a new movement in the music world – baile funk, which is often called “tropical” house. In addition, Diplo is working on many projects, such as Major Lazer, whose tracks we can often hear on all youth radio stations. Diplo’s annual income is $28.5 million.

5. Steve Aoki

Aoki can be called the most ardent workaholic of this rating: the pace of his work seems simply incredible, because in 12 months he gives more than 200 concerts, and sometimes even several concerts a day. Passion for his work brings Steve more than $ 29 million a year.

4. Skrillex

Skrillex, whose real name is Sony John Moore, has been actively climbing the corporate ladder since 2002. In 2012, according to Forbes, he took 2nd place in the ranking of the highest paid DJs in the world, and since 2011, at each Grammy, he has been a nominee for several awards at once. It should be noted that Moore’s work borrows many elements from Diplo, which, in fact, he does not hide. An interesting fact: Skrillex reached its peak of popularity after working with Justin Bieber. Now Moore receives $30 million a year.

3. The Chainsmokers

The New York duo of two DJs Andrew Taggart and Alex Paul has existed since 2012, and in 2016 he achieved incredible success: their joint track with singer Daya broke the Billboard Hot 100 record – for more than 28 weeks the song was in the top 5 best. This tandem, many are sure, has a great future – the guys signed contracts with eminent Las Vegas party organizers, which, of course, cannot pass without a trace for their career. However, it has not passed – almost $ 38 million a year these handsome men receive.

2. Tiësto

Tiesto from year to year does not give up his positions, all ahead of his competitors in the genre of electronic dance music. This veteran DJ performs more than 100 concerts a year, which brings him $ 39 million. Today, Tiesto is the most titled DJ in the world.

1. Calvin Harris

The leader of our rating is the Scottish DJ, singer-songwriter and music producer Calvin Harris. For each of his performances, Calvin takes a six-figure, or even a seven-figure amount, confirming that he is the most expensive and successful DJ on the planet. Annual income amounted to $48.5 million. He has 11 nominations, 2 of which were crowned with victory. However, let’s wish this kid from Dumfries even more successful contracts and awards.

It should be noted that when compiling this rating, the authors did not take into account fees to managers, agents and lawyers. The basis was taken only the net proceeds of the stars of the music industry. After reading this article, many will think that getting such a staggering amount just for cutting up music is absurd. However, one should not forget that one way or another, this is a colossal work, the fruits of which are an important component of the life of a modern person.