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Place of Birth. Education. Born in the village of Marshintsy, Novoselytskyi district, Chernivtsi region. In 1968 she graduated from the conductor-choral department of the Chernivtsi Musical College. In 1974 - the Chisinau Institute of Arts named after Muzycescu.

Career. 1971-1975 - soloist of the Chernivtsi Philharmonic. From 1975 to this day she has been a soloist of the Crimean Philharmonic.

Sofia Rotaru is one of the most popular singers of the former USSR, Ukraine and the Russian Federation. Over the years of work on stage, she has performed more than 400 songs, many of which have become classics of the Ukrainian stage ("Chervona Ruta", "Song will help us", "Vodohrai", "Cheremshina", etc.). With the songs of the singer, 26 vinyl discs and 12 CDs were released.

She has toured in many countries around the world. She starred in the musical television films "Chervona Ruta", "Song will help us", "Monologue about love". She performed the main roles in the feature films "Where are you, love?" and "Soul".

In 1981, the musical film "Visiting Sofia Rotaru's Family" was released, in 1984 - "Sofia Rotaru Invites You", in 1991 - "Caravan of Love".

In the 1980s, Rotaru, continuing experiments with pop style, worked with V. Matetsky ("Lavender", "Moon, Moon, flowers, flowers", "It was, it was, it was and passed"), Y. Saulsky ("Autumn song"), E. Ptichkin ("Dedication") and even participates in a joint project with D. Tukhmanova and the Time Machine group.

In the 1970-1980s, Rotaru released vinyl records at the Melodiya company: "Chervona Ruta" (1972), "Sofia Rotaru" (with the same name - 1974, 1975, 1980, 1981), "Sofia Rotaru sings Vladimir Ivasyuk's songs" (1975, 1977), "Tender Melody" (1985), "Monologue of Love" (1987), "Golden Heart" (1988) and others, CDs are also released abroad.

In the 1990s, Rotaru continued his active stage activities, participated in the "Song of the Year", released CDs ("Farmer", 1995, "Love Me", 1998).

In 2001, a new concert program "My Life - My Love" was released, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of stage activity. New discs are released "I still love you" 2002, "To the only one" 2003, "The sky is me!" 2004, "I loved him" 2005, "I am your love" 2008.

2011 - Sofia Rotaru became the chairman of the jury of the song contest, held as part of the annual International Music Festival Crimea Music Fest v Yalta (Crimea, Ukraine).

On September 2, 2013, Sofia Rotaru released a new single "Forgive", timed to coincide with the tenth anniversary of creative collaboration with composer Ruslan Quinta. By the end of 2013, she released the song "You are the best" by Ruslan Quinta and Vitaly Kurovsky. The song was recorded using live instruments, in ethnic Hutsul style. On January 24, 2014, a previously unknown song "Farewell" appeared, recorded approximately in 1998. The song is performed in Ukrainian.

In 2015, Rotaru released 2 songs: "Let's have a summer" and "Love is alive."

In the fall of 2016, she and her sister went on a tour of the cities of Germany.

Titles and awards. People's Artist of Ukraine (1976) People's Artist of Moldova (1983) People's Artist of the USSR (1988).

Laureate of international competitions: IX World Festival of Youth and Students (Sofia, 1968), "Golden Orpheus" (Sofia, 1973), "Amber Nightingale" (Sopot, 1974).

Laureate of the Ostrovsky Prize (1976), Lenin Komsomol Prize (1978), K. Shulzhenko Prize ("The Best Pop Singer of 1996"), "Ovation" (2000), "Ludina Roku - 2000" ("The Best Ukrainian Pop Singer 20th century"). The title "Miss Estrada - 89" was awarded.

She was awarded the Orders of the Badge of Honor (1980), Friendship of Peoples (1985), For Merit, and St. Princess Olga.

Honorary Citizen of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (1997), Honorary Citizen of Chernivtsi (1998), Honorary Citizen of Yalta.

2002 - the laying of the Star and the awarding of the Order "Zirka of Ukraine" on the Avenue of Stars near the International Center for Culture and Arts in Kiev.

In August 2002, President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma signed a decree conferring the title Hero of Ukraine on Sophia Rotaru. At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded the singer the Order of Merit for the Fatherland.

August 22, 2024 President Vladimir Zelensky appropriated Sofia Rotaru National Legend of Ukraine award.

Family. Husband - musician, head of the ensemble "Chervona Ruta" Anatoly Evdokimenko (died in 2002). Son - Ruslan Evdokimenko, music producer, designer. Daughter-in-law Svetlana Evdokimenko - "part-time" is also the producer of the singer. Sofia Rotaru is the grandmother of two grandchildren: Anatoly (born 1994), Sofia (born 2001).

Sofia Rotaru has two brothers and three sisters. The younger Aurika Rotaru is also a famous singer, Honored Artist of Ukraine.

About income. According to the State Tax Administration of Ukraine, in 2007 Sofia Rotaru declared more income than any other representative of the domestic show business and sports. It was followed by footballers of Shakhtar (Donetsk) and Dynamo (Kyiv) clubs. The amount of the singer's income was not disclosed.

In addition to good fees, Sofia Rotaru sometimes receives expensive gifts. So, in December 2006, the press was torn apart by reports that the richest Ukrainian Rinat Akhmetov, the owner of the management company SCM and FC Shakhtar, presented the star with a chic Bentley car worth 250 thousand euros - in honor of the creative anniversary (35 years of work on stage ).