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Biography of Kylie Minow


Kylie’s family is quite intelligent and not directly related to the world of show business. Dad acted, but the most he did was tell some stories. And my mother worked as a ballerina.

As a child, Kylie was very shy. She did not participate in any school activities, only once she was seen in a school production as Cinderella.

But from childhood, Minogue was engaged in choreography and music. At the age of nine, she appeared for the first time on television, in the serial films The Sullivans and Skyways. Initially, the parents decided that Danny’s youngest daughter could be the actress, but Kylie was chosen during the audition. Mom decided that it was not necessary to refuse the proposals of the directors, so she signed the contract. This maternal choice allowed the eldest daughter to become an actress.

The first working days in the series, Minogue stood in front of the camera and minted the text that her mother helped her learn. But, despite the praise of critics and directors, Kylie continued to be a little girl with a familiar life. Parents even forbade the girl to use cosmetics, wear earrings and meet boys without permission. Mom and dad controlled every step of the daughter.

Stunning Kylie Minogue

Actor career

In 1986, Kylie graduated from high school and immediately accepted offers to play in the series Neighbors with Jamon Donovan. Then the actress’s fee was 2 thousand dollars per week. The film itself was shown only in the evenings, then the actors realized that literally the whole world was watching their fate. Then Kylie decided to seriously pursue an acting career. At 20, Minogue already had five Logie awards in her piggy bank.

Further, the path of the lucky Australian lay immediately to the top of the star stairs. Kylie brilliantly played in the 1989 melodrama The Outlaws, in which she got the role of a young girl from Australia in the 50s. Critics laughed at the picture, but it was accompanied by a good commercial success.

In 1994, after a short break, Kylie Minogue became a colleague of Jean-Claude Van Damme in an action movie called Street Fighter. This painting is based on a computer game popular at the time. However, the film did not bring popularity to the actress, moreover, it was even rejected by fans of the computer game. Critics gave bad reviews, and journalists even dared to call the actress the worst from English-language cinema. The tapes “Bio-House”, “Director’s Cut”, “Diana and I”, where the actress appeared, did not attract the attention of the audience.

But in 2001, Australian director Baz Luhrmann was so impressed with the girl’s musical tour “Intimate and Live” that he offered her a role in “Moulin Rouge”. The episodic work, in which Kylie performed the part from the musical The Sound of Music, has become significant. The film stars Evan McGregory and Nicole Kidman. After the release of the picture, all of Hollywood literally went berserk, but Minogue didn’t even have a goal to outshine Kidman in her mind. In 2001, the actress starred in the TV show Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.

In 2005, the Doctor Who Christmas series gave Kylie a chance to move closer to superstar status. The girl played the role of Astrid Pett, while the doctor was played by the Scot David Tennant. By the way, this is the world’s longest-running science fiction series. The tape has become a cult in many countries, moreover, it has influenced many television writers.

However, Kylie’s film career was not as successful as we would like. In 2005, she, along with Emmy Smiart and Seth Green, played in the melodrama Witness at the Wedding by Stefan Schwartz. This is a story about the adventures of a young man, Ollie, who discovered his talent for writing, but lost his inspiration. In 2006, the celebrity was cast in the documentary film Bombs and Blockbusters of Tinseltown.

It is worth noting that the popular artist even in heels seems small. There is a lot of controversy about her growth, different sources write different data on her growth. All of them range from 150 to 158 centimeters.


In 1988, Minoyg unexpectedly turned down the hit TV series Neighbours, and decided to pursue her musical career. In the same year, she released her debut album, I Should Be So Lucky. Immediately, the girl became a celebrity and even an idol of young people from Britain. And her disc “Enjoy Yourself” stayed on the first lines of the British charts for a long time. It has spread around the world with a circulation of one million copies. As a result, Kylie became perhaps the most popular star of the late 80s and early 90s.

And if initially Kylie acted as a yard girl, then in 1991 she turned into a sexy beauty. It only contributed to the popularity. Minogue has made headlines in the tabloids, largely due to her affair with INXS vocalist Michael Hutchence.

Kylie Minogue – “In Your Eyes”

In 1992, the singer released her fifth album, The Greatest Hits, and immediately hit number one on the British hit parade. Two years later, she released another record, Kylie Minogue, as well as the single Confide In Me.

In 1996, the artist, along with Nick Cave, recorded the song “Where The Wild Roses Grow”. Two years later, Kylie Minogue presented her seventh album Impossible Princess to the audience, it went platinum. In 1999, the girl appeared on the top of the charts with the song “Spinning Around”. Then came the disco-pop album Light Years.


In the fall of 2001, Kylie Minogue literally blew up the charts with her new hit “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”. A month later, the album “Fever” was released, which received positive reviews from critics. The record brought the singer two Brit Awards in 2002. And in 2004, the artist collected her best songs on one disc, it was called “Ultimate Kylie”. However, there were also two new singles “I Believe In You” and “Giving You Up”. Then the girl went on a grand tour, but could not enjoy it because of the terrible diagnosis – breast cancer. A few months later, Kylie underwent surgery, which was successful. Then Minogue underwent chemotherapy and appeared in public only in 2005.

Kylie Minogue’s personal life

The life of Kylie Minogue is in full view, but few people know about her personal experiences. The artist had many fans, they constantly made marriage proposals to her. However, Kylie was waiting for true love. At first, she had a romantic relationship with Michael Hatens, then the actress began dating colleague Poly Shore, and then with rocker Lenny Kravitz. After Minogue was engaged to Oliver Martinez.

real star

The actress was seriously injured after a spat with fashion model James Gooding. She lived with a young man for three years. However, the former lovers remained friends.

Concert in Moscow

The actress went on to say that she intends to give birth to a child and picked up a castle for herself to live in for $ 27 million. However, local residents were categorically against such a neighborhood. They said that with the settlement of Kylie, the quiet life in their district would end. Minogue agreed with this.

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