Irina Berezhnaya Net Worth

Place of Birth. Education. She was born in Lugansk. In 2002 she graduated from the law faculty of the Kiev National University. T. Shevchenko with a degree in jurisprudence. In 2009 he graduated from the National Academy of Management under the President of Ukraine, specializing in public administration.

Career. After graduation, she worked as a notary trainee in Kiev. In 2004, she became Deputy Director for Legal Affairs of LLC Law Firm Astra-Service. In the same year, she registered a private notary activity. In 2008, her notary office received the European quality professional award from the European Business Association (Oxford, UK). Until November 2007, she was a private notary of the Kiev City Notary District.

In the early parliamentary elections in 2007, she became a people’s deputy of Ukraine from the Party of Regions (No. 151 in the electoral list). Member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Justice. Deals with issues of legislative reform of the notary, the judicial system, corporate law, issues of European integration, constitutional reform. Non-partisan.

2012-2014 – People’s Deputy of the VII convocation from the Party of Regions. She won the elections in the single-mandate constituency №169 (Kharkiv region). First Deputy Head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on European Integration. Member of the special commission of the Verkhovna Rada on privatization. Member of the Party of Regions.

On January 16, 2014, she voted for “dictatorial laws” – a package of anti-democratic laws that significantly limited the rights of citizens and freedom of speech.

Scientific and social activities. In July 2007 she received her Ph.D. in law. Author of a number of publications on law and notarial practice in legal and business publications. Member of the Ukrainian Bar Association. Collaborates with the Association of Lawyers of Ukraine, the Notary Chamber, the European Business Association.

Views and ratings. Berezhnaya’s political comments as a whole are “sustained in the spirit” of the official course of the Party of Regions. Thus, she stated that the third president, Viktor Yushchenko, “in his desire to create and submit to a referendum the text of the new Constitution of Ukraine duplicates the path of his predecessor Leonid Kuchma.”

According to the deputy, the once issued order of the Ministry of Culture on the obligatory dubbing of films into Ukrainian is “colossal legal nihilism.” And the root cause of the problem is the business interests of certain cultural officials.

She says that in politics she does not strive to be like anyone else, but at the same time, Hillary Clinton and Margaret Thatcher are impressed with her.

Berezhnaya became known to a wide audience thanks to her participation in the popular television projects “Dancing with the Stars – 2” and “Dancing with the Stars. Champions League” (spring and autumn 2007, channel 1 + 1). As the official notary of the project, she certified the results of the voting by the viewers.

Regalia. Laureate of the all-Ukrainian prize “Woman of the III Millennium”.

Family status. Not married, has a daughter, Danielle.

Doom… On August 5, 2017, at night at 01:30 on the highway between the settlements of Maslenitsa and Posedarye, Irina Berezhnaya and a 38-year-old driver, a citizen of Bulgaria, died on the spot as a result of a traffic accident. A Mercedes with Bulgarian license plates was driving in the direction of Posedarye, but for unknown reasons left the road and drove into the post. Irina Berezhnaya and the driver died on the spot. Irina Berezhnaya’s daughter received minor injuries. She was sitting in the back in the car seat and was buckled.