Dmitry Leus Net Worth

Biography of Dmitry Leus

Today Dmitry Isaakovich Leus is a demanded Russian expert in the field of anti-crisis capital management, as an investor working both in our country and abroad. In his opinion, business is a “living” structure, which, with well-built processes within the company, can and should develop both abroad during the sanctions period and in Russia, which other experts often underestimate, calling it a high-risk market.

Classic self-made man

Dmitry Leus has gone the classic path that top entrepreneurs have repeatedly taken to the top. He spent his childhood in Soviet Turkmenistan. According to Leus, his father, fencing coach Isaak Abramovich, famous in the republic, taught his son to make the most of all the opportunities that his personal free time and country of residence give. Dmitry Leus graduated from the 11th grade of the school, at the time of graduation he was already a master of sports of the USSR in fencing and an active member of the country’s sports team.

He decided to continue his studies in his native Ashgabat, in 1992 he graduated from the University. M. Gorky, Faculty of Radiophysics. During his studies, he began to work in the field of sales in a foreign company engaged in the export-import supply of raw materials for the textile industry. In the same period, I decided to get an economic education in order to further develop not within the framework of individual companies, but to achieve success as a manager at the level of a particular sector of the economy. It is logical that the choice fell on the financial sector and the banking sector. In 1996, he received a diploma from the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, already working in Moscow at Lesprombank.

Lesprombank became a kind of springboard in Leus’s career as a financier and investor. First, in 1997, he was appointed to the department for international currency operations, heading it, then – in 2000 – he became the right hand of the director of the bank’s branch in the South-West region. Two years later, he entered the top management of Alcol Bank, taking the chair of the Chairman of the Board of the financial institution.

Expertise in the banking sector gave him an understanding of the specifics of entrepreneurship in Russia. According to Leus, many innovative businesses in the country were never born due to doubts and disbelief of investors in their own ideas and biased criticism of everything new.

Any ambitious idea can be realized in Russia if it is not left to be torn apart by public opinion, which is still being formed in captivity of stereotypes. Most of our innovative projects are born in an atmosphere of doubt and mistrust: we will not be able to do it, because it is impossible to do it in Russia, or because we have never done it.

In 2006, Dmitry Leus launched a successful business in the field of design and construction, heading the Magistral LTD company, and proved to himself that if there is ambition and mobility in adapting to market conditions, the business will grow and outperform competitors, who often explain their failures a kind of “Russian reality”: corruption, weak economy, bureaucratic delays.

International projects

Several years later, the experience accumulated in Russia allowed him to expand his competencies to work in foreign markets. In England, he launched two startups at once as a financial consultant – Leus LCC and Imperium Investments, the companies provide consulting services in the field of investment, corporate business management, anti-crisis capital management, increasing profitability up to 40% in conditions of crisis factors – economic instability, periods of sanctions.

In the international media, where Dmitry Leus is an expert on financial markets, he has repeatedly noted that there are difficulties in starting businesses abroad: high competition, high cost of business, saturation and the need for significant start-up capital to enter the market, other factors inherent in mature, mature economies.

She is a regular participant in leading international conferences in the field of business and finance, conducts original training trainings for entrepreneurs.