Group Vulgar Molly


Foundation date: 2016

The country: Ukraine

Town: Zmiev

Kirill Bledny (vocals)


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Biography of the group “Vulgar Molly”

Vulgar Molly is a band from Ukraine that releases pop-punk music. The group was founded by a musician from Zmiyov Kirill Timoshenko, known to a wide audience under the stage name Kirill Bledny. The band’s first full-length release, 8 Ways to Stop Jerk Off, came out in 2017.

Pop-punk band “Vulgar Molly”

History of creation

Kirill Timoshenko began his career with rap music under the pseudonym Kirill Bledny. He received this nickname at the age of 14, when he “smoked grass and caught a pale one,” that is, he became very pale. Later, after listening to the group Mindless Self Indulgence, the guy got the idea to create his own rock band. Having mastered the Fruity Loops program, he began to create his own tracks.

Soloist of the group “Vulgar Molly” Kirill Bledny

Kirill wrote both music and lyrics for the Vulgar Molly group himself. It would be more accurate to say that “Vulgar Molly” was Kirill – only when the group was first invited to a live performance, he invited the musicians. Subsequently, their composition changed several times.

The name of the group is a collective image of a typical fan: still a schoolgirl, but already smoking, drinking, using and, of course, she dreams of sleeping with the lead singer of some rock band.

The first listeners of the Vulgar Molly group appeared thanks to the VKontakte social network. When, on February 24, 2017, Kirill posted his debut album “8 Ways to Stop Masturbating” to his group. The recording was reposted first by the music public “Forever 17”, and then by other large communities, including MDK and The Flow. The viral effect worked – very soon the album spread over the Web. Kirill’s appearance on the YouTube channels of Eldar Dzharakhov and Andrey Martynenko also played a significant role in the group’s success.

The main stages of creativity

On June 9, 2017, the group’s first video for the song “Your Sister’s Favorite Song” was released, in which model Yana Kryukova starred. On November 18, 2017, the Vulgar Molly group gave an interview on the Big Russian Boss Show YouTube show.

Dirty Molly – Your sister’s favorite song

On January 29, 2018, the group presented the mini-album “Sad girl with eyes like a dog” to the public, and a few days later published a video clip for the song “Typical Pool Party” on YouTube, which was described in the press as “a note with a sad ending”. Yana Kryukova reappeared in the video.

Dirty Molly – Typical pool party

In February 2018, the team visited the program “Evening Urgant”, where he performed as a musical guest with the song “I’ll Be Your Dog”.

Kirill Bledny visiting Dudya

During a big tour of Russia, Kirill Bledny managed to give several interviews: on March 7, 2018, on Yuri Dud’s channel, and on March 19, on the Fast Food Music channel.


In 2017, frontman Kirill Bledny had a conflict with musician Kirill Naytyyvod, who proposed the “Vulgar Molly” collaboration. Cyril Bledny agreed to record a joint song on the condition that Nayyyyvod pays him 50 thousand (in rubles or hryvnia, not noted). The latter refused, and then posted an angry message with insults on Twitter.

“Vulgar Molly” – a fierce z**upa, talked with the frontman, thought to force the guys, and they already cracked the price tag on me. What a mess to write for the loot.

It didn’t take long for an answer: a few days later, Kirill Bledny posted a video on YouTube, where he allegedly throws Kirill Naytivyyvod from the roof of a building. In fact, a dressed mannequin was used in the video.

Dirty Molly VS Find an exit


  • “8 Ways to Stop Jerk Off” (2017)
  • “Sad girl with eyes like a dog” (2018)

Group “Vulgar Molly” now

In the spring of 2018, the group continued to tour with concerts in Russia. In June, the guys will perform at the Stereoleto festival in St. Petersburg.

Photo from the concert “Vulgar Molly” in Moscow

As of 2018, 4 members played in the group: Kirill Bledny directly, Andrey Gustey (responsible for backing vocals, plays the guitar), bassist Dmitry Goncharenko and drummer Pavel Kholodyansky.

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