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Biography of Macaulay Culkin

Childhood and family of Macaulay Culkin

The boy was born in New York. His parents were in a civil marriage. Father is a former Broadway actor. Macaulay grew up in a family with six more children. My father’s sister is also an actress – this is Bonnie Bodelia. The family was insolvent. The boy’s mother worked as a telephone operator, while his father had not played on stage for a long time, he worked at the Catholic Church.

Acting abilities were noticed in the boy at an early age. He was known for his tricks not only within their small apartment. When he was very young, he was taken to a theater studio, and at the age of four he played his first role on stage. As a little boy, he believed that it was necessary to shout from the stage as loudly as possible, which was what distinguished him from other young artists. Macaulay took part in the production of “Big Squirrel” and “Bach’s Children”. Little Culkin liked the audience so much that after the performance they gave almost all the flowers and soft toys to him.

The first roles of Macaulay Culkin, the beginning of the filmography

Somehow, after one of the performances, advertising clip makers became interested in the boy, who considered his face very suitable for advertising. When Kalkin was eight, he already had several years of ballet school under his belt, a number of roles in commercials and a theater studio with roles in performances on a real stage. At the age of ten, he first acted in a movie.

Macaulay Culkin as a child

The debut was a role in an episode of the film “Rocket to Gibraltar”, later he played in “See you in the morning.” Oliver Stone’s little Mac starred in an episode of Born on the Fourth of July, but during editing, these episodes were not included in the final version.

Best films with Macaulay Culkin, “Home Alone”

In 1990, viewers enjoyed watching the comedy film Home Alone with pleasure. The boy played the main role there. The excitement was unimaginable. The audience was ready to repeatedly go to this picture in cinemas. The actor played a smart boy named Kevin. In just six months, this film managed to collect about five hundred thousand dollars at the worldwide box office. The young actor’s fee amounted to one hundred thousand. For Calkin’s parents, the amount was unprecedented. Their son immediately became the owner of a number of awards, was awarded the title “Child of the Year”. Offers just rained down on a talented child.

First interview with Macaulay Culkin, 1990

Mac continued to play on stage. At the same time, the price of tickets for performances with his participation increased sharply, they were sold out months in advance. The father took care of the financial affairs of the son. He considered proposals, discussed conditions. So he became the manager and agent of a small star.

After such a bright success of the film “Home Alone”, it was decided to shoot a sequel. For the role of Kevin in this picture, the boy has already earned five million dollars. Mac’s father handled all the money and financial matters. This continued until he came of age.

“Home Alone 2” also became a popular film, becoming one of the most popular films of the year. The next work of the boy was the film “The Good Son” with a fee of one and a half million dollars. Later, “Richie Rich” was filmed, the fee from participation in it amounted to eight million dollars. Another film that brought Macaulay eight million was called “Getting Even with the Father”. By this time, he had left the theater, since he had no time for the stage at all.

Decline in Macaulay Culkin’s career

The father managed his son’s affairs in such a way that when agreeing on each of his next roles, he made the participation of his other children there as a prerequisite in each contract. Not all directors liked it. In addition, they called this behavior the attack of the Kalkin family.

Macaulay Culkin: Girls dream of watching ‘Home Alone’ with me

Poppy’s popularity began to decline rapidly. The directors didn’t want to deal with him. So, in 1994, he was awarded the Golden Raspberry for his role in Get Even With His Father, the boy was recognized as the worst actor of the year.

Due to the aggressive “politics” of the father in the affairs of his son, he, in the end, was completely stopped filming. The boy himself had long had a tense relationship with his manager father. All this was the reason that the parents broke up. The mother accused her husband of the fact that, thanks to him, her son’s career was irretrievably ruined.

Macaulay Culkin today

Left out of work in the cinema, the boy took up education. Later, he again began to play on the theater stage. In the production of Madame Melville, he played the role of a young student, Karl, seduced by a teacher. Macaulay thus began his return to acting.

Macaulay Culkin dated Mila Kunis

In order for his return to be noticed, to be bright, the actor tried to choose an interesting standing role. Such he considered the role of a cutesy drug addict in the film “Club Mania”. With this role, Culkin proved that he is an actor who can handle a difficult serious role. In 2004, the actor played Roland in the film “Saved”, in the same year another film with his participation – “Jerusalem Syndrome” was released. In 2007, a film called Sex for Breakfast appeared. His last work is a role in the film “Servant”, which the audience saw in 2012.

Macaulay Culkin’s personal life

Macaulay married quite early, he was not even eighteen years old. His fiancee is actress Rachel Miner. They broke up two years later.

For almost nine years, Culkin’s relationship with actress Mila Kunis continued. It is known that at the beginning of 2011 they broke up. In 2012, the actor made an unsuccessful suicide attempt while in severe depression after breaking up with Mila Kunis.

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