Michel Monet’s business: what does the baroness earn on

Baroness Michel Monet personifies a vivid example of how discipline and perseverance can completely change a person’s life. She has gone from a casual lingerie designer to a leading global speaker. Under her leadership, there were and remain enterprises in various areas: real estate, jewelry, information technology.

Now Michel Monet’s business combines entrepreneurship and public speaking. She is one of the most sought-after speakers, a consultant with whose opinion and experience heads of state are considered. In 2015, she received a life seat in the House of Lords of Great Britain and the status of a baroness. In one of the interviews, the woman estimated her fortune in 2015 at $30 million.


Michelle became famous all over the world after creating an innovative model of a bra with silicone inserts, which improved the lives of millions of women. The business woman devoted 17 years to the Ultimo lingerie brand.

Photo: in 2010, Her Majesty the Queen awarded the Order of Lady Mont for outstanding contributions to business.  Source: michellemone.com

Photo: in 2010 Her Majesty the Queen awarded Lady Mon
Order for outstanding contributions to business.
Source: michellemone.com

Due to debts, 80% of the shares had to be sold in 2015. But she is on the board of directors of the company, attends shareholder meetings several times a year.


Now Lady Mon is the co-owner of the American jewelry company QVC. The company is engaged in the sale of jewelry made of precious metals and bijouterie domestically, as well as through the eBay platform. Some Russian entrepreneurs resell goods of this brand, they are available for order in Russia.

Aston Plaza

Another source of income for Michelle Monet is real estate. Together with her life partner and part-time dollar billionaire philanthropist Dugan Barrowman, in 2017, she began construction of a residential complex in Dubai. It includes 2 buildings with a height of 40 floors. Apartments will be located inside, the first stage has become available for payment in cryptocurrency.

“I am pleased that I can participate in a project of this magnitude. We are taking a fundamentally new step in the development of business in the real estate market. Also, this project will be a turn, the next stage for Michelle Mone Interiors. It will combine my two business passions: design and real estate»

Source: TASS

The project is being implemented with the support of another Michelle business – a design company. In the residential complex, it will carry out the design of public areas. Future tenants also have access to the services of designers from Michelle Mone Interiors. The cost of the project, according to michellemoneinteriors.com, is estimated at $250 million. The Aston Plaza complex will include shopping centers, restaurants, places for entertainment and recreation.

Photo: Aston Plaza.  Source: astonplazacrypto.com

Photo: Aston Plaza.
Source: astonplazacrypto.com

It was planned that by September 2019 the construction would be completed. However, in 2018 it was suspended. The largest developer of the UAE Emaar Properties has officially denied the information about accepting cryptocurrency for payment. So far, only 400 apartments have been sold, and construction is 25% complete. The website of the Aston Plaza project is actively attracting investors to continue the sale of luxury real estate.

“We have been working on this project for a long time. It will become the pinnacle of design art, architectural and will be of commercial value. For the first time, the real estate and technology sectors have come together. This project will be the first in history where the sale will be carried out in bitcoins. I hope many developers will follow our example.”

Dugan Barrowman. Source: TASS

Michelle Mone Interiors

Michel’s interior design studio specializes in residential and commercial interior design projects. Predominantly the facilities are located in London and the UK, with recent deals on cooperation with the countries of the Middle East and the Caribbean. The works are designed for luxury clients, made with a British sense of style and elegance.


Also after the initiation of the Aston Plaza project, there was an attempt to create a digital currency. Baroness Monet actively promoted the topic of the latest financial technologies among female investors.

“EQUI will be an asset to a new generation of successful entrepreneurs who will help build the successful business stories of tomorrow, mainly in the field of technology and blockchain… the project will allow individuals to combine efforts and take advantage of investment opportunities that were previously only open to large investors and corporations”

It was planned to raise $75 million, but the project failed miserably. It was possible to collect, according to the Financial Times, only $ 7 million. Michelle’s partners then rebelled and accused her of not having the benefits that had been promised. The project was closed, and Steve Wozniak became the new partner of EQUI. Since 2018, he has been financially involved in the activities of the company.

Speaker and mentor

Over the past decade, M. Monet has become an example of a successful business woman. Now she conducts motivational trainings on the same level with the famous Anthony Robinson. Performances are held all over the world.

Lectures are aimed not only at development in the financial environment, but also at personal growth. Monet teaches how to achieve success in business, how to promote startups, motivate and manage staff, as well as find a balance between work and personal life, and overcome adversity.

Reference! One public performance of the Lady in the UK is estimated at up to 25 thousand pounds, or 2.29 million rubles. exchange rate as of May 2024

Major enterprises hire her as a personal motivational and business mentor. Michel offers one-to-one coaching for people who are dedicated and have the ambition to bring innovative ideas to life. She teaches how to build a business, organize PR, starting from a specific project, helps to feel the prospects for development, find inspiration.

“There is no magic pill, but young people need to be brave to make their dreams come true. The financial issue forced me to get up and start working at the age of 15. You can never rest on your laurels. One desire must be replaced by another. Now there is every chance to become what you want. The main thing is not to turn off your path”

In addition to business projects, the baroness is actively involved in charity work. Through her popularity in the upper classes, she raises millions of dollars to support youth projects in the UK. Michel, through the Barrowman Foundation, provides social assistance, organizes collections to help countries that have experienced political unrest and conflicts. Monet is part of the Caudwell Children Charitable Foundation for the care of families with children with disabilities.