Assia Ahat Net Worth 2024 – Peek Into the Life of a Ukrainian Violinst

Career start

 She began studying violin at the age of five. Then – obtaining a higher musical education at the National Academy, an internship at the Academy of Music in Nice, working at the National Philharmonic of Ukraine and performing as the first violin of a quartet, the title of laureate and diploma winner of international competitions in France and Italy.

Solo career

In 1999, Assia Akhat’s first solo album “Homo Novus” was released, in which the violinist performed compositions written especially for her for the first time. Summer 2000 was marked by a successful concert tour “Homo Novus” in the prestigious halls of the largest cities of Ukraine and Russia. Diva and her violin begin to win hearts.

The violinist, at the invitation of heavyweight boxer Vitali Klitschko, performed the anthem of Ukraine several times before his fights in Germany. Soon Assia presented a new solo program to the German public – “The Book of Dreams”.

Assia’s first performances abroad took place in Nice, even during her studies. Later there was the first solo concert in Germany, then – a performance in Monaco at an international ceremony.

Assia Akhat performed a solo program in Slovakia, Milan, Moscow and other cities of Russia, took part in the International Film Music Festival with Sting, Robert Plant, Mark Knopfler. She took part in the project “8 Best Violinists” at the Congress Hall in Warsaw. She played in an ensemble with Jean-Luc Pontius, Pierre Blanchard, performed in a duet with violinist Vadim Repin, performed jazz improvisations with the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra. In the summer of 2004 – participation in the Days of Ukrainian Culture on the French Riviera.

In April 2002 Assia Akhat signed a contract with Universal / Ukrainian Records. The first joint project was the album “For You, Anais”. In it Assia sang for the first time. Then – a contract with “Universal” in Poland. In Ukraine, the video “Where are you now?” Is released, in Poland – its Polish version “Gdzie mam szukac cie”. The filming was attended by a Hollywood actor of Polish origin Boguslav Linda.

In 2003, Assia Akhat released the album “Chocolate”. In it she sings in Russian, Polish and French.

In 2005, “The Soul Was Sore” was released – the first truly own album. In it, the music of most of the compositions was written by Assia herself. A year later, there were the albums “Hot Kiss” (at the same time the performer’s collaboration with the group “69” began) and “I like it”.

In 2007, the album “I am the best” was released.

In 2010, the album “Angels Don’t Smoke” was released, released jointly with the group “69”.

In 2011, Asia Ahat radically changed the direction of her professional career. Modern violin music became the main direction in the work of Asia Akhat.

She regularly participates in various festivals and television projects. Participated in the International Film Music Festival with Sting, c Robert Plant, Mark Knopfler), as well as, playing on the same stage with such masters as Vadim Repin, Jean Luc Ponty, Pierre Blanchard, Mark O’Connor and others. As part of her concert tours in America, she played with Chriss Botti, Kurt Elling, Eric Serah…

In 2013, the single “If only tonight” was released, recorded in Los Angeles at st Lake Studio… The single topped several billlobrods at once.


 Albums “Homo Novus” (1999), “For You, Anais” (2002), “Chocolate” (2003), “My Soul Was Sick” (2005), “Hot Kiss” (2006), “I Like It” (2006), singles “I am the best”, “You just have to love”, “May”, album “Angels do not smoke “with the group” 69 “(2010),” If Only Tonight “(2013),” Fiesta in San Juan “(2014),” Disco “(2016),” You will miss me “,” Intertwines ” (2017), “All-In” “(2018),” Musical extravaganza “(2019),
“A Date at the Movies” (2020).


The singer is married. Spouse – Igor Balenko, a well-known businessman, co-owner of the Furshet supermarket chain. Son Daniel (from first marriage). Son Philip Balenko (born 2003).