5 Reasons Audiobooks Are Valid

Listening to audiobooks is not cheating!

Do you or your kids find it hard to take time out of the day to dedicate to reading?

You see other people that read over a hundred books a year and you just think ‘I could never do that!’

There is a solution to the problem. That solution is audiobooks!

Yes listening to audiobooks counts as reading. Believe me. It’s not cheating! A good percentage of the books I read, is through audiobooks. You can listen to them while cooking, cleaning, gardening and so many other tasks. 

And let’s not forget the kiddos. Most kids have a comprehension level that is higher than their reading ability. They might only be able to read Dick and Jane, but would enjoy listening to Winnie the Pooh.

There are so many great audiobooks out there now. Plenty of them are even available for free.

Reasons that audiobooks are valid

Here are 5 solid reasons that prove that.

1. Audio books build vocabulary.

It’s true. Let your little kids listen to audiobooks, and soon you will find them using surprisingly big words. They might not know exactly how to use them right away, like when one of my little brothers was about two years old he came up to me and said ‘You’re so hideous’. He was trying to tell me how pretty I was, but he wanted to use a bigger word. But they will soon get the hang of when to use their new found words.

 2. Audiobooks encourage imagination.
 Reading any book encourages imagination. The same can be said for audiobooks. When kids listen to the story they can imagine what all the scenery and characters look like. But further than that, it will also improve their imaginations while playing because they have trained their make-believe muscles.

3. Audiobooks can create a love of books in children who find reading difficult.

I have seen this. I have a sibling who struggled with learning to read. He always wanted books read to him, and not little, nor few books either. So, he started listening to audiobooks. And how many he listened to! More than any of us could have possibly read to him. He now has a relationship with books that he would never have had if it had not been for audiobooks.

4. Audiobooks force you to slow down.
Audiobooks force you to slow down. Some people, myself included sometimes read really quickly. Not on purpose, it just happens. And when this happens we can sometimes miss important details. When you read a book out-loud you are forced to read slower. So, the people reading audiobooks inevitably read slower. 

5. Audiobooks are entertaining.
Last but not least, it must be said that audiobooks are entertaining, and I think that is a very valid reason to listen to them. So, please don’t think that audiobooks don’t count. Don’t think that they are cheating.Happy Reading and Writing!