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Biography of Hande Erçel

Hande Erçel is a Turkish model and actress who gained fame thanks to the romantic series Love Doesn’t Understand Words, which was released in 2016-2017. The telenovela tells about a provincial girl Hayat, who came to the capital to become a model and fell in love with a businessman. To some extent, this repeats the story of Erchel herself.

Hande Ercel


The future actress was born in November 1993 in the provincial Turkish town of Bandirma. The girl’s father worked in the field of trade, her mother was engaged in housekeeping. Hande has a sister, Gamze, who is one year older. Due to the proximity in age, the weather girls felt like twins. Erchel said that she has a small but very strong family in which everyone loves each other.

Since the girl grew up in a small town where everyone knows each other, her parents were not afraid to let her go for a walk on the street. He and his sister spent a lot of time playing with friends in the nearby park. Until now, Hande keep in touch with childhood friends.

Hande Erçel as a child

From an early age, the girl saw herself as an actress and played in all school productions. By high school, she began to invariably receive leading roles. In order to further develop in this direction, the girl was pushed by her teacher, who once said that he believed in her. Also, according to Hande, she was good at drawing. Her favorite artists were Salvador Dali and Yergin Inan.

After school, Ercel and her sister entered the Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul: Hande studied Turkish language and literature, and her sister studied design.

Hande Erçel with his sister in childhood (right)

At the age of 19, the girl participated in the beauty contest “Miss Civilization Turkey” and won. After that, she went to Azerbaijan, where the Miss Civilization of the World contest was held. There she lost to a girl from Montenegro, winning second place. After that, Erchel began to be called to shoot for glossy magazines and screen tests. True, the young model had to make some efforts to lose weight.

Hande Erçel at a beauty pageant

Actor career

Hande started acting in TV series in 2012, when she was 19 years old. But those were only episodic roles. For example, she starred in the TV series “Korolek – a singing bird”, based on the novel by Reshat Nuri Gyuntekin. Serious roles came later.

The first such work can be considered a role in the serial film “Daughters of Gunesh” (2015). There, Hande played the modest girl Selin Yilmaz, the youngest daughter of 35-year-old Mrs. Gunesh. According to the story, the father of the family dies, and Gunesh marries another, but life with her stepfather is unbearable for her children.

Hande Erçel in the series “Daughters of Gunesh”

After 39 episodes, the series was closed, and in 2016 Hande auditioned for another major project – Love Doesn’t Understand Words, and got the main role. It is thanks to this series that the actress has gained a huge army of fans. The girl began to be recognized on the street. The girl’s partner in the series was the actor Burak Deniz. Their joint game was compared with another legendary Turkish couple – Turkan Shoray and Kadir Inanir.

In 2016, Hande became the face of L’Oreal for a year. She advertised hair dye. The terms of the contract were such that the girl had to not repaint her hair for a year.

Hande Erçel in the series “Love does not understand words”

The career of the actress continued with the TV series Black Pearl (2017), directed by Erol Ozlevi. It tells about a married couple whose love goes through a serious test when an attractive and wealthy man appears in the town.

In 2018, Hande became the winner of the beauty contest, which was again held in Azerbaijan, which brought her new invitations to auditions and new advertising contracts.

Hande Erçel advertising for L’Oreal

In 2019, roles in the TV series The Ring and Azize followed. The first was about a young couple who fought a gang of criminals. But the second is a more romantic story. Erchel’s partner in the series “Azize” was the actor Burga Gyulsoy.

Charming Hande Ercel

Hande admitted that she loves her job very much and wants to move forward, and works hard for this. She hopes that someday she will be able to appear on the screen in big dramatic roles. So, Hande admitted that she would like to play in the movie “Black Swan” instead of Natalie Portman.

Hande Erçel on the set of “Azize”

Personal life of Hande Erçel

The actress admitted in an interview that she falls in love very easily. That is why she had many chosen ones. Her first boyfriend was actor Ekin Mert Daimaz. Compared to Hande’s success, his career was not going well. Perhaps that is why they broke up. It happened quietly and peacefully – the couple simply unsubscribed from each other on social networks.

Hande Erçel and Ekin Mert Daimaz

There were rumors that Hande met with actor Tolga Sarytash, the star of the TV series Magnificent Century, but they both denied these speculations. The girls also attributed an affair with her colleague Burak Deniz. If this is so, then the actor eventually chose another – he married Bushra Develi.

Hande Erchel and Tolga Sarytas

In 2018, the actress began dating popular singer Murat Dalkylych. The man is ten years older than her. In an affair with Hande, he found solace after his divorce from his wife Merve Bolugur. News appeared in the yellow press that the singer allegedly lives at the expense of his girlfriend, but the couple denied these rumors and accused the journalists of lying.

Hande Erchel and Burak Deniz

In 2019, a tragedy occurred in the Erchel family – the mother of the actress, Aylin Erchel, passed away. The daughter did everything to help her mother, became her stem cell donor, but nothing helped. The death of her mother was a big blow to the actress and her entire family. The actress was supported by her friend Burcu Ozberk, with whom they starred together in Daughters Gunesh. Murat Dalkylych did everything to help his beloved during that difficult period when her mother was ill. In February 2024, they announced their engagement.

Hande Erçel with relatives at the funeral of his mother

Hande is active on social media: she has profiles on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The girl’s posts are charged with optimism and love of life and open up a completely new side of her personality. The actress loves to inspire fans with her example.

Hande Erçel with his niece

In her free time, the girl likes to travel, and for relaxation she goes to massage sessions. In everyday life, Hande wears the most ordinary and comfortable clothes, but prefers bright make-up. To keep herself in good shape, she does stretching and aerobics.

Beautiful Turkish woman Hande Ercel

Hande Erçel now

At the beginning of 2024, Erçel appeared in the series Call My Heart, where Kerem Bursin acted as her partner. And in the summer of 2024, the premiere of a new series with Hande took place. She starred in the romantic comedy Knock on My Door, in which she plays a flower dealer named Eda, with Kerem Bursin playing the second lead again. The flower girl accidentally confuses the businessman’s plans, and then she has to portray his bride. Naturally, feelings eventually arise between them.

Interview with Hande Erçel and Kerem Bursin

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