Georgy Shchennikov Net Worth

Biography of Georgy Shchennikov

Georgy Shchennikov is a young, talented football player who at an early age managed to win the title of the most promising football player in Europe and the title of the best young player in our championship. He is a native soldier who went through the CSKA school and continues to play for this team to this day.

Childhood and family of Georgy Shchennikov

George’s hometown is Moscow. He was born in the family of the country’s most famous and eminent race walking athlete. His father is Mikhail Shchennikov. The boy’s mother was also an athlete, she was involved in athletics.

Georgy Shchennikov became a famous football player in CSKA

His father became the man who brought him to the army football school for the first time. The first coach of the future football star was N. Konovalov. George was in fifth grade at the time. Only a year passed, and he became the winner of the youth tournament in Astrakhan. Gazzaev Shchennikov was named one of the most talented players among young men.

In 2007, he graduated from a football school and immediately received an invitation to the CSKA team. For the youth team, they played twenty-three matches.

The beginning of the career of football player Georgy Shchennikov

Already in 2008, the young footballer began to play for CSKA, and became the basis of this team. He made his debut in an away match against Torpedo. It was a match of one sixteenth Cup of the country. This was followed by a match against Baltika, which the footballer played from start to finish.

Another cup game was the third match that he played in the main team of Shchennikov. It was a UEFA Cup game against Deportivo. The football player appeared on the field only at the end of the second half in the eighty-sixth minute, coming on as a substitute. Muscovites won a landslide victory, the score was three-zero. In February, the player again spent the entire match on the field. It was a game against Aston Villa in the same tournament.

Georgy Shchennikov’s debut in the Premier League

The debut of a young player in the Russian Championship took place in 2009. He was on the main team. In the Premier League, George has played twenty-five matches.

The player became the owner of the Russian Super Cup in March 2009, and the owner of the Russian Cup in May of the same year. The result of the season for him was getting into the list of thirty-three best players in the championship. He was named the opening of the 2009 season.

Shchennikov vs. Spartak

In 2010, the talented CSKA player, together with his team, managed to reach the fourth Champions League final. This turned out to be an excellent message for George to further develop his condition and abilities.

In the spring of 2011, George received a serious ankle injury. She knocked him out of the training process for almost six months. Shchennikov was able to return to training, and then to the game, only in the fall, at the very end of October.

In 2014, Georgy scored during the match with Terek – it was one fourth of the Russian Cup. It is Shchennikov who scored the decisive goal in the one hundred and eleventh minute. As part of the red-blue, this goal was the first for George. Despite the fact that the football player has only one goal, he is considered one of the strongest players in the CSKA defense line. The fact is that the number of goals scored in the goal is not a significant indicator for the defender, moreover, this indicator is only of secondary importance.

Georgy Shchennikov in the Russian national team

George was first invited to the national youth team in 2009. Then he made his debut. Shchennikov played in five matches for the youth team.

Project “Football Russians” – Georgy Shchennikov

For the first time, a talented defender entered the field as part of the national team in August 2012. He joined the national team at the invitation of Fabio Capello. The match was against the Ivory Coast team.

In early June 2014, the head coach of the country’s national team included George in the final squad that will fight at the World Cup in Brazil.

A talented young football player is desired by many famous clubs in the world. So, the Chelsea coach is interested in him. For this twenty-three-year-old player, the club of “aristocrats” is ready to pay seven million pounds.

Georgy Shchennikov’s personal life

George, after the victory of his team in the National Championship, married a girl named Diana. We can say that he celebrated the victory in a very peculiar way. Young people met for more than one year, since school. The ceremony was attended by all the players of the team and, of course, the coach of the army club.

Georgy Shchennikov with his wife Diana

The team prepared a special surprise as a congratulation – this is a video congratulation. It was a scratch show with makeup, dressing up, make-up, professional costumes and props. The guys performed like real actors, among them were Akinfeev, Slutsky and other football players. There was a twenty-minute funny show.

George spent the recovery time after the injury to good use. For six months, he “cleaned up” all the tails at the Academy of Physical Education, passing some tests in advance. The teachers noted that the footballer began to excel not only in sports, but also in studies. The young man has not yet decided what he will do at the end of his career. After the injury, when there was a lot of free time, he became interested in economics, and thought about getting a second education later. It is quite possible that in the future Shchennikov will consider such a perspective as coaching.