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Annalena Charlotte Alma Berbock Foreign Secretary Germany. NGerman politician from the Soyuz 90 / Zel partyenye. Since 2013, Berbock has been a member of the Bundestag. Since 2018, he has been holding the position of party chairman (together with Robert Habek).

Place of Birth. Education. Annalena Berbock grew up on a farm in Pattensen near Hanover in the family of a mechanical engineer and social educator, she has two sisters. She studied at the Humboldt School in Hanover.

At 16, she spent a year as a school exchange student in Florida. In her youth, Berbock was engaged in trampoline jumping at the level of high achievements, participated in the German championships and won bronze three times.

From 2000-2004, she studied Political Science and Public Law at the University of Hamburg. In 2005 she received her Master’s degree in Public International Law from the London School of Economics. In 2005 she completed an internship at the British Institute of International and Comparative Law. She also began writing a dissertation on natural disasters and humanitarian aid at the Free University of Berlin, but did not complete her work.

Political career. In 2005, Annalena Berbock became a member of the Union 90 / Greens. Between 2008 and 2009, she served as Foreign and Security Policy Advisor to the Green Party parliamentary group in the Bundestag.

From 2005-2008 she worked in the office of Elisabeth Schroedter in the European Parliament.

In October 2008, she was elected to the executive board of her party’s state group in Brandenburg, and in 2009 she took over as chairman of the board, which she held until 2013.

From 2008 to 2013 she was the representative of the Federal Working Group for Europe.

On November 14, 2009 she was elected, together with Benjamin Raschke, the equal head of the Party’s Land Committee in Brandenburg.

From 2009 to November 2012 she was a member of the board of directors of the European Green Party, and from November 2012 to November 2015 she was a member of the Union 90 / Greens party council.

In 2009, Berbock ran unsuccessfully for a spot on her party’s electoral list in federal elections. In 2013, she was a candidate for the Green Party in the Potsdam – Potsdam-Mittelmark II – Teltow-Fleming II constituency, and also took the leading position on the party’s electoral list in Brandenburg. Through the electoral list, she became a member of the Bundestag.

During her first term, Berbock was a member of the Committee on Economics and Energy and the Committee on European Affairs. In her parliamentary group, she served as the speaker for climate policy.

In the 2017 parliamentary elections, Berbock was again the leading candidate in Brandenburg, retaining her seat in parliament. After the elections, she was one of the members of her party’s negotiating team, as the Green Party entered (unsuccessfully) in coalition negotiations with the CDU / CSU and the FDP. Since then, she has been a member of the Committee on Family, Seniors, Women and Youth Affairs.

On January 27, 2018, at the national convention of the Green Party in her hometown of Hanover, Berbock was elected one of the two equal party chairmen at the federal level, joined by Green leader Robert Habek. She got 64% of the votes, more than her rival Anya Pil. At the party convention in 2019, she was re-elected with 97.1%, the highest result for a party chairman.

On April 19, 2024, Annalena Berbock and Robert Habeck announced that the federal green government had nominated Berbock as a candidate for chancellor in the 2024 federal election. Historically, Berbock is the second woman after Angela Merkel to claim the highest government post. No previous candidate for Chancellor was younger than Berbock.

On November 24, 2024, Berbock was nominated for the post of Foreign Minister in the government of Olaf Scholz. She took office on December 8.

Family. Annalena Berbock is married to political consultant Daniel Holefleisch (born 1973), from whom she has two daughters, born in 2011 and 2015. The family lives in Potsdam, Brandenburg.