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Tilly and the Lost Fairy Tales

“Books aren’t interested in who is reading them… A book will welcome any reader; any age, any background, any point of view. Books don’t care if you can’t understand every word in them, or if you want to skip bits or reread bits. Books welcome everyone who wants to explore them, and thankfully no one has ever worked out a way to stop that.”

– Anna James, Tilly and the Lost Fairytales

Pages & Co. 2 | Tilly and the Lost Fairy Tales

Today I want to show you a fairly recently published book, and quickly give you some of my thoughts about it. The book I am sharing with you today is the latest Pages & Co. book by Anna James. It is called Tilly and the Lost Fairy Tales. If you didn’t read my review of the first Pages & Co. book, you can find that here.

Set about six months after the conclusion of Tilly and the Bookwanderers, it is now Christmas break, and Tilly and Oskar are ready for some adventure. However, inner turmoil within the Underlibrary and the election of a new librarian, things might not work out the way the children want them to. The threat of not being allowed to bookwanderer anymore, and the frightening discover that fairy tale books are leaking their magic and causing chaos, Tilly and Oskar travel to Paris for a few days to stay with Oskar’s father and grandmother.  

Surprising discoveries, danger, and adventure await them, as Tilly’s bookwandering powers are put to the test as the struggle to save bookwandering as they know and love it.

If you’re thinking that this book sounds good, then you would be right. It is terrific. There is so much going on in this book. It will keep the reader engaged the entire time. I know that was the case for me. 

Initial Thoughts About Tilly and the Lost Fairy Tales

Pages & Co. Book 2 | Tilly and the Lost Fairy Tales

I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but isn’t the cover for this one simply amazing! You can already get a pretty good idea about the contents of the story, especially if you have read the first Pages & Co. book.

One of the other things that I find really neat about both Pages & Co. books is the way that the words in the book, the actual physically printed words in the book aren’t boring. You will notice that occasionally the words are tipped, or ‘falling’ off the page.

Tilly and the Lost Fairy Tales Inside
Tilly and the Lost Fairy Tales Inside

Another thing I really love about this book as well as the first book, in fact, are the illustrations by Paola Escobar. They are amazing. Just look at these!

In conclusion…

In conclusion, if you or your children really love classic fairy tales, enjoyed an edge-of-your-seat adventure story full of plot twists and turns, with a little magic thrown in, then Tilly and the Lost Fairy Tales is the book for you!

Tilly and the Lost Fairy Tales Review Pin

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