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Biography of Peter Zhukov

The life credo of the famous Russian businessman Pyotr Alexandrovich Zhukov: “Honor conquers everything!” The businessman adheres to this principle in all his undertakings. Peter is young, educated, talented, stereotyped thinking is alien to him, he is open to communication.

In the photo: Petr Alexandrovich Zhukov

Petr Zhukov’s portfolio includes successful projects to attract investments in the production of consumer goods, private medicine, IT technologies and others. In 2011, Zhukov created Indigo Capital Partners, a private investment company, which he manages to this day. A year later, he founded Endemic Capital, which supports promising startups.

Origins and youth

Petr Zhukov was born in the capital in 1982 on September 2. After graduating from high school, the future investor entered the Higher School of Economics at the Faculty of Law. In 2004, Zhukov completed his studies, having received a red diploma, and in 2008 he completed his postgraduate studies at the RSSU, becoming a candidate of economic sciences.

In subsequent years, he continued his studies at leading international educational institutions, mastering the programs necessary for business. Including at Harvard Business School, Young Presidents Organization (became a member of this international organization since 2017), Singularity University and others.

Investment banker career

The businessman’s professional career began in the investment banking sector of the Moscow offices of Brunswick Capital and UBS investment bank, where he worked from 2003 to 2006. At UBS, Petr Zhukov participated in the preparation of M&A transactions for Udmurtneft, Baikal Brewing Company, as well as the placement of Eurobonds of Sberbank and VimpelCom.

He continued his career in the London branch of UBS, whose clients at that time were large European companies – leaders in their industries.

In 2007, a new appointment followed – Vice President of the Moscow branch of Credit Suisse Investment Bank. In this position, Zhukov was responsible for projects in the transport, building materials, infrastructure and industrial goods sectors. By the nature of his activity, he collaborated with large companies from specialized areas – the oldest developer LSR Group, Sheremetyevo Airport, First Quantum and others.

Petr Zhukov’s own path

Established in 2011, Indigo Capital Partners, a company specializing in private equity investments in private medicine, IT and consumer goods, marked the stage when Zhukov began to build his own investment business.

Then, in 2012, Endemic Capital, a business angel company, appeared. It is engaged in supporting promising technological projects that cannot yet count on large investments. Thus, Petr Zhukov’s main business is investing in start-ups and mature companies.

Petr Zhukov is convinced that without understanding the essence it is reckless to “enter” the project. “I am for investing in what you yourself really understand, or your team can fully understand the quality of technologies,” Zhukov is convinced.

Peter Zhukov with his wife

Today, he is also a co-founder and investor in a number of companies, including a manufacturer under the Be True brand, an online platform for small and medium-sized businesses TenderTech, and a fitness club Section. The latter, by the way, is headed by the wife of Peter Zhukov Tatyana.

Guide to action

Petr Zhukov does not consider himself a public entrepreneur and does not provoke an extra “news background”, explaining that he simply does not need it to develop his business. Appears in public only on business. For example, he willingly shares his knowledge and experience with students, beginners and quite mature entrepreneurs.

In recent years, Petr Zhukov has been quite often a speaker and invited expert at the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo, his native Vyshka, and other universities. Last year, he was a mentor of the Mentor’s Lounge at the Atlanta business forum.

Petr Zhukov speaks at ReForum Winning The Hearts

In 2018, in his speech at the F**k Up Show forum for entrepreneurs of the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo, Petr Aleksandrovich Zhukov spoke frankly about what aspects should be considered when starting your own business.

First you need to choose reliable business partners. If there is even the slightest doubt that it will be possible to establish cooperation in the future, it is better not to even start. “If there is an asymmetry at the value level, it should be interpreted in favor of the negative,” advises Zhukov. – Because at the start, people want to appear better than they really are. But then, when the complex process of growing the company goes on, they will behave much worse.”

Investments, according to the businessman, are better to invest in the creation of high-quality products and services, which in the future will be able to recreate the value for decades.

Petr Zhukov also advises not to be afraid of failures and mistakes. According to the businessman, you need to be able to accept defeat. “A very important quality is psychological stability,” explains Zhukov. “Don’t cry too much about the money lost in business, invested in a product that turned out to be a failure, because the story of an investor is a story of fakups and write-offs.” It is advisable to regard such events as a payment for experience and education.

Interesting Facts

Zhukov does charity work and tries not to advertise his projects. It is known that he invested in the restoration of one of the Moscow churches, supports the Konstantin Khabensky charitable foundation and is a member of the HSE Donors Club.

Petr Zhukov has been involved in sports since childhood, and is effective both in team and individual sports. It sponsors chess boxing – a mix of seemingly incompatible sports – chess and boxing.

Petr Zhukov’s passion is chessboxing

He loves extreme travel, has visited more than 80 countries – conquered Kilimanjaro, visited Kamchatka, Altai, Australia, Patagonia, Bali, Costa Rica and Latin America and many others.

Petr Zhukov is a mountain climber