Benefits Of Orme Supplements For Your Immune System

You must have wondered at least once how some people “catch” every cold – while others do not feel it. The answer lies in our immune system and its strengthening. Fortunately, various immunity boosters are available today, but you should be careful when taking them. It is always best to take what Nature has given to us. Ormus is one of those things, and what benefits Orme supplements have on our immune system – read in the text below.

What is Immunity?


We usually associate immunity with catching a cold. However, it is not that simple. Did you know that the immune response is at the root of many diseases? Some of them are allergies, malignant diseases, autoimmune diseases, and many diseases of the blood, skin, bones, or teeth. Also, our immunity is connected with many chemical and hormonal imbalances. That can result in the development of other diseases. Therefore, we can define immunity as the ability of the organism to defend itself against various diseases – viral, bacterial, and fungal infections – or harmful, biological, and chemical substances.

How to Raise Immune System and What Slows It Down?

There is no term such as raising immunity. Instead, we should say “activating immunity.” Your immune system is genetically determined – just like the color of your eyes. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t do something useful and activate your immune system by stimulating it to work better. And what slows down our immunity? Mostly, these are factors that depend on us. Usually, it is a lack of physical activity and weight (whether it is malnutrition or obesity). There are also factors such as lack of sleep, bad lifestyle habits, or poor hygiene. Fortunately, we can use some natural substances and supplements that can help us activate immunity – and have numerous benefits for our health. One of those substances is Ormus, or as some people call it – Orme.

Ormus and Its Benefits for Our Immunity


You’ve probably already heard of Ormus, but many still don’t understand what that is. Although it sounds like some miraculous chemistry or alchemy – it is quite simple. It is monoatomic gold, a natural element abundant in the nature around us – especially seawater. Although the beneficial effects of this element are well-known since ancient times – modern times have defined it a little better and additionally examined the beneficial effects of monatomic gold on our bodies. Namely, any hormonal or chemical imbalance in our body can often disrupt its functioning so much – that even our immune system cannot fight it all the time. Therefore, Ormus or Orme (as some call it) is an ideal immune activator – but also a substance that restores our body to the desired balance. Here are some benefits of using Ormus.

Ormus Activates Your Immune System: Benefits of Using

In today’s fast way of life, it is not too strange that our bodies and our immunity suffer. Due to that, it has become almost impossible to follow a healthy life routine. Therefore, supplements have become an indispensable part of our everyday life – so we can maintain our health and immunity at the desired level. That has become especially important during pandemics of various diseases – of which we recently encountered the Covid-19 pandemic. Of course, maintaining good immunity requires vitamins and minerals such as potassium or magnesium. However, another group of minerals is equally significant for our health and good immune system We call them secondary elements – and Ormus is one of them.

However, even though we call it a secondary element, Ormus is equally important – because it contributes to getting all the necessary minerals and other substances that help us stay healthy and feel better. Many experts claim that monatomic gold has advantages when activating your immune system. You can learn more about the origin and use of Orme. However, we will point out some of its advantages when boosting our immunity.

●    It helps in treating sleep disorders


Nowadays, a lack of sleep is a common problem for people of almost all age groups. The hectic pace of life and stress take their toll – so many of us have various sleeping issues. We already know how important that is for our immune system – and such a problem should be taken seriously. Monatomic gold is often mentioned in the treatment of sleep disorders. The main reason for this is the slightly calming effect you can feel after taking Orme supplements. It doesn’t have a classic sedative effect – but it has a very calming effect, making you relax and relieve stress.

●    Effect on DNA

No, that has nothing to do with genetic engineering or anything like that. Still, it has to do a lot with our immunity. In what way? Everyone carries certain genetic predispositions from birth. Among them, there are predispositions to certain diseases. In this context, Orme is significant because it affects our DNA in a way it can prevent or slow down some genetically inherited diseases. Also, its effect is significant in acquired illnesses. Namely, by activating the immune system, our body can slow down the further development of the disease – or at least keep it under control or in a state of remission. That is especially important for people whose family health history is such that they can expect the development of certain diseases. It is also significant for oncology patients because the illness can remain in remission and keep under control.

●    It is an excellent ally in the fight against bacteria and viruses

When immunity is deactivated, we are an ideal target for invisible enemies – bacteria and viruses. Here, the use of Orme supplements proved effective because monoatomic gold itself contains properties that help fight against these microscopic enemies that can have destructive power. The very structure of liquid monoatomic gold and the proper use of these supplements strengthen the protection of our organisms. That is especially important in transitional periods such as autumn-winter when the season of respiratory infections and colds awaits us. By using Orme supplements, you can enjoy winter staying healthy.

●    Reduces the signs of aging

Although we are not talking about a magic elixir of youth, one thing is sure. Monoatomic gold helps us reduce the first signs of aging. Its structure promotes a better hormonal balance (which is especially important for women) – but at the same time, it also stimulates the secretion of some substances such as collagen. That has a great impact on slowing down the aging of the skin. Of course, what we see on the outside is not everything. Better blood circulation and microcirculation will make you rejuvenate both – on the inside and on the outside.

The Bottom Line

The best things always come from nature. Monoatomic gold is a natural element that we can find in the sea. We can use it to be healthier and get closer to nature from which we come too. The new discoveries in quantum medicine just further confirm all the benefits of monoatomic gold. But what we already know is that it is very good for activating our immune system.