The richest people in the history of mankind


One of the most authoritative and well-known economic publications in the world, Forbes magazine, has published a ranking of the richest people in the world for 2013. A year later, the top of the list was occupied by Mexican media tycoon Carlos Slim ($ 73 billion) and one of the founders of Microsoft, American Bill Gates ($ 67 billion). ousted from the top three the legendary Warren Buffett ($ 53.5 billion). These four are known to everyone for their achievements, incredible capital, but can they be called the richest people in the history of mankind? Perhaps not, since they are not yet included in the top ten “most-most”.

Last place “TOP-10” is occupied by the American philanthropist and industrialist Cornelius “Commander” Vanderbilt… He is called the head of one of the wealthiest families in American history and the third richest American of all time. His $ 185 billion fortune came from various sources, it all started with a small barge and transporting people from Manhattan to Staten Island, followed by steamships, organizing his own transport business, etc. Vanderbilt became even richer after successfully investing in railways in the 1860s.

The next place is occupied by the compatriot Commander, the founder of “Ford Motor Company” Henry Ford… Born in Greenfield, Michigan in 1863, Ford wasn’t the first car inventor, his credit for the design, manufacture and production of the first cars for the middle class. The Ford factories produced “cars for everyone,” the cheapest cars in the early days of the automotive era. The total assets of the inventor and author of 161 US patents after his death in April 1947 were estimated at about $ 199 billion.

Muammar bin Muhammad Abu Menyar Abdel Salam bin Hamid al-Gaddafi, also better known as Colonel Gaddafi, ruled Libya for over 4 decades. He became chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council of Libya following the September 1969 coup d’état and the overthrow of King Idris.

At the time of his death, the personal fortune of Muammar Gaddafi was estimated at the equivalent of about $ 200 billion. The aircraft of the dictator Airbus A340 M alone cost about £ 73 million, and the 333-meter cruise ship Phenicia was bought in 2012 by the Italian company Mediterranean Shipping Company for $ 697 million

The first Norman king, a descendant of the Vikings, entered the top ten of the richest of all times, William I… He ruled for over 20 years, from 1066 until his death in 1087. He accumulated his wealth by invading other kingdoms, for which he received the nickname “Conqueror”. When he died in 1087, the entire fortune of the equivalent of $ 229.5 billion passed to his sons.

Sixth place rating thanks to assets worth about $ 236 billion took Osman Ali Khan (Asaf Jah VII), who was the last ruler of the Principality of Hyderabad from 1911 to 1948, after which the principality became part of India. During his reign, Osman Ali Khan was the richest man in the world, owned a collection of gold worth more than $ 100 million, jewelry worth more than $ 400 million, including the famous Jacob diamond weighing 184.75 carats and worth $ 93 million. To anecdotal evidence, the former leader had more than 50 different Rolls-Royce models and a variety of naval vessels at his disposal.

Tsar Nicholas II Emperor of All Russia came to power after the death of his father Alexander III, then Nikolai was 26 years old. Tsar-Martyr Nikolai stayed in power for over 20 years and became the last emperor of the Russian Empire.

The tsar’s assets by today’s standards are estimated at $ 300 billion, including jewelry, reserves of gold and silver, as well as a huge fleet of the Romanov family, which included the beloved yacht of the tsar, Shtandart, with a displacement of 4,500 tons (the entire Romanov dynasty used about 10 imperial ships, including “Alexandria I”, “Standard”, “Derzhava”, “Princess”, “Livadia”, “Polar Star” and others).

Another billionaire Andrew Carnegie played an important role in the expansion and growth of American industry. The Scottish-born steel magnate also became a well-known philanthropist of his time. He started out as a telegraph operator, and in the 1960s he made his first investments in the construction of railway sleeping cars, oil rigs and bridges. Today, the total assets of Andrew Carnegie would be worth about $ 310 billion.

John Davison Rockefeller, born in the United States in 1839, became the first dollar billionaire in human history. The entrepreneur founded the Standard Oil Company in 1870, which became a leader in the oil industry, this company was the first business trust in the United States. With a fortune of $ 340 billion, Rockefeller was voted the richest American of all time.

On the second place of the list ascended Rothschild family, whose total capital was about $ 350 billion. The Frankfurt banking dynasty dates back to the 1760s, since then its members are considered the richest people in the world. Their total capital amounts to $ 350 billion. Many believe that the Rothschild family controls more than $ 1 trillion. banking assets and real estate.

However, who became the richest man of all times and peoples? Leadership is given to the illustrious ruler of the medieval state of Mali in the XIV century Manse Musa… This Malian emperor built his fortune in the production of salt and gold, providing more than 50% of all world supplies of the precious metal. Today, adjusted for inflation, Mansa Musa’s total fortune would be worth about $ 400 billion.