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Biography of Jeff Monson

The world champion in jiu-jitsu and grampling Jeff Monson was conquered by snow-covered Moscow. The fighter abandoned American ideals and achieved Russian citizenship in order to become a political figure in Russia and marry a Russian girl.

Fighter Jeff Monson

early years

Jeffrey William Monson is a native of Minnesota. He was born on January 18, 1971 in the family of a retired military man. Jeff’s father died when he was barely a year old, but his father’s brothers did everything so that little Jeff did not feel the lack of male education.

At school, the teenager was fond of basketball and baseball, at the age of 14 he tried to wrestle and realized that this was his sport. Jeff was attracted to a confrontation with an opponent, where only one of the two becomes the winner.

Jeff Monson in his youth

At the age of 15, the young man began to participate in local competitions among young wrestlers, and in the senior classes he was already the winner of national tournaments. Having entered college, he continued his training, which did not affect his academic performance. After college, Jeff became one of the best students at the University of Illinois. He graduated in 1994 with a bachelor’s degree in psychological and social sciences.

Jeff Monson’s height is 175 cm

For several years, Jeff worked in his specialty: he worked with teenagers from dysfunctional families and counseled people with various mental disorders, while continuing to train and participate in competitions.

Sports career

Between 1997 and 1998, Jeff won several fights in a row in the ADCC (one of the most famous close combat organizations) and was nicknamed the Snowman because of his white skin. One of Jeff’s first tattoos is an image of a snowman.

Jeff Monson early in his UFC career

The budding newcomer was looked after by UFC agents and the following year the athlete signed a contract to participate in mixed martial arts tournaments. After losing two out of three fights, he was immediately fired. Despite the defeat and dismissal, Jeff continued to train, became the winner of several prestigious boxing tournaments.

After the Snowman won a series of brilliant victories, in 2007 he was again invited to the UFC. For several years, Monson has achieved high victories, among his achievements the title of world champion in grampling and jiu-jitsu.

Jeff Monson’s entire body is covered in tattoos

During the legendary duel with Fedor Emelianenko, the Russian fighter broke Jeff’s leg, but he did not give up, although he was in severe pain. Jeff lost to the famous Russian, but this fight became one of the most striking fights of the Snowman and brought him the respect of millions of fans around the world.

Jeff Monson VS Fedor Emelianenko

Path to politics

From the beginning of his sports career, Jeff openly expressed his leftist views, however, his commitment to the ideals of freedom sometimes took the most bizarre forms. In America, he was known for his anarchist rhetoric and calls for an end to class inequalities in the world.

Jeff notes that his political views were influenced by his studies at the university, during which he studied the social problems of society, as well as visiting the poorest countries in the world, such as Nicaragua and the Philippines, where he saw with his own eyes starving children, ready to do anything for a few cents.

Jeff Monson has always had an active political stance

In 2009, the fighter was sentenced to three months of corrective labor for the inscriptions “No to war” and “No to poverty” and the symbols of anarcho-communism, which he made on the walls of the Capitol.

Since 2010, the position of the fighter has become more active, he is the author of many articles on political topics in which he criticizes US foreign policy.

At the same time, Jeff began to show sympathy for Russia, entered the ring with the Russian flag to the songs of the Lyube group. His body was decorated with tattoos “The Motherland Calls” and the profiles of Marx and Engels.

In 2015, Jeff donated his fee for winning one of the tournaments to the children of Donbass.

American with a Russian soul

The famous fighter has been seeking Russian citizenship since 2012. In the same year, the UFC terminated the contract with him, explaining his decision by the numerous injuries that the fighter received. However, Monson himself calls his political position and criticism of the United States the true reason.

Jeff Monson took the oath and received Russian citizenship

At the beginning of 2013, he moved to Ufa, where he began to train and compete in Russian tournaments, where he won with varying degrees of success. In Ufa, Jeff was in close contact with Radiy Khabirov, who, as you know, is fond of wrestling.

Monson has spoken warmly of President Vladimir Putin, saying he understands and admires what Putin does for his country.

Jeff Monson on Vladimir Putin, work in politics and love for Russia

After Radiy Khabirov became the mayor of Krasnogorsk, Jeff followed him, becoming part of his political team. Khabirov’s deputy Rostislav Murzagulov commented on Monson’s act, telling Realnoe Vremya that Monson would teach wrestling skills to children and raise future champions of Russia. In the spring of 2018, Monson became a Russian citizen.

Jeff Monson’s personal life

From his first marriage, Jeff has two children – a daughter born in 1993 and a son born in 1996. According to some reports, the couple divorced due to Jeff’s passion for flight attendant Daniella Dagan, whom he married in 2010. At the end of 2010, the second wife gave him a daughter. To support her husband, who wanted to become a Russian citizen, Daniella refused. After receiving citizenship, Jeff married a Russian girl, Evgenia, who is known to be his PR manager. In the summer of 2018, the couple had a daughter, Yesenia.

Jeff Monson and his Russian wife

Jeff Monson now

In the fall of 2018, Jeff won the deputy elections in Krasnogorsk, passing through the lists of United Russia. According to the politician, he does not intend to become a member of the United Russia, although he expresses gratitude to the party for the trust.

Jeff Monson became a deputy from United Russia

Previously, Jeff expressed sympathy for the Communist Party, showing the inscriptions “solidarity” and “equality”, as well as the sign “hammer and sickle” tattooed on his body.

Jeff Monson on Communism

“I’m a socialist,” says Monson, and says that her main responsibilities as a city deputy are working with children and disadvantaged groups, as well as protecting the environment.

Monson plans to run for the State Duma in 2024.

In January 2019, Monson underwent surgery to replace his hip with a titanium one. The operation took place in a hospital in the city of Miass. The athlete was pleased and promised that he would return to the ring by the end of the year.