Top 10 Highest Paid Actors

Luck, talent or an experienced agent – what makes an artist rich? It’s probably all together. Which of the creative personalities of the world was the highest paid in 2024 according to Forbes? Let’s reveal all the secrets.

10. Chris Evans, $34 million


A simple guy from Boston, Chris Evans, was born in the family of a dentist, grew up with two sisters and a brother. The boy attended a Catholic school at the insistence of his mother. Upon graduation, Evans moved to New York, graduated from acting classes at Strastberg.

Evans began his film career in 2000. The first notable work was “Cellular” (2004). A year later, Chris was invited to the Fantastic Four, and a little later to the Avengers saga, where he will introduce the legendary Captain America to the audience.

In 2017, Chris Evans played Frank Adler in The Gifted and continued to act as the First Avenger, the Avengers franchise was extended. The last ones were announced before 2019. This brought Chris $34 million. This is 16 units higher than in 2017.

9. Salman Khan, $38.5 million


Salman Khan comes from the family of an Islamic writer and an Indian artist. Five children were brought up in the culture of three religions: Hinduism, Catholicism and Islam. At the beginning of his career, Salman met with Aishwarya Rai, Katrina Kaif, but the actor is still single.

The actor began his career in 1988. A year later, popularity came to him along with a role in the film “I fell in love.” This was followed by a succession of characters in romantic paintings. In 2004, Salman Khan brought up the topic of attitudes towards people with HIV+ in the film All Is Not Lost.

In 2016, “Sultan” was released. A year later – “Light of Hope” and “Tiger Lives”. This brought the artist 38.5 million, which is 1.5 more than in 2017.

8. Adam Sandler, $39.5 million


Adam Sandler, a native of New York, was born into an intelligent family 52 years ago. Already from his youth, he notices the talent of a comedian in himself, performs at student parties, in clubs. In 1989, Adam made his film debut. True success for Sandler brings participation in “Mama’s Boy” (1998) and the film “The Wedding Singer”. On the set of Big Daddy, the actor meets his future wife. Adam and Jackie have two daughters.
The actor has several MTV Movie Awards and is not ashamed of a whole collection of Golden Raspberries.

In 2017, he worked on two projects at once, in 2018 he played Kenny in The Week Before … and voiced Dracula in the cartoon about monster vacation. 2018 reduced Adam Sandler’s income by 11 million compared to 2017.

7. Akshay Kumar, $40.5 million


Akshay Kumar was born into an Indian family in Punjab. After high school, he became a martial arts instructor. On the advice of a student, Akshay started his modeling career. In the early 2000s, the actor got married. He has a son and a daughter.

Akshay Kumar’s film debut took place in 1991, and a year later he had already gained fame after “Unsuccessful Kidnapping” (1992). This was followed by more successful roles in crime dramas, action films, romantic stories and dramas.

Akshay Kumar is doing a great job. In 2017 alone, he starred in 3 films, and 4 projects are already planned for 2018. Akshay is a successful Indian TV presenter and a frequent TV guest. This made him 5 million richer in 2018 than in 2017.

6. Will Smith, $42 million


Will Smith, a native of Philadelphia, came from a family of intellectuals. When the boy was 13 years old, his parents separated. The actor has been married twice. He has a son from his first marriage. The second marriage with Jada Pinkett brought him happiness, a son and a daughter.

In the late 1980s, Smith became the first Grammy-winning hip-hop artist. In the mid-1990s, Will Smith became interested in cinema. He performed the character of a detective in Bad Boys (1995). This was followed by a series of blockbusters about Independence Day and alien invasions of Earth (the Men in Black trilogy).

By the early 2000s, Will Smith had taken a strong position in Hollywood. In 2008, when he played Hancock, Smith topped the list of the richest actors on the planet.

In 2017, the film actor took part in the film “Brightness”. In 2018, Will agreed to shoot in Aladdin by Guy Ritchie and the film Twin. This added $42 million to Smith’s wallet. Compared to last year, Will Smith’s capital has become 21.5 million more significant.

5. Jackie Chan, $45.5 million


Jackie Chan, was born came from a family of Chinese cook and maid. At the age of 6, the boy was sent to the Peking Opera School. I have been interested in martial arts since childhood. Already at the age of 8, he first starred in crowd scenes, and after that he received his first roles as the sons of the main characters. Jackie has two children.

