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Biography of the group “Bread”

Khleb is a creative musical group created by young talented video bloggers. Initially conceived as a parody of the work of American rappers, but eventually defended the right to originality. The secret of the group’s success lies in the excellent sense of humor of the members, their ability to kindly laugh at themselves and the surrounding circumstances, as well as in the positive energy and powerful drive that accompany their live performances. The team collaborates with the label “Little Big Family”.

Group “Bread”

Brief biography of participants

Denis Kukoyaka is a native Muscovite, born on January 31, 1986. As a child, he attended a theater group, participated in school amateur performances, drew well and was fond of aircraft modeling. Graduated from the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology of MSPI. Married, has a daughter.

Denis Kukoyaka

Alexander Shuliko was born on December 10, 1983 in Murmansk. After leaving school, he moved to Moscow and entered the Academy of Water Transport, where he studied the basics of the hotel and tourism business. He is fond of British electronic music, likes to read Russian classical literature.

Alexander Shuliko

Kirill Trifonov is a Muscovite, born on April 1, 1988. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Management of the Moscow State Aviation Technical University, has a bachelor’s degree. Married, has a son.

Kirill Trifonov

The beginning of the creative path

The guys have known each other since 2008, they were united in one company by playing KVN. When the Yacht Club team ceased to exist, the guys decided to start video blogging. At that time, the leader of the entertainment broadcast was the ProjectorParisHilton program, and they decided to create something similar.

The future group “Bread” in KVN

The guys shot a comedy video on student topics and posted it on the Internet, but it did not produce the expected effect. The failure did not bother Denis, Kirill and Sasha, and soon they filmed several episodes of the humorous program “What a show”, followed by “I like it” and “Tell my friends”.

Shot from the show “I like”

Gradually, their video works began to win the hearts of the youth audience, the number of fans grew, and soon they became interested in their work on the TNT channel. At first, the guys did reviews for the show “Dom-2”, and then they shot their own mini-series “Police Weekdays”, which also starred Ilya Prusikin, Petr Ivashchenko and Sam Nickel. The series was liked by the creators of “Real Boys”. The guys received an offer to participate in writing the script for the sitcom, as well as to star in one of the seasons.

Shot from the series “Police Weekdays”

Having gained a foothold on TNT, the guys began to write scripts for other channel projects, as well as star in TV shows. One of the most successful was “Civil Marriage”, in which Denis played the main role along with Agata Muceniece. It would seem that they achieved what they dreamed of, but in 2017 the guys left TNT to devote themselves entirely to their musical career.

Denis Kukoyaka in the series “Civil Marriage”

The history of the creation of the Khleb group

The Khleb group was founded in 2013. Until that time, only Denis Kukoyaka was seriously involved in music, who was fond of American rap and recorded tracks under the pseudonym Deni Deni. He was inspired to create his own group by Igor Mamai, the owner of the advertising agency Booking Machine. He organized several concerts for the guys in Moscow and St. Petersburg, which were a great success.

“Bread” in “Real Boys”

The main feature of their performances was parodies of the work of American trappers, the lyrics of which are usually devoid of any meaning and simply describe current events. This is how the composition “Tea and Sugar” appeared, which became an outright banter on one of the tracks of the then popular American rapper A $ AP Rocky in Russia.

“Tea. Sugar “- the first video of the group” Bread “

The video for this song unexpectedly gathered a huge number of views and was named the best video of the month on Soon their first mini-album “Cherny” was released, and it was decided to name the band “Bread” (bread in English, which in Russian transcription was consonant with the main idea of ​​​​their work – “nonsense”).

The main stages of a musical career

The first EP included five tracks, among which was the already well-known “Tea and Sugar”. The musicians shot videos for two more songs from the album (“Cameroon” and “Rap, chains”), which were also met with great enthusiasm. This was followed by a video for the single “My Rap”, which has already steadily collected several million views on YouTube, and in 2016 the first full-fledged collection of the White band was released, which includes 13 songs.

The following year turned out to be even more successful for the group. It began with the Moscow presentation of the series “Civil Marriage”, where “Bread” performed with their track “Tea and Sugar”, which was included in the official soundtrack of the picture.

In the spring, another EP “Bread should be in every home” was released, in support of which the musicians went on an all-Russian tour. In parallel, they launched their own clothing line with the band’s logo and even personally stood behind the counters of the ZIQ & YONI store on the first day of sales. In the summer, the group appeared at several major music festivals (“Dobrofest”, “VK Fest”, etc.), took part in the opening of the international festival of youth and students. In autumn, the second full-fledged collection of the Pushka band was released, which traditionally included 13 tracks. Among them are collaborations with rappers Yaniks and Big Russian Boss and an unexpected fit with video blogger Eldar Dzharakhov. And the composition “Moher”, recorded together with “Disco Crash”, was played on Muz-TV for several months and collected about three million views on YouTube.

Bread – My rap

In the same year, the musicians recorded a soundtrack for Yuri Dud’s new Internet project “vdud”, which in a year became one of the most popular runet bloggers. The story of this track originates from the finals of the FIFA championship, which Dud led together with rapper ST. The guys from Khleb wrote this song specifically to advertise this event.

In the verse there was a line “ST and Yuri Dud will be at the fife championship”, and the chorus picked it up with the words “Yuri will be Dud, Dud will be Yuri”. The organizers of the event did not approve the composition due to possible associations with the use of recreational drugs. But Dud appreciated the work and later, when launching the show, asked to sell it to him as a jingle. It should be noted that this was a smart move, thanks to which the army of Khleb fans is steadily replenished with new admirers, and not always from their usual audience. For example, Yuri’s interview with Nikita Mikhalkov became an unexpected PR action for the group, since the director at first mistook the voice of one of the group members for his own and, on the whole, spoke flatteringly about the track.

Collaborations with other artists


  • White (2016)
  • Cannon (2017)

Khleb group now

In 2018, the team recorded another mini-album “Bread should be in every house-2” and successfully tours with it around the country and neighboring countries. On the eve of a big concert in Moscow, the musicians appeared in the Evening Urgant program, where, accompanied by the Fruit group, they performed the track Shashlyndos.

Bread – Shashlyndos

In their interviews, the musicians have repeatedly stated that they are ready to take a piece of bread from Kirkorov, who has recently begun to willingly shoot parody clips, and are also going to press the Leningrad group, taking their place in the capital’s get-together and the hearts of the Moscow public.

Today Khleb is more successful than ever

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