The Final Destination Season 6: Possible Release Date & Renewal Status in 2024

Final Destination is a series that has gained a strong cult following due to its creative premise. It is unlike any other franchise as the horror happens through chain reactions. There were more than five features released between the 2000s to 2011, and fans were left out in the cold with no more stories. However, according to sources, this franchise is being rebooted, gaining a considerable buzz.

This article covers the release date of ‘The Final Destination Season 6’, their possible cast, and all other necessary updates regarding this season. So read ahead to find out.

Story Of The First Final Destination Film

These films revolve around a small circle of friends or strangers going through a near-death experience and somehow escaping it. The protagonist prophesies how those people will die and attempts to save them one by one. The directors James Wong, David R. Ellis, and Steven Quale portrayed the novel of Jeffrey Reddick on-screen first in 2000.

The first installment starts with a high school kid, Alex’s trip to the capital of France, where Alex has a ‘calling’ that the plane will crash in the air and every single passenger will die. He manages to stop all his friends from getting on the trip, which leads to them being attacked. It was a massive success and led to comics, multiple installments with a new cast, and gruesome death scenes.

What Is The Release Date For The Final Destination Season 6?


After five consecutive box office successes, Final Destination’s producers revealed that there is indeed a part 6 coming soon. In 2019 the team confirmed the movie is in the process, and it is most likely to be out in 2024. However, in 2016 Jeffrey Reddick tweeted that there is no further plan for season 6 in the future. It seems like the fans are in a dilemma about whether the film will be released or not.

The director of the massive franchise No Way Home, Jon Watts, has been brought in to produce the franchise. The New Scream movie writers are all on board to write the script for the latest installment.

The specific date will get announced when it is going into production, so stay tuned for more information. You can expect to see the movie release on HBO Max sometime in 2024-24.

Who’s In The Cast Of The Final Destination Season 6?

Though nothing has been officially confirmed yet, it is no doubt that the cast of The Final Destination Season 6 will be lined with many talented actors.

Nevertheless, Several names have been out, and it seems like Shay Mitchell, Tony Todd, Jamie Chung, and Willa Ford will star in this film. Also, rumors say that Lindsay Lohan might make a comeback in this horror film.

This supernatural thriller is known to have a large cast and crew, and indeed this film will have no expectations. Since the franchise is coming back after a decade, everyone is expecting to see new faces on-screen, which might lead you to find the Scream Queen.

Recapping Of Last Season: Season 5

The last season was released in 2011. The film centered around Sam and his hunches. While crossing a bridge on a bus with companions, Sam sees that the bridge will collapse soon and they will die. Soon he convinces his friends and partner to leave the bus and get across the bridge. Like Sam predicted, the bridge collapsed, and they realized they had cheated death luckily.

Later one by one, the survivors die in horrible accidents. One character dies in the gym, and another dies during a spa session under a falling statue. Later one girl named Olivia departs brutally when she falls from a window while undergoing Lasik surgery. Though they cheated death on North Bay, they were still not safe. Their sudden demise made it clear that the survivors were dying in the exact order they were supposed to die on the bus.

Then one by one, a shocking scenario that kills almost all the bus survivors, except the protagonist himself and his girlfriend Molly. Weeks after the duo is on their flight to France, they observe a feud between two people, Alex and Carter, and they both get vacated before the flight takes off. While flying, Sam eavesdrops and finds out from the flight attendant’s discussion that Alex had a vision about the aircraft crashing.

The couple shortly realizes that it is too late to escape fate, and they die in the plane as Alex’s vision comes alive. But that’s not where it ends; season 5 leaves us in disbelief when a fraction of the crashed plane falls over Nathan, another survivor, and smashes him.

What Is Season 6 Going To Be About?


Jeffrey has always written about death in various ways. This season will also follow the same pattern as the writer confessed in an interview that the design has nothing to fix if it is not broken. So this thriller will also have a group of individuals bypassing death after one of them foresees the events and alerts others. But soon, they find themselves in bizarre accidents that they cannot get out of alive. The protagonist attempts to save everyone, but it goes down the drain like before, and they all die one by one in the most tragic ways.

The newest producer Jon Watts has pitched a new idea to the franchise, and it has the studios excited. However, the details of the story of part 6 are being kept secret to ensure maximum thrills.


A big reason to take such a long break between part-5 and 6 was to avoid oversaturation. The newest installment might not follow the exact formula they have followed previously and chart out a new path. Hopefully, it will be able to capture the spirit and thrills of the movies while being an extremely engaging watch.

You can expect season 6 to be released in 2024-2024 on HBO Max.