Jackie Chan began his film career as a stuntman. Jackie’s debut in The Serpent in the Eagle’s Shadow (1978) made Chan famous, and The Drunken Master (1978) cemented the artist’s success. The actor’s piggy bank already has over 114 films. Jackie Chan’s recognizable style is comedic play interspersed with street fights or performing stunts from rustic and sometimes lazy heroes.

In 2017, Jackie Chan participated in 4 films, one of which is the Armor of God franchise. In 2018, he co-starred with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film about The Secret of the Dragon Seal. All this brought the actor 45.5 million dollars, which is 3.5 units more modest compared to 2017.

4. Chris Hemsworth, $64.5 million


Chris Hemsworth was born in Melbourne 35 years ago. The family with three sons moved frequently, but settled on Fr. Philip. Chris loved to play skits and dreamed of becoming an actor since childhood, like his brothers. The guy’s first marriage ended quickly. In the second marriage, Chris and Elsa Pataky already have three children.

The Australian actor’s career began in 1985 with a role in the TV series Neighbours, and a role in the TV series Home and Away became a successful work.

In 2007, Chris moved to the States, where he got a role in Star Trek. After 4 years, he first entered the image of Thor. The Scandinavian god with a hammer appears in the Thor saga and The Avengers. In 2017, Chris again chose the role of a deity in Thor: Ragnarok, and then signed a contract for the 4th series of The Avengers in 2019. In 2018, he is busy with 4 more projects. With this, Chris Hemsworth replenished his accounts with 33 million more than in 2017, when he received only 31.5 million dollars.

3. Robert Downey Jr, $81 million


Robert Downey was born into an acting family 53 years ago. The boy’s artistry developed early, he made his father’s film debut at the age of 5. The personal life of Downey Jr. did not work out at first. The actor’s first marriage ended in divorce, he left a son. In his second marriage to Susan Levin, Robert had a son and a daughter.

At the age of 25, Robert became popular thanks to Air America. After there were dramatic roles and detectives. A new wave of popularity for Robert Downey Jr. was brought by the image of a rich man with superpowers of Tony Stark in 2008 and Holmes a year later. The films were continued and brought Downey Jr. a decent fortune.

In 2017, the Spider-Man franchise could not do without Tony Stark. Tony Stark also reappeared in 2018’s The Avengers, already under contract for series 4. Robert has two more jobs planned for 2019-2020. This added $81 million to Downey Jr. This is 33 million more than in 2017.

2. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, $124 million


Dwayne Johnson grew up in California in the family of a wrestler 46 years ago. The charming mestizo followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, went in for sports, made progress in football, athletics and wrestling. He even became an American college football star at the University of Miami after signing with a Canadian football club. A spinal injury put an end to Johnson’s football career. He turned to wrestling in 1996 and took on the alias “The Rock”.

In 1999, Johnson was noticed in Hollywood. Duyen played King Metayas in the Mummies (2001) franchise. A year later, “The Scorpion King” was released, where “The Rock” played a major role. The tape “Treasures of the Amazon” consolidated the success of the actor. Dwayne was invited to “Fast and the Furious”, where he has been participating constantly since the 5th series.

In 2017, the 8th part of the racing story, “Baywatch” and “Dmumanji …”, was released. Duane had two more films planned for 2018. All this brought him $ 59 million more than in 2017.

1. George Clooney, $239 million


George Clooney was born in Kentucky in 1961 to a beauty queen and television personality. His ancestors were relatives of Abraham Lincoln. From childhood, George brought ratings to his father’s show and he himself achieved the love of the audience. The young man tried himself in sports, dreamed of becoming a lawyer, but chose an acting career.

She started in 1984. Serious success came to George Clooney after the role of the doctor in the TV series ER (1994-2000). In 1996, the charismatic actor played in the film From Dusk Till Dawn, and a year later he got the chance to play Batman. In 2001, a franchise about the charming Mr. Ocean and his friends began. Clooney has long been known as a womanizer. Clooney is now happily married to Amal Alamuddin. They have two children.

In 2017 and 2018, George allowed himself to take a break, but became the richest actor thanks to the sale of an alcohol company for $ 239 million. This is 211 units more than the fee that Clooney received for his work in the 2016 Money Monster.