Sebastian Stan


Name: Sebastian Stan (Sebastian Stan)

Birthday: August 13, 1982 (aged 39)

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Place of Birth:
Constanta, Romania

183 cm

Weight: 78 kg

Zodiac sign: a lion (characteristic)

Eastern horoscope: Dog


Family status:

not married

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Biography of Sebastian Stan

Sebastian Stan is a Romanian-born film actor best known for his roles in the Marvel comics films, where he played an assassin known as the Winter Soldier. He is also familiar to viewers from the films Ricky and the Flash, The Game of Survival, Tonya vs. Everyone, and others.

Romanian-born American actor Sebastian Stan


Sebastian was born on August 13, 1982 in the Romanian port city of Constanta. Soon after the birth of the boy, his parents divorced, and he stayed with his mother, the pianist Georgeta.

Sebastian Stan in his youth

When Sebastian was eight years old, the anti-communist Romanian Revolution took place in the country, in connection with which the family was forced to move to Vienna. Four years later, the family emigrated to the United States.

Many children find it difficult to move from one house to another, while young Sebastian changed three countries, three language environments.

It was hard to get from one world to a completely different one, where they speak a different language … But in the end, this experience turned out to be useful. When you are a child, you just want to fit into the environment. Growing up, I realized that being different is great!

In the US, Georgette married the director of a private New York school that Sebastian attended. The boy became very friendly with his stepfather and quickly began to consider him his real father.

Sebastian Stan’s height is 183 cm

From his first months in America, Stan often performed on stage. He attended the theater club and participated in all school productions: West Side Story, Harvey, Cyrano de Bergerac, Little Shop of Horrors. After receiving a secondary education, the young man entered the University of the Arts in New Jersey. In college, the nickname “Sea Bass” stuck to Sebastian. Upon graduation, he not only became a certified actor, but was also officially recognized as a US citizen. In 2007, he made his Broadway debut in Talking Radio alongside Liev Schreiber.

Actor career

Stan’s film debut took place back in Vienna, in 1994, when he was cast in an episodic role in the Austrian drama 71 Fragments of Chronology of Accidents. The next time he appeared in a movie only ten years later, he played in the comedy Tony and Tina’s Wedding. Interestingly, the main character in it was performed by an unknown at that time actress Mila Kunis, who is also an immigrant from Eastern Europe.

Sebastian Stan on Gossip Girl

The first serious work of Sebastian was the role in the popular television drama Gossip Girl with Blake Lively. Despite the fact that his character appeared in only 11 episodes of the first three seasons of this series, the young actor gained a lot of fans around the world. A few years after that, he starred in the NBC series Kings.

In 2010, Stan again managed to work with Mila Kunis – he starred in Darren Aronofsky’s Oscar-winning drama Black Swan.

Sebastian Stan on the set of “Black Swan”

The real breakthrough in Sebastian’s career was the role of the hired killer Bucky Barnes, nicknamed the Winter Soldier, in the film The First Avenger. Released in 2011, the film comic allowed Stan to become one of the most popular young actors of our time.

Sebastian Stan on his role in Captain America: The First Avenger

The picture collected more than $ 350 million at the worldwide box office, so several sequels were soon shot, in which Sebastian again played Bucky and again worked with Chris Evans, who played Captain America. Stan also voiced his character in the video game Captain America: Super Soldier.

Sebastian Stan on the set of Once Upon a Time

In parallel with filming in the Marvel franchise, Sebastian appeared in a number of noteworthy projects: the fantastic comedy The Martian with Matt Damon, the action movie Logan’s Luck with Daniel Craig and Channing Tatum.

Sebastian Stan and Mark Hamill in their youth – many see the similarity

The actor also remembered shooting in the tragicomedy “Ricky and the Flash” with Meryl Streep in the title role. Sebastian, who played the adult son of Streep’s heroine, admitted that he could not understand where the character of Meryl ended and she herself began: “It was like sleeping on a sheet of bumps and needles.”

Sebastian Stan’s personal life

Sebastian first kissed a girl at the age of 10: she was 16 and went to the same school as him. “It was cool! But I can’t even remember her name, ”the actor admitted in an interview. In the same conversation, he told a journalist that he had lost his virginity at the age of 17: “We rented a room in a motel, and after sex we ordered food from McDonald’s. Honestly”.

Sebastian Stan and Leighton Meester

Subsequently, an attractive Hollywood actor managed to win the hearts of not only ordinary spectators, but also colleagues. At various times, Stan met with actresses Leighton Meester (his Gossip Girl colleague), Ashley Greene, Diana Agron and Jennifer Morrison.

Sebastian Stan and Margarita Levieva

Since 2013, he has been in a relationship with Margarita Levieva, whom he met on the set of the film “Womanizer”. Interestingly, she is also an immigrant – in 1991, the actress’s family moved to the United States from Leningrad. In 2016, the couple announced their split.

In his free time, Sebastian loves to watch Pixar cartoons and listen to music (his favorite genres are classic rock, disco and techno).

Sebastian Stan now

At the beginning of 2018, Russian viewers saw Sebastian in the biographical black comedy Tonya Against Everyone starring Margot Robbie. In the center of the plot is a figure skating champion who has conceived a brilliant scam. Sebastian plays Jeff Gillooly, the ex-husband of the athlete, who helps Tony eliminate a rival.

Sebastian Stan in the movie “Tonya vs. Everyone”

Sebastian will appear in Avengers 3 and 4 (release date: 2018 and 2019 respectively), as well as in the highly anticipated film adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s novel We’ve Always Lived in the Castle alongside Alexandra Daddario.

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