Alexander Perevezentsev Net Worth

Biography of Alexander Perevezentsev

Previously, Alexander Perevezentsev was a generalist machine operator and worked as a jewelry sales manager. But one day he decided to change his life and went into an incomprehensible, but promising business. Now Alexander Perevezentsev is a certified international business coach and coach, founder of the dynamically developing Network Marketing companies, UDS Game and blockchain startup DARS.

In the photo: Alexander Perevezentsev

Path to business

After school, Alexander Perevezentsev graduated from vocational school, then entered the Ural State Technical University, but dropped out in his first year. There were many university graduates around. They all had one thing in common – low wages. The diploma had practically no effect on income, people could not even relax by the sea. Perevezentsev decided that after graduating from the institute, a similar fate would await him.

At that time, only entrepreneurs and bandits had big money. Crime is a dead end road, so the choice fell on business. The problem is that it takes a lot of money to get started. It turned out a vicious circle.

Alexander decided that in business you need brains, not a diploma. So, it was necessary to find a promising business with a minimum investment of funds at the start. Then Alexander Perevezentsev drew attention to the network business.

First experience and disappointment

In the early 2000s, networkers were more like fanatics. Alexander Perevezentsev’s girlfriend was no exception. She was engaged in MLM and recommended Alexander to brush his teeth with super shampoo, supposedly it is better than any toothpaste. Naturally, the girl constantly invited me to go to the presentation.

In the photo: Alexander Perevezentsev

For two weeks, Alexander Perevezentsev laughed at her, but then decided to go. I thought to have fun and laugh at the “weirdos”, but I stayed. It was a presentation by Dr. nona international. By the way, the business still exists. In multi-level marketing, I liked the idea of ​​​​infinite development. In fact, there was no income ceiling. In addition, it was a full-fledged business with the development of the distribution chain. However, there was nowhere to go. I did not like the prospect of being an employee all my life.

Alexander Perevezentsev approached the new business responsibly. However, the network was very difficult, and the mentor could not always answer questions. During the first six months, Perevezentsev sold two jars of cosmetics to the father and mother of his sister’s husband. As a result, he accused the company of weak marketing, incompetence and left. Perevezentsev went to work at a jewelry factory. There, in six months, he went from an apprentice waxer (they also make jewelry from wax) to the deputy technical director. He also worked as a jewelry sales manager.

Alexander Perevezentsev returns to the network

After 3 years, Alexander Perevezentsev returned to the network business. Over the past time, I had to admit to myself that life has not changed in any way. To break out of the vicious circle, it was necessary to radically change life and open up to the new. During the first year after returning, 7 people were signed into the structure. As a result, they all quit the network.

Alexander Perevezentsev independently searched for knowledge. One day, he saw an ad for a Communication Mastery training. I got interested and went. Later, he transferred the acquired knowledge to his own structure. After all, if the income of distributors grows, the income of their leader will also increase. So the business will grow, so everyone will be in the black.

Naturally, the path of Perevezentsev can hardly be called a fairy tale about a quick income. In the first three years after returning, I managed to reach an income of $ 1,000 per month. During this time, Alexander Perevezentsev completed many sales and negotiation trainings.

Alexander Perevezentsev was convinced that the leader is more important in the network business. Ordinary distributors without a guiding force will not achieve significant results. This leader organizes presentations and rents offices. This principle can be compared to Napoleon’s famous saying: “A herd of rams led by a lion will always triumph over a herd of lions led by a ram.”

Many of Perevezentsev’s students are leaders of network companies earning millions of dollars

According to Alexander Perevezentsev, when a person strongly believes in an idea, he conveys it to others sincerely. Accordingly, when you teach and motivate other people, you yourself are also energized. This is how the leader and the team help each other to move forward.

It took 12 years to reach an annual income of $1 million. Many of Perevezentsev’s students are leaders of network companies earning millions of dollars.

Birth sores of business

For 20 years in the network business, Alexander Perevezentsev was among the top leaders of 4 companies. Of all, he was terminated. So in the world of multi-level marketing they call a one-sided break in relations with partners. Why do it? For example, the leader did not agree with the reduction in payments or did not like the manipulations on the part of the company. Perevezentsev experienced all this for himself.

Termination is a significant disadvantage. At the same time, Alexander Perevezentsev still considers the network the best type of business in the world. There you can start a business with minimal investment, there are acquaintances, mutual support. The environment is aimed at the development of the distributor.

However, there was also an unobvious problem. I had to constantly deal with the ambiguous reputation of the network. Most of all, financial pyramids and lazy distributors harm her. Unfortunately, the MLM business exists on its own. There is no clear work with information about what a network company really is, how to distinguish it from fraudulent schemes, and so on.

The solution to the birth pains of network business came from blockchain technology. If information about contracts is stored by all participants in the ecosystem, it is almost impossible to fake it. Transparency of conditions and guaranteed payouts would change the attitude of people towards the network business, and distributors and leaders would be protected.

Alexander Perevezentsev understood: it is necessary to create a blockchain project for the entire network business. This is how the idea of ​​DARS was born.

Against fraud and financial pyramids

DARS is a blockchain-based project whose ultimate goal is to create a transparent and fair environment for network business participants. This industry is in an extremely unpleasant situation where neither the leaders nor the distributors have a reason to trust each other. Promises made earlier can disappear like smoke at any moment, so the best solution is not to try to restore lost mutual trust, but to completely eliminate the need to trust anyone.

To do this, all settlement processes between participants in network projects should be transferred to smart contracts. This is a program code that transfers funds only if predetermined conditions are met. Settlements within the platform will be carried out in their own stablecoins – coins with a fixed value. The internal exchange will provide any participant with access to the required amount of liquidity. The guaranteed possibility of free exchange of fiat currencies and platform tokens will allow each participant of the network business to receive remuneration for their work.

An important feature of the DARS platform is the ability to issue their own “individual” tokens by network companies. The advantage of this solution is that you can customize the financial model of the business: set the cost of the token and options for its distribution. All this opens up new opportunities for attracting funding, as well as ensuring the development of MLM companies.

Alexander Perevezentsev – creator of DARS – blockchain technology for MLM business

The heart of the platform is a tool for creating marketing plans. In the case of DARS, it is not only tables with information about the amount of income of distributors and managers at each level. It is also an individual smart contract that will take into account all the specifics of the business of a particular company and guarantees an honest, impartial fulfillment of the leaders’ obligations to partners.

Yes, probably, DARS will be of interest only to network business participants or investors who want to finance the development of a project running on this platform. But it is worth considering its impact on the reputation of MLM companies and businesses in general. The emerging honest and transparent environment will lead to the exclusion of fraudsters and organizers of financial pyramids from the market, which will certainly affect the growth of consumer and ordinary participants’ confidence in the very idea of ​​a network business.