The richest people on the planet in 2024 according to Forbes

More than half of the world’s billionaires have gotten richer this year, according to Forbes. The five most successful collectively got rich by $ 310 billion.

According to Forbes, more than 60% of the world’s 2,200 billionaires have become richer and only 36% are poorer. The wealth of the top five most successful billionaires combined increased by $ 310.5 billion.

In first place is the head of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk (his fortune increased by $ 110.3 billion – to $ 136.9 billion). Elon Musk in 2024 climbed to second place in the ranking of the richest people in the world. As of November 24, the businessman’s fortune reached $ 128 billion. He overtook Microsoft founder Bill Gates and ousted Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg ($ 102 billion) from the top three. In 2024, Musk’s fortune grew amid continuing growth in Tesla shares and the company’s capitalization.

In second place is the richest man in the world, founder and head of Amazon Jeff Bezos (+ $ 67.5 billion – to $ 182.2 billion); Amazon Jeff Bezos. In 2024, the Bezos space company launched a rocket to test a precision moon landing system. The billionaire himself experienced robotic arms in the past year.

Third on the Forbes list is Zhong Shanshan, owner of China’s largest bottled water producer Nongfu Spring (+ $ 60.5 billion to $ 62.5 billion);

The fourth line of the rating is occupied by the founder of the mortgage bank Quicken Loans Dan Gilbert (+ $ 37.1 billion – to $ 43.9 billion);

The head of LVMH, Bernard Arnault, closes the top five (+ $ 35 billion – up to $ 146.3 billion).

Bernard Arnault’s fortune has grown by more than 30% even in the hardest year for the luxury market.