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Biography of Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is a British singer and fashion designer. Member of the Spice Girls pop group in the 90s, and now a successful businesswoman. She is the wife of footballer David Beckham, twice FIFA Player of the Year.

Singer and designer Victoria Beckham


Victoria Beckham (Victoria Caroline Adams – before marriage) was born into the family of an electronics engineer, whose income allowed him to support his wife and three children in abundance. Despite the fact that Vika did not need anything, her childhood was far from calm: the girl was constantly bullied at school. Victoria really revealed herself only at home: she constantly staged performances, changed costumes, experimented with hairstyles, sang, and took pictures.

Victoria Beckham as a child

After graduating from a ballet class at school, Victoria Adams went to study at the Laines Arts Theater College in the department of dance and modeling. Studying was easy, but the teachers did not reveal any special talents in the girl. After college, Vika had a lot of auditions and castings, modeling shows and even shooting in commercials, but the girl dreamed of something more.

Musical career

In 1994, Victoria accidentally saw an ad in The Stage newspaper for an audition for an all-female pop group. The girl easily passed the auditions and got into the team, which was first called “Touch”, and then was renamed “Spice Girls”. Melanie Brown, Emma Bunton, Melanie Chisholm and Geri Halliwell were there with her.

Victoria Beckham in her youth

For two years, the girls were preparing to conquer the world, practicing their vocals, dancing and choosing a repertoire. The producers put future celebrities in rather tough conditions, forcing them to work very hard and not giving them the opportunity to perform, which forced the participants to terminate the contract and go on a free voyage.

In 1996, four girls found producers and released their first single “Wannabe”, later the debut album “Spice” was released. The group immediately became popular, and the record was sold around the world with a circulation of 20 million copies, and until 1998 the world was in the arms of “spice mania”.

Victoria Beckham in the Spice Girls

Victoria received the nickname posh spice from fans and the press, which means “chic spice”. This is because the girl dressed with excellent taste, she had her own unique style, and she wore only outfits of famous brands.

However, the success of the Spice Girls was only the first step in the career of Victoria Adams. In 2001, the group ceased to exist, but Vicki had already begun her solo career by that time.

Victoria Beckham – A Mind Of Its Own

In 2000, Beckham released the solo single “Out of Your Mind” in collaboration with Dane Bowers, and a year later she presented her solo album “Victoria Beckham”.

Victoria Beckham – designer

In parallel, Vicki began to promote her own brand.

Victoria Beckham is into fashion

Through her involvement as a stylist and promoter, her husband David has become increasingly featured on the covers of magazines, as a trendsetter for men’s hairstyles, and as the face of advertising campaigns.

Musical creativity faded into the background, and Vicki began developing her own brand. At the beginning of the 21st century, she made her debut as a model at London Fashion Week at the Maria Grachvogel show, and later became the face of Dolce and Gabbana and Rocawear.

Victoria Beckham with short hair

In 2004, Beckham signed a contract with the label “Rock & Republic”, which dealt with jeans, creating a limited collection for them. The designer’s debut was successful and Victoria began to prepare a new collection, which was released under the logo of her own brand – “DVB”, which stands for David Beckham.

Victoria Beckham Fashion Tips

Under this brand, she also released women’s and men’s fragrances and body cosmetics.

Two years later, Victoria Beckham wrote a book called Another Half Inch of Perfect Style. From hairstyles to heels ”, where he talks about how to get the most out of your own natural data. The publication received bestseller status and was called “the new bible of fashion.”

In 2007, David began playing for the American football club, so the family moved to Hollywood. In America, Victoria released a reality show called “The Beckhams in America”, and then re-assembled the “Spice Girls” and the group recorded the single “Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)”. After the farewell performances, the girl said that this was the final point in her career as a singer.

Victoria Beckham has opened her fashion house

During the year of living in America, Victoria made eminent friends – Tom Cruise, Gwen Stefani, Katie Holmes, Heidi Klum. The girl became the face of Marc Jacobs and distributed her products to Los Angeles stores.

In 2008, Vicki showed her first collection of evening dresses at New York Fashion Week, the year ended with the release of the Signature fragrance. Every year, the catwalk saw new collections from Beckham, and in 2011, Vicki began producing her own bags.

Victoria Beckham’s personal life

In 1999, the girl met her future husband, football player David Beckham. Vicki’s friend took her with her to a Manchester United match, where, after playing under the stands, she met David and they never parted again. 4 months before their wedding, the couple had their first child – son Brooklyn Joseph.

David and Victoria Beckham

In her marriage to David, Victoria gave birth to three more children: sons Romeo James (2002) and Cruz David (2005) and daughter Harper Seven (2011).

Victoria Beckham with her husband and children

Victoria has 5 tattoos on her body, three of which are in honor of her husband: the inscription in Hebrew “I belong to my beloved, and my beloved belongs to me; he feeds among the lilies” (Song of Songs 6:3), David’s initials and the date of the 7th wedding anniversary. All of these tattoos are paired. Victoria also has 5 eight-pointed stars on her lower back, symbolizing the Beckham couple and four children, and the inscription De Integro (lat. “first”) on her wrist.

Victoria Beckham now

During the pandemic, Victoria and David Beckham contracted the coronavirus. This happened in early March 2024, but the couple carefully concealed their illness. In addition, the star couple later admitted that during this period they traveled a lot and communicated with people, so the risk that they infected their friends was quite high. In June 2024, the Spice Girls again went on a nostalgic tour, but Victoria decided to abandon it. With full rights to the band’s royalties and royalties, as a full-fledged member, Beckham received a million pounds for a number of concerts in which she did not participate. According to, this is one-fifth of the advertising revenue, licensing agreements and sales of the group’s branded goods.

Spice Girls Music Video 2024

In September of the same year, Victoria presented a new collection of her brand, however, due to the second wave of coronavirus, the show had to be held at home. Immediately after the event, Beckham posted a photo with her husband and three children, captioning it: “My favorite and only guests this season. I love you very much.” Despite Beckham trying hard to stay afloat during the coronavirus pandemic, her business has been hit hard by the pandemic, with Victoria having to take out a £6.4 million loan. The cumulative loss of her firm over the past few years has amounted to more than $50 million and brought her company closer to bankruptcy.

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