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Biography of Akshay Kumar

Charismatic actor Akshay Kumar is often compared to Jackie Chan. The king of Indian action is distinguished not only by his rare acting charm, he has a unique gift of disguise and performs even the most difficult stunts himself.

Indian actor Akshay Kumar

early years

At birth, the actor was named Rajeev Hari Om Bhatia. He was born on September 9, 1967 in the state of Punjab and grew up on a farm owned by his parents. Rajiv’s father, a former military man, took up farming after his discharge from the army and instilled in his children a love of order and discipline.

“I always got up with the first rays of the sun,” the actor admits, “immediately after waking up, my father and I went for a run, after which we had breakfast and started working on the farm.”

From childhood, Rajiv was fond of martial arts. At the age of 17, he went to Bangkok, where he received a black belt in taekwondo, and then returned to his homeland. He settled in Bombay, where he began to make a living teaching the basics of oriental martial arts.

Akshay Kumar as a child

“I worked hard and dreamed of opening my own school,” Akshay said in a 1999 interview. The salary of the future Bollywood action star was approximately 4,000 rupees, which allowed him to pay for modest rental housing and eat more than modestly. In 1988, a newcomer signed up for the sports club where Rajiv worked. The guy was a student and was fond of photography. He was delighted with the ascetic male beauty of his trainer and invited him to become a model. A young photographer was filming a commercial for a furniture store and the trainer had to show how comfortable it was for him to use the advertised sofas and armchairs. For two hours of work, Rajiv received 5,500 rupees, which exceeded his monthly salary. What happened seemed to him a fantastic adventure, and he realized that he was ready for change.

Akshay Kumar taught martial arts in his youth

The beginning of a creative biography

For two years, Rajiv rotated in the modeling business and participated in fashion shows, and in 1991 he received his first film role. Akshay’s acting debut is the role of Shiva in the family action movie The Oath, in which Rakhi Gulzar was his partner.

Akshay Kumar in The Vow

After the passing films “Dancer” and “Waterfall of Love”, the actor played in a remake of the comedy romantic action movie “Unsuccessful Kidnapping”. The participation of a bright young artist made us take a different look at the story already familiar to the audience, the picture set a box office record and revealed the name of Akshay Kumar to the world.

Akshay Kumar in Kidnapping Failed

From 1992 to 1997, Akki, as his fans called him, played in almost twenty films, but the most significant works of this period are the tapes “Pawn”, “No joking with love” and “Crazy Heart”. Russian viewers were also able to appreciate the game of young Akka, who shone in Crazy Heart in the company of Shahrukh Khan, Karishma Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit.

Top Movies

A landmark picture in Akshay’s filmography is the 1999 crime drama The Beast. Akki managed to show the true nature of his hero, who was brought up in a criminal environment, but retained the ability to sympathize and believe in good. The role of Badshah is one of Akshay’s brightest roles, in this tape he collaborated with Karishma Kapoor and Monish Behl.

Akshay Kumar in the movie The Beast

Akshay’s next undoubted success was the role of Vicki in the thriller “Insidious Stranger”. The picture was released in the fall of 2001, the audience liked the unpredictability of the plot and brought the artist an award for the best performance of a negative role.

Interview: Akshay Kumar and John Abraham

In the comedy melodrama of 2006 “My Darling”, Akshay turned from a shy man into an uninhibited metrosexual before the eyes of the audience, which no woman can resist. The depth of the seemingly uncomplicated plot and Akka’s acting skills brought success to the picture not only in his native India, but also in Europe.

Akshay Kumar in the movie “My Darling”

Akshay’s duet with Katrina Kaif has gone down in the history of Indian cinema as one of the most beautiful. In the action comedy King Singh, the actor played the role of the simpleton king Happy, who, by the will of fate, ends up in Egypt, where he meets his love.

Akshay Kumar and Painting Kaif

After the triumphant success of the comedy “Singh is Kinng” in America, Akshay starred in Snoop Dogg’s video of the same name. About the legendary rapper, the actor speaks with a warm smile, noting that when he saw him in a turban, he joked that he would give a lot to look “like his brother Akshay.”

