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Biography of Vadim Stepanishin

Stepanishin Vadim Alexandrovich is a Russian top manager known for his work in international companies Samsung, ViewSonic, Marvel Distribution and others. Fluent in English, effective top manager with successful experience in the information technology and consumer electronics markets.

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Early years. Education

Stepanishin Vadim Alexandrovich was born in the small mining town of Anthracite, Luhansk region, Ukrainian SSR. Parents gave the future manager the feeling of a large and dear family. Vadim lived with them until the age of 15, after which he entered the Suvorov Military School. Studying in a harsh semi-army environment significantly influenced the upbringing and character. Stepanishin learned iron discipline and the desire for improvement under constant stress.

After the Suvorov Military School, Vadim Stepanishin continued his studies at the Red Banner Military Institute of the USSR Ministry of Defense (VKIMO) with a degree in military translator. The desire for self-improvement helped in my studies.

Vadim Stepanishin graduated from the institute in 1996. It was a time of change: foreign companies came to the Russian market, new opportunities appeared. Fluency in English led Vadim Stepanyshyn to the IT business. Western companies are more willing to work with those who understand them and can transfer their values ​​to Russian realities. Employees had to quickly grasp business vocabulary, sales methods, new products and technologies. Discipline and education played into the hands of Vadim Stepanishin.

Experience in IT

In 1995, a year before graduation, Vadim Stepanyshyn joined Stins Coman. At that time, the holding was engaged in the supply and implementation of automated business solutions.

Vadim Stepanyshyn served as the head of the sales group. His responsibilities included overseeing the full distribution cycle and focusing on the company’s network products. In Stins Coman, Vadim Stepanishin saw the prospects for the IT business. Constant communication with the company’s clients helped to understand how technology helps to solve the key sores of Russian business.

The acquired experience expanded the competence of Vadim Stepanyshyn. In 1998, he moved to the Russian representative office of 3Com. His position in the company sounded like Channel Marketing Manager, Channel Sales Manager, that is, sales manager for the channel of distributors and resellers. The peculiarity of the work was in direct subordination to the European director. Responsibility has grown, and knowledge of the language has passed another test.

Vadim Stepanishin’s responsibilities included generating sales for 3Com’s end customers. The company successfully supplied equipment for computer networks and telephony. However, the main achievement of Vadim Stepanyshyn was the development and implementation of an affiliate program. He perfectly knew the specifics of the Russian market, so he was able to adapt the program in accordance with domestic realities.

Transition to ViewSonic

In October 2002, ViewSonic officially announced the opening of its Russian representative office. Stepanishin Vadim Alexandrovich was appointed the head.

Vadim Stepanishin during his years at ViewSonic

Here it is worth making a short digression into history. In fact, ViewSonic has been operating in Russia since the mid-nineties. Sales were going well, the company was consistently among the “big three” in the monitor market. However, this position was unsustainable. The promotion of ViewSonic products went through a third-party Russian structure, which periodically made gross mistakes. So, at the beginning of the 2000s, the Russian supplier unexpectedly withdrew popular monitor models from sale and introduced new ones for which the consumer was not ready. There was a gap, ViewSonic lost ground.

Vadim Stepanishin started working during a difficult period for ViewSonic. It was necessary not only to conquer the market from scratch, but also to return the good name to the company. On his shoulders lay the full management of the balance of profit and loss: the formation of pricing policy, after-sales payments, marketing and cost management. It was also necessary to hire and train a team to work in Russia and the CIS countries.

Over the next 6 years, the company’s representative office in the CIS entered the top 5 countries thanks to a sales volume of $ 150 million. The company’s market share grew steadily and increased more than 3 times.

Samsung Electronics Time

In 2008, Stepanishin Vadim Alexandrovich moved to the Russian branch of Samsung Electronics to the position of Director of the Consumer Electronics Department. A team of 75 people worked under him, and one should not forget about regional offices and promoters. His competence included interaction with the largest clients, among which were M.Video, Eldorado, Svyaznoy, Euroset and Technosila.

Vadim Stepanishin was director of the Consumer Electronics Department at Samsung

Under the leadership of Vadim Stepanyshyn, a program to support regional retail was implemented. Thanks to this step, the share of Samsung increased in the Russian market, and an increase in sales through federal retail chains was recorded.

In 2009, Samsung Electronics owned 30% of the consumer electronics market, in 2019 this figure rose to 42%. In turn, the TV segment rose from 9th to 2nd place in the world. In 2010, the Russian branch of the company became the best in the world in TV sales.

Marvel Distribution. New successes

In 2011 Vadim Stepanishin joined Marvel Distribution, one of the largest general IT distributors in Russia and CIS countries. The new position of vice president, deputy general manager required the development of new competencies.

To increase the efficiency of the company, the structure of its divisions was reformatted. At the heart of Vadim Stepanyshyn’s strategy is the creation of a strong team, united and focused on achievement. To do this, he personally trained staff in new methods of sales, planning and pricing. Talented workers moved up the career ladder. Other team members saw this and put in more effort as well.

Vice President of Marvel Distribution

Over the 5 years of Vadim Stepanishin’s work, Marvel Distribution has strengthened its positions in the rapidly developing markets of tablets, smartphones and photo equipment. The divisions’ net profit increased. Marvel Distribution has become one of the three largest distributors in Russia.

Stepanishin Vadim Alexandrovich today

Since 2017, Stepanishin Vadim Alexandrovich has been the General Director of the TPH “Rusclimat”. He currently manages 5 sales departments and 4 product marketing departments. 2018 was a record year for TPH Rusklimat in terms of revenue, there is a steady increase in profitability in all strategic areas.

Stepanishin Vadim Alexandrovich is constantly looking for ways to improve competencies. In 2003, he completed his MBA from California State University of Hayward. At each place of work, he applied new tools, looked for ways to achieve the best result. Vadim Stepanyshyn is fond of traveling, fishing in remote corners of the world. In his free time he plays badminton and football.

Top manager Vadim Stepanishin is fond of football

Married, has two daughters.