Kingsman 3 – Cast, Release Date, and More!

If you have watched the films in the Kingsman franchise, then you would be familiar with the twisted pattern of the film release. The first installment of the film was titled Kingsman: The secret service which was followed by its sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Both films performed well at the box office and earned millions for the makers.

However, when fans were expecting the third installment of the film that would answer the questions left in the second part, the director of the movie decided to proceed with the prequel which was named The Kingsman Service. Now, there have been rumors circulating about the upcoming The Kingsman 3, which will take the story forward from where it was left off in the second part. Thus, we have brought you some inside news about the release date and plot of the Kingsman 3. So, keep reading the article for the latest updates in this regard.

Kingsman 3: Cast, Release Date, and More!

Kingsman – All About It


The Kingsman is a famous film that focuses on the tasks of the secret royal service of Sweden which fight against terrorists that are planning to wreak havoc around the world. The movie features some amazing cinematography and well-executed action scenes, which have earned it great praise from critics and the audience.

Additionally, its intriguing plotline is enough to grab your attention from the beginning. The first installment of the movie earned above $400 million and a similar is the case for the sequel. However, there was a clear rating difference between both. Part one Kingsman: The Secret Service received around 70% ratings on the Rotten Tomatoes website while its sequel could only reach around 51%.

However, the film was saved at the box office and did not disappoint the production team in terms of revenue. The third part which was also the prequel to the first movie received mixed reviews from the audience and critics and performed fairly well. Thus, paving the way for the upcoming Kingsman 3.

Will There Be Kingsman 3?


The Kingsman 3 has been officially announced by the production team and it is expected that the shooting for the movie will begin in September 2024. Now, this is good news for all the fans of the Kingman franchise. However, one thing that I would like to elaborate over here is that it has been a pattern of Kingsman directors to take additional time for post-shoot work.

Therefore, if the shooting begins in September 2024, then the movie will most probably premiere towards the end of 2024 or in early 2024. But, we have to wait and see how things progress as well as the stance of the developers considering the global pandemic. Till then you can watch the previously released movies if you have not watched them before.

Kingsman 3: What Will Happen In the Story

As for the plot of the upcoming movie, we think it will resume from where Kingsman: The Golden Circle Ended. This means you will soon get the answers to all your unanswered questions towards the end of the second part. Some insiders have revealed that the whole plot will be based on the relationship between Harry and Enggs. So, we can either hope for love or a revenge-based plot. But, it is too soon to predict that.

The makers have not revealed even the smallest detail of the plot and will most probably keep it a secret until the movie is released. So, all we can do now is speculate about the upcoming plot developments from the little information that we have managed to sneak out with the help of our sect sources. I would like to watch the developments in the Kingsman Organization and how the royal agents will be able to cope with the terrorists this time as this is the core theme of the movie.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a trailer available for Kingsman 3?

The makers have not started shooting for the film yet so no trailer or teaser has been developed for now. Unfortunately, if you are looking for the trailer for Kingsman 3, you might not be able to find it on any platform. However, you might end up watching the fan-made trailers which are definitely creative and worth watching.

Isn’t the Kingsman Service, the third part of the movie?

Although the Kingsman Service was released on the third number in the order in which films in the Kingsman franchise have been released, it is actually the prequel to the movie and focuses on the details of how the royal organization was formed. Therefore, it is not considered Kingsman 3. In the order of the story, the upcoming movie will take place after the events that occurred in the Kingsman: The Golden Circle, which was the sequel of part one.

Did Kingsman receive high ratings?

The first installment of the Movie Kingsman: The Secret Service was an all-rounder. It not only achieved good ratings on various platforms but also earned praise from critics and audiences. Part one grossed above $400 million worldwide and received 70% ratings on the Rotten Tomatoes website. Similarly, its sequel was also successful and generated almost the similar revenue as its predecessor. However, it failed to gain many ratings and only achieved 51% on Rotten Tomatoes. The prequel of the movie which was released in 2024 received mixed reviews from critics.

Wrapping Up

The Kingsman franchise is undeniably one of the popular and highly earning franchises released in recent years. The movies follow a random release order and have successfully earned praise from audiences and critics. Therefore, there have been rumors circulating about the release of Kingsman 3.

The makers have confirmed the rumors and the cast will most probably start shooting in September 2024. So you do not have to wait for a long time to reunite with your favorite characters. If everything remains smooth, we will most probably watch the movie in 2024 or 2024.