Akshay Kumar in Snoop Dogg’s “Singh is Kinng” video

Akshay collaborated with Sylvester Stallone and Denise Richards in the 2009 action comedy film Incredible Love. The 2013 crime thriller stands apart in Kumar’s filmography, whom viewers are used to seeing in action films and comedies. The role of a sophisticated criminal who gathered a gang of robbers in the film, created on the basis of the real events of 1987 in Delhi, is considered the most successful of all screen incarnations of Akshay.

Akshay Kumar in Incredible Love

The 2016 film “Air Transportation” was also based on real events. In this historical film covering Iraq’s military takeover of Kuwait, Akshay played the role of a businessman who orchestrated the evacuation of 140,000 Indians.

In 2018, Akshay agreed to play the role of Arunachalam Muruganantham – this man invented inexpensive hygiene products for women and achieved the installation of vending machines for them. After learning the story of his character, the actor was amazed at how hard it used to be for Indian women from the lower strata of society.

Before the premiere of the social drama Padman, Kumar issued a statement condemning the medieval traditions of his homeland, which forbade women from visiting temples during critical periods. The actor also called poverty one of the worst ills of modern India.

Akshay Kumar in Padman

The fantastic thriller Robot 2.0, which premiered at the end of 2018, entered the history of Indian cinema as one of the highest grossing films. Akshay played the role of an ornithologist protesting against the overuse of communications that threaten the lives of birds. Rajinikanth, Amy Jackson, Adil Hussain and Sudanshu Pandey also starred in the film.

Akshay Kumar in Robot 2.0

Personal life of Akshay Kumar

Before meeting Twinkle Khanna, Akshay was considered a notorious heartthrob, and his novels were legendary. However, the most beautiful actresses and models, including Raveena Thandun, Pooja Batra and Ayesha Julko, could not curb Akshay’s independent nature.

Akshay Kumar and his wife Twinkle

A notable fact is that the actor, considered the main handsome man of the Indian Dream Factory, calls himself shy, and it was Twinkle Khanna who helped him gain self-confidence.

At the time of his acquaintance with Twinkle, Akshay was dating actress Shilpa Shetty. But after a joint photo shoot with Khanna, everything changed: the spark that ran between them was transmitted through the lens, and when the pictures hit the glossy pages, the journalists trumpeted the birth of a new couple.

Akki and Tina got married in 2001. Twinkle claims that it was she who proposed to her beloved, in 2002 they had their first child, son Arav, and 20 years later, daughter Nitara. Akshay has a tattoo on his left shoulder with the name of his beloved wife.

Akshay Kumar and his family

After Akshay starred in four films with Priyanka Chopra, Twinkle became jealous and made a condition – no more collaborations! Since then, Akshay hasn’t even said hello to the former Miss World.

Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra

Twinkle is the daughter of actors and made her film debut in 1995. But during her first pregnancy, she became interested in interior design and now successfully designs homes for Bollywood stars.

The main means for maintaining physical fitness, the actor considers slow long walking, fast short running and healthy food.

Akshay Kumar now

In 2019, Akshay starred in the historical action film The Battle of Saragahri, which reconstructs the events of 1897, in which he was accompanied by Parineeti Chopra and Vansh Bhardwai. In the same year, with the participation of Kumar, the premiere of the film comedy melodrama “Good News” took place, which received rather high marks from critics.

“Good news” – an episode from the film

In November 2024, the premiere of the film “Lakshmi” took place, the plot of which tells the story of a vengeful ghost. At the same time, Akshay was busy shooting in several more films – the actor’s name is listed in more than 10 films that are being prepared for the premiere. So, in 2024, fans will be able to look at the idol in the films Suryavanshi, Bell Bottom, Unfortunate Extortionists and many others. The actor does not lose his popularity – he is still called to shoot, and Yahoo India recognized him as the most popular male celebrity in India in 2024. And this is not surprising: more than 47 million users follow the life of an actor on Instagram.

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