Voronin Mikhail Net Worth

Mikhail Lvovich Voronin – Academician, scientist and inventor, author of the vest-model method of tailoring men’s clothing without fitting, famous designer and leading manufacturer of classic clothing.

Place of Birth. Education. Born in Kiev. In 1972 he graduated from the Kiev Technological Institute of Light Industry. Candidate of Technical Sciences (1980), Doctor of Technical Sciences (1985).

Career. 1954 – tailor for men’s outerwear.

1964 – cutter of men’s outerwear.

1985 – head of the firm “Fashion and Time”.

1991 – head of the joint venture “Mikhail Voronin – Vienna – Paris”.

1994 – President of the concern “Mikhail Voronin – Vienna – Paris”, the owner of the main stake in OJSC “Kiev Garment Factory” Zhelan “.

From 1964 to 1998 held demonstrations of his models in more than 60 countries around the world. Already in 1996, the products of the brand “Mikhail Voronin” were sold in 16 countries.

Author of 35 inventions introduced in the USSR, Ukraine and abroad.

Business. Concern “Mikhail Voronin” is a Ukrainian enterprise specializing in sewing high-quality men’s clothing. Today the concern includes the following structures:

– JSC “Sewing factory “Voronin” – the production base of the company;

– OJSC Trade House “Voronin-Ukraine” – development of the trading network in Ukraine and abroad;

– OJSC “Mikhail Voronin Kiev – New York” – development of new collections and models of clothing;

– salon “Mikhail Voronin Exclusive” – ‚Äč‚Äčatelier.

Significant dates and regalia. 1968-1970 – development of a vest-model (suitless) method of tailoring men’s clothing and obtaining a patent.

1975-1984 – Winner of the Gold Medals of VDNKh of the USSR and the Ukrainian SSR, full cavalier of the Order of Labor Glory.

1989 – the first author’s show (30 models) in Hollywood (USA).

1993 – Golden Thimble Award (Paris).

1995-1996 – “Magic Needle”, a prize for the best men’s collection (Kyiv).

1997 – first prize “Best Trademark of the Year” (Rome, Italy).

1998 – International Gold Star of Quality “Golden Arch of Europe” (Madrid, Spain).

1998 – becomes an academician of technical sciences of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

1999 – “Person of the Year – 1998” in the nomination “Trademark of the Year”. Gold medal of the Association for the Promotion of Industry of France for the dynamics in production and the implementation of commercial projects (Paris, France).

2000 – Platinum Prize World Prize “Prestige” for product quality (New York, USA). All-Ukrainian quality mark “Highest standard”.

2001 – Gold degree of recognition “Global quality management” (USA).

2002 – entry into the Book of Records of Ukraine (three records were set: for the manufacture of the largest tuxedo (size 500), a bow tie and a mannequin). Certificate of the Guinness Book of Records (for tailoring the largest tuxedo in the world). “Gold Trademark – 2002” (Kyiv).

2003 – International Quality Certificate ISO 9001. Order “Living Legend” (Kyiv).

2004 – Title “Honored Worker of Industry of Ukraine”. Golden Order “Public Recognition” and “Gold Trademark – 2004” (Kyiv).

2005 – diploma “Kyivska Yakist” for the highest level of quality (Kyiv).

2006 – certificate “Leader and largest brand of Ukrainian light industry” of the All-Ukrainian rating program “Guard of Brands” (Kyiv).

2007 – listed in the book “100 celebrities of the fashion world”.

2008 – the title of “Fashion Legend” of the international TV channel “World Fashion Channel”.

Death. Died April 14, 2012 from cancer. Buried at Baikovo Cemetery.