Burmaka Maria Net Worth

Place of Birth. Education. Born in Kharkov. In 2004 she graduated from the Institute of Journalism at the Taras Shevchenko Kiev State University. Candidate of Philology.

Creative career. In 1989 she won the Grand Prix of the festival of the author’s song “Oberig” in Lutsk. She became a laureate of the festival “Chervona Ruta” in Chernivtsi. In 1990, Maria’s first audio cassette “Mariyka Burmaka. Oh, don’t quit, it’s spring” was released.

1992 – the album “Maria” was released. It was the first ever album recorded by a Ukrainian artist.

1994 – the release of the second album “Lost Hope”.

In 1995, Maria took up journalism, preparing the author’s program “KIN (Culture, Information, News)”, which was repeatedly recognized as the best cultural project of Ukrainian television.

In 1998, Maria’s acoustic concert took place in the hall of the National Art Museum of Ukraine, within the framework of which the presentation of the album “I Love Again” took place. In the same year, Maria Burmaka was awarded the title of “Honored Artist of Ukraine”.

In 2001, the album “MIA” was released, Maria’s music acquires the style of soft rock with elements of acid jazz.

In 2002, a disc of electronic remixes for Burmaka’s songs called “I AM” was released. In the same year, another disc is released – a special Christmas edition.

In 2003, the disc “Maria Burmaka. Live” was released. The following year – the publication of “N9”, a collection of songs from ten albums of the singer for 15 years of creative activity “Mi idemo”.

December 2004 year – CD release “Mi dememo“, a collection of selected songs from 10 albums.

During 2005 Maria Burmaka recorded several English versions of her songs and shot new videos, gave charity concerts in North America.

V 2007 Maria Burmaka released a collection of MP3s on two discs “All albums of Mariya Burmaka“, and in 2008 – CD “Soundtracks”. The album included the songs “Probach“, “Wrong“, “Say goodbye not zumili“, “Happy People, Sun!“.

In 2008 year was a member of the jury of the literary award “BBC Book of the Year”.

In 2010 – recording a joint album “Don’t laugh at me /Don’t laugh at me“as part of the Operation Respect campaign together with Peter Yarrow (“Peter, Paul and Mary”). And in 2011, a joint performance at the Soyuzivka festival.

Since May 2011 – Maria Burmaka is the host of the author’s section “Breakfast Music” on the 1 + 1 channel. And since September 2011 – the host of the project “Music for adults with Maria Burmaka” on the TVi channel.

In the summer and autumn of 2014, as part of the “Support Our Own” tour, she performed in the zone ATO, in front-line cities and participated in concerts, the funds raised from which were spent on the needs of volunteer battalions. He is actively involved in volunteer and charitable activities.

In 2014 she released the album “Shadow on the water“. In the same year, she gave a solo charity concert in Paris, the collected funds were transferred to the Tabletochki Foundation and took part in the Ukrainian festival in Chicago, the funds raised were transferred to the Heroes Aid Fund.

At the end of 2014, she entered the TOP-100 most influential women in Ukraine according to the Focus magazine.

In the winter of 2015, the singer played charity concerts in the UK. In the spring of the same year, Maria Burmaka’s charity concerts took place in the USA. November in Canada.

2015 was marked in the life of the singer by the premieres of songs “dance“, “golden autumn“(memory Nicholas Mozgovoy ),”Frisbee“, as well as a video for the song “Ti”.

In May 2016, the singer presented a romantic video for the song “Yakby mi“. And already in September of the same year, in the Caribbean club concert hall, she, together with the Gypsy Lyre group, presented a musical program “New love.

Regalia and awards. People’s Artist of Ukraine. She was awarded the Order of Princess Olga III degree.

Family bonds. Divorced. Raising a daughter. Cousin – Yuri Pavlenko, ex-Minister for Family, Youth and Sports.

Hobby. Likes to draw and sew.