How to Make Enamel Pins

If you have been to a gift shop in the past few years, then chances are you’ve seen the dramatic rise of enamel pins. Naturally, there is so much to adore about these small accessories – they can be used on a multitude of belongings and also serve as an excellent way for us to communicate things we really care about with others.

Remember feeling caged in when you can’t find the perfect enamel pin for yourself? Well, why not just make your own? Crafting an individualized enamel pin is a great way to express who you are and what matters most to you. Let’s jump-start that creative process so that your vision comes alive!

Crafting your own enamel pin may seem like a daunting task, however, the process is much simpler than it appears. Whether you are looking to create some pins as gifts for friends or family, or are hoping to produce pins to launch your own side business – this guide will provide you with the necessary information required in order for you to effectively design and manufacture quality enamel pins.

What You’ll Need to Make Enamel Pins


Creating an enamel pin can be overwhelming with the seemingly endless supplies available. To make your life easier, here are some of the basic materials you’ll likely need:

  • A digital sketch program
  • Paper, pen, and pencil
  • A ruler
  • A computer
  • A strong creative drive, and a lot of ambition!

How to Make Enamel Pins by Type

Enamel Pins From a Non-Digital Sketch


For talented artists, the thought of transforming their beloved drawings into fashionable accessories is likely something they have considered. Fortunately, with a revolutionary new technology called Sketchbook — which seems to be ripped straight out of the future — this aspiration has become easier than ever! With Sketchbook, you can create your own designs that will then be expertly painted and cut for an end result equal to quality store-ready items.

Enamel Pins From Shrinky Dinks

Do you remember those curious shape-shifting trinkets called ‘Shrinky Dinks’ from the 90s and 2000s? Well, a grown-up (and more practical) version of Shrinky Dinks is now available! Imagine transforming your favorite childhood toy into an enamel pin! And as if this couldn’t get any better – the name itself is so satisfying to say. If you’re interested in learning how to craft these pins yourself, there’s even a comprehensive tutorial that can help guide your way.

Hand-Painted Enamel Pins


Crafting an enamel pin that is glossy and upscale may seem alluring, yet there’s something special about a DIY-made enamel pin. Whether you are gifting it to loved ones or showcasing your work at an art fair, the homemade element offers authenticity and charm. Don’t be deceived by its handmade appearance; with careful attention paid to detail, each piece will look professional.

Enamel Pins From a Digital File

In recent years, Procreate and other digital art programs have gained a devoted following of users. If you’re enamored with this type of creative medium, then the good news is that it can be used to manufacture beautiful custom enamel pins! Pinlord offers an easy-to-follow guide for those looking to take their artwork from a computer screen to a metal masterpiece. With its step-by-step process, even rookies can create professional quality enamel pins in no time – perfect for anyone considering selling their creations commercially.

Make Enamel Pins With Text


Ready to add a snappy phrase or inspirational quote on your enamel pin? We applaud you! But we should let you know that text complicates the design process. Don’t worry — Vivipins has crafted a tutorial that covers all of the best practices for creating an unforgettable, word-filled enamel pin design. From font selection to consider the size of your pin, this guide will provide everything you need for success!

Ideas for Enamel Pins

You may have found your way to this article due to curiosity about enamel pins, but it doesn’t mean you already know what type of design you want. Perhaps you are looking for an effective advertising method for your business or brand with enamel pins, or are simply interested in the concept of them but don’t know where to start when creating one. Don’t worry – here we will go over the best designs that work perfectly for an enamel pin.

Pins With Animal Faces


Animal-themed clothing and accessories are timeless! Even as we grow older, they continue to be stylish and fashionable. In recent years especially, many adults have embraced the trend of wearing items adorned with animals.

As a creative person, animals are an ideal subject. First and foremost, there’s no need to be concerned about copyright infringement since the creatures of nature are owned by nobody. Secondly, you can explore the limitless opportunities that come with either animal patterns (such as those seen in cheetahs or leopards) or cartoon renditions of these wild beings.

Pins for Your Product or Organizations

Show your support for a business, club, or school with stylish and cost-efficient enamel pins. Purchasing promotional pins is far cheaper than investing in pricey t-shirts or tote bags and still makes an impactful statement. Not part of any team? Designing your own personal pin can demonstrate pride in whatever you’re passionate about while being unique and eye-catching. Enamel pins make great sartorial statements that won’t break the bank.

The Popularity of Enamel Pins


Exploding in popularity, enamel pins are on a continuous rise and appear to be here to stay. Celebrity endorsement, the creativity behind many of their designs, as well as affordability all come together to make this trend not just popular but sustainable too.

Where Can I Sell Enamel Pins?

If you want to make and market your enamel pins for business purposes, there is no shortage of options available. Popular websites like Etsy and Redbubble are always a great choice but some people have had greater success by selling their pins offline in local stores within the area. The ideal place for you depends on your target customers as well as the kind of pins that you produce.

It is also worth noting that crafting enamel pins can be a fun outlet for creativity, even if the pieces are not intended to be sold. Who wouldn’t want to have a unique selection of trinkets adorning their backpack? The collection could become an expression of your personality and serve as conversation-starters wherever you go!