6 Great Instagram Accounts for Tolkien Fans

Are you a fan of the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings? Do you want to add a little bit of Tolkien to your Instagram feed? Below is a list of Instagram accounts for Tolkien Fans.

The list of accounts I am going to mention basically fall into two main categories. The one category is filled with IG accounts that feature Tolkien inspired projects, products, pictures of Tolkien book covers, etc. The other category is filled with accounts that feature funny Lotr memes, interesting facts about the books and movies, pictures behind-the-scenes of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Trilogy and that sort of thing.

Instagram Accounts for Tolkien Fans

First, I will share the list of accounts that share pictures of Tolkien inspired things. There are many out there, but the following ones are my personal favorites.

Tea With Tolkien

If you are a Hobbit at heart and love drinking tea, discussing Tokien’s books, and collecting pretty things, then you might want to check out @teawithtolkien. You can also check out her blog teawithtolkien.com and her podcast for more Tolkien goodness.


Kaitlyn from Tea With Tolkien is all about learning to live life like a Hobbit. She is the creator of 30 Days in the Shire among many other wonderful resources.

Shire Library

Rose from @shire.library is a really sweet person who shares plenty of pictures of her beautiful books. She also runs an etsy shop where she sells handmade literary bookmarks.


Tolkien Tribe

@tolkientribe is the official account for #tolkientribe. If you use #tolkientribe on one of your Tolkien related pictures, you have a chance to get featured on their account.


Hobbiton Tours

If you want to see magnificent photos of the Hobbiton film-set, then definitely follow @hobbitontours. The pictures featured on that account are simply amazing!


J. R. R. Tolkien

J. R. R. Tolkien has an Instagram account! Just kidding. There is however a fan account with the handle @jrrtolkien which features plenty of Tolkien related posts.


The Lord of the Rings Tolkien

Another account filled with Tolkien related posts is @thelordoftheringstolkien. This account is still fairly new, so they don’t have very many posts yet, but they look promising.


Lotr Universe Tolkien

This last account is filled with behind-the-scenes pictures, funny memes, and more. Their handle is @lotr_universe_tolkien. This is one of the more fun accounts on this list.

That’s all folks!

That concludes this list of Instagram accounts for Tolkien fans. If you have some of your own favorite Tolkien IG accounts, please share them with me. I would love to hear about them.

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