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Name: Alexander Ratnikov (Alexander Ratnikov)

Real name: Alexander Skotnikov

Surname: Anatolevich

Birthday: August 18, 1979 (aged 42)

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175 cm

Weight: 78 kg

Zodiac sign: a lion (characteristic)

Eastern horoscope: Goat


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Biography of Alexander Ratnikov

Alexander Anatolyevich Ratnikov (Skotnikov) is a Russian theater and film actor who made his debut in Oleg Tabakov’s studio in 2004. Laureate of the award of the Moskovsky Komsomolets publication for 2006. He is best known as Ticher from the film “Okolofutbola” and psychologist Dmitry Mysin from the TV series “Trust Service”.

Actor Alexander Ratnikov (Skotnikov)

The childhood of Alexander Ratnikov

Alexander’s parents are engineers by education. From the age of eight, the boy was so passionate about football that even teachers at school called him “Zico” (after the famous Brazilian football player). Some of my friends still call him that. Moreover, Alexander did not like to watch the game – he loved to drive the ball himself and devoted about nine years to this sport. He played in the Dynamo club, at the same time he tried his hand at karate-do.

Being in the 11th grade of the school, he entered the Gnessin Musical College (course of Anatoly Akhreev). It turned out unplanned: an acquaintance accidentally mentioned that there weren’t enough boys at the faculty of “musical theater actor”, and offered to go to audition together.

Alexander Ratnikov in the film “Moscow Greyhound”

Having moved to the second year of the school, Alexander became interested in theater and literally fell in love with the Snuffbox (Oleg Tabakov’s theater). According to him, these feelings were comparable to love for a woman. It was a real shock for the young man. He reviewed the entire repertoire of the studio and was eager to enter this stage himself. It was then that young Alexander made a promise to himself: “I will definitely enter the Moscow Art Theater and will play in the Tabakov Theater.”

And so it happened. At the school, he learned to play the piano from scratch, since he did not finish music school. Four years later he received his diploma. He refused to go to the Gnessin Academy, or to the “musical GITIS”, as the mentors advised, and, having gone towards his dream, became a student of the course of Yevgeny Kamenkovich at the Moscow Art Theater School.

Acting career of Alexander Ratnikov

In the third year of the studio school, Alexander tried out in several theaters, including the Snuffbox. A month and a half later, Alexander was invited to audition at the Tabakov Theater and over the next year was introduced to all the main performances of the repertoire: “The Old Quarter” (photographer), “Psycho” (alcoholic), “Descendant” (Yulai), “Running” by Mikhail Bulgakov ( station commandant), “Overstocked barrel” by Vasily Aksenov (Vanya Kulachenko), “When I was dying” (Jule), “Resurrection. Super” (Philip), “Soldiers” (Crunch), “Adventure” based on “Dead Souls” by N.V. Gogol (Secretary of the Board of Trustees).

In the cinema, the actor made his debut in 2004 as Andryukha in the short sketch “Dismissal” by Alexei Mizgirev. He “woke up as a star” after the TV series Trust Service, where he created the image of Dmitry Mysin, a psychologist at the Trust Service.

Alexander Ratnikov as Dmitry Mysin

In 2006, for his role in the production of The Tale of the Seven Hanged Men, Alexander was awarded the Moskovsky Komsomolets award for the “best ensemble cast.”

Alexander Ratnikov in the play “The Tale of the Seven Hanged Men”

The following years were also marked by very prominent roles. Alexander played Arkady Kirsanov in “Fathers and Sons”, Pavel in “House for Two”, Viktor Muratkin in “The Last Cordon”, security guard Andrei Kotelnikov in “I’ll Show You Moscow”, Gosha in Yulia Mazurova’s film “Above the City”, Sergei Samarin in the melodrama “The False Witness”.

Shot from the film “Above the City”

It was after the release of the last picture (in 2011) that the actor decided to change his last name from “Skotnikov” to “Warriors”. Why – Alexander did not tell. Maybe he just thought she was ugly. His act caused some confusion among film lovers – some even decided that Alexander Skotnikov and Alexander Ratnikov were two different people, just very similar.

The real name of Alexander Ratnikov is Skotnikov

The breakthrough was the role of Alexander Ratnikov in the drama “Okolofutbola” – a true tape about the life of Russian football hooligans. It fell to the actor to play the main character – an intelligent teacher Yegor and, concurrently, the leader of the “firm” of Spartak fans named Ticher.

Alexander Ratnikov: interview about Okolofutbol

In 2015, the actor became a frequent guest on TV screens – he played one of the main characters in the comedy series Moms. The sitcom told about the lives of three women: Yulia (Svetlana Kolpakova), a mother who has long been established, dreams of realizing herself in a career, Anya (Elena Nikolaeva), has just given birth to a son, and Vika (Alexandra Bulycheva), only dreams of a child. Alexander played the role of Anya’s husband and Vika’s brother. His hero is a newly-made father, a senior manager of the Demidov Motors car dealership and a constant source of problems for his wife.

“Mommies”: Alexander Ratnikov as Ivan Smirnov

Personal life of Alexander Ratnikov

He married Anna Taratorkina (daughter of the famous Georgy Taratorkin and Ekaterina Markova), brings up his son Nikita, maintains a relationship with his younger (14 years old) brother Dima.

The actor met his future wife on the set of the TV series Trust Service. Anna played the girlfriend of the hero Alexander. Emotions from the film moved into real life – love broke out at first sight. Alexander felt that this was his man, made an offer. But the lovers did not get married soon – both agreed that all the attributes of a “typical Russian wedding”: the ransom of the bride, the cries of “Bitter!” and drunken brawls – they do not like it. Therefore, the newlyweds simply signed at the registry office and arranged a celebration for the closest people.

Alexander Ratnikov on the set

The name of the son – Nikita – was chosen by the grandmother Ekaterina Georgievna. Before that, the family could not decide how to name the newborn, so at first the baby lived at number 01 (“Zero One”). Alexander and Anna are in no hurry to show their son films with their participation – it is still difficult for a child to understand that it is not dad or mom on the screen, but the image they embody.

Alexander Ratnikov and his son Nikita

Alexander Ratnikov now

Currently, Ratnikov is in great demand in the professional field. So, in 2016, the continuation of the series “Mom” was released. The actor continued to work on the TV series “Moscow Greyhound” beloved by the audience and on the melodrama “Love as a natural disaster.”

In 2016, Alexander Ratnikov starred in the second season of “Mommies”

In May 2017, the actor could be seen in the series “Captain” along with Anna Mikhailovskaya.

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