Variety’s highest paid actors – L’officiel

The foreign edition of Variety has compiled a rating of the most paid actors and actresses in Hollywood. While celebrities used to be selected for box office lists, now their earnings are measured by successful projects on Netflix or Amazon.

So, according to Variety, Daniel Craig took first place in the ranking thanks to two sequels to Knives Out. On them, the actor earned $ 100 million. Amazon, for example, will pay Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson $50 million for a role in the upcoming action thriller Red One. This allowed the celebrity to become the second in the ranking of the highest paid actors.

Will Smith closed the top three. He earned $ 40 million for his participation in the film “King Richard”, which will premiere on November 18 this year. In the picture, the actor will play the main role.

Variety also included Denzel Washington ($40M), Leonardo DiCaprio ($30M), Mark Wahlberg ($30M), Jennifer Lawrence ($25M), Julia Roberts ($25M), Sandra Bullock ($20M). million) and other actors. Last, 17th, on the list was Robert Pattinson – he earned $ 3 million for his participation in “Batman”.

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