Who will be the first dollar trillionaire: 5 likely candidates

Journalists from the Daily Star considered that if Jeff Bezos’s fortune growth does not decrease, then by 2026 he has every chance of becoming the first dollar trillionaire in the world, in addition to him, 4 other entrepreneurs also claim this title.

Foreign analysts predict that the first trillionaire (thousand billion) in the world will appear in the next decade. They even name possible candidates.

How to count a trillion

This is the name of the number with twelve zeros – 1,000,000,000,000. If you add it from the usual coins weighing 8 g, then such wealth will weigh eight tons.

The Daily Star was one of the first publications to publish material with forecasts, arguments and facts on this issue. The topic was picked up by other colleagues. There are serious reasons to name specific names of the “powerful ones”.

Similar analytics was provided by Comparison.

In terms of the expected enrichment, the space industry is called the most promising for these purposes. The exact direction is still unknown – the development of fossils for asteroids or interplanetary tourism. In any case, certain billionaires have already begun to take steps in this direction.

First candidate: Jeff Bezos

Back in 1999, Time magazine awarded Bezos the “Person of the Year” nomination.

The first contender for fabulous trillionaires.  Source: img.gazeta.ru

The first contender for fabulous trillionaires.
Source: img.gazeta.ru

Bezos remains the richest man in the world, despite the many recent financial problems that have plagued him recently. Only because of the divorce, his fortune decreased by 38 billion dollars. At the same time, Jeff’s average net worth has grown by 34% over the past five years. A this factor can already potentially lead to the fact that in 2026, upon reaching the age of 62, he will become the first trillionaire in the world.

As of mid-May 2024, the Forbes rating estimates Bezos’ fortune at $143.9 billion. It is known that as a result of successful transactions, he managed to sell Amazon shares for $ 1.74 billion.

Xu Jiaying: candidate number two

The richest real estate developer in China “steps” on the heels of the founder of Amazon. Comparison analysts agree that he will become a trillionaire the very next year after Jeff Bezos, in 2027.

Today, the state of the new leader of billionaires from China is equal to $43 billion. Jiaying’s dramatic increase in wealth in recent years is due to the recent surge in his stock price. There is a case when only in a day they grew in price by 4.6%. And if we talk in annual terms, then the increase can already be seen in a five-fold amount. This allowed the developer to rapidly rise in the Forbes ranking from seventh to third place back in 2017.

Today, Xu Jiaying is the richest man not only in China, but in the entire Asian region.

Richest Asian Trillion Challenger

Richest Asian Trillion Challenger

Third place behind Jack Ma

Comparison experts believe that the founder of Alibaba Group will be able to join the “club of trillionaires” as early as 2030.

The wealth of the rich man as of May 2024 is estimated at $40 billion. It should be noted that the largest Chinese company, Alibaba, owned by him, also owns the AliExpress trading platform.

Interestingly, Ma officially resigned on September 10, 2019. Today, he is replaced as chairman by CEO Daniel Zhang.

Jack Ma and other billionaires are mastering a new direction – philanthropy. In recent months, they have been helping improve China’s image in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. For the PRC, this is a relatively new phenomenon, especially considering the Communist Party’s complex relationship with businessmen.

Ma is known to have donated more than 18 million masks and Covid-19 tests to more than 100 countries around the world. Russia was among them.

Even Trump calls the billionaire his friend.  Source: tengrinews.kz

Even Trump calls the billionaire his friend.
Source: tengrinews.kz

Zuckerberg on the list

The founder of Facebook has all the “trumps” to become the youngest trillionaire in history. Analysts predict that this could happen as early as 2036, when Mark turns 51.

A similar chance looms in connection with the rise in rates of its today’s shares. Facebook currently has a market capitalization of $665 billion, up 24% over the last five years.

Source: energysmi.ru

Source: energysmi.ru

Warren Buffett is also in the trillionaire club

The joint conglomerate of Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathway and Visa, as a financial services provider, could reach the coveted level by 2033. The billionaire has become one of those world’s rich, whose growth in wealth was not prevented even by the pandemic.

Source: avatars.mds.yandex.net

Source: avatars.mds.yandex.net

It is known that this major investor has never failed financial sense. Therefore, his current behavior in the sale of the shares of most major airlines and even the investment bank Goldman Sachs is beginning to alarm analysts. Experts suggest that the billionaire is beginning to fear future serious problems with the American and global economies.

This is all the more strange if we remember that even at the height of the 2008 crisis, the investor did not exit the assets and was confident in the future of big business.

rich earthlings

If you look at the issue on a global scale, then over the next two decades, about five hundred of the richest inhabitants of the planet will leave at least $ 2.1 trillion to their heirs. Among them are the names of Elon Musk, Richard Banson, Larry Ellison, Bill Gates and even Satoshi Nakamoto. The latter is known as the creator of bitcoin, owning every eighteenth crypto-day sign in the world.

This figure is already more than the GDP of the Indian economy. Which, among other things, is the third in the world after the USA and China.