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Biography LP (Laura Pergolizzi)

This singer cannot be confused with anyone else. LP is the owner of a unique voice with a trademark hoarseness. Her songs fascinate with their sincerity, winning the hearts of millions of fans. She is also known as the songwriter of many popular artists, including Rihanna, Cher and Christina Aguilera.

Singer LP

Childhood and family

The real name of the LP singer is Laura Pergolizzi. She was born on March 18, 1981 in Long Island, USA to Italian American parents. Her maternal grandparents emigrated to New York State from Naples and Palermo.

Loving father and mother supported Laura, and were always on her side. The girl’s parents were not people of creative professions, but her mother’s hobby was singing, and she liked Laura’s passion for music.

In an interview, the singer speaks of her parents with touching warmth and thanks them for the main lesson in life. “Don’t adapt to others, be yourself,” her mother, an ethnic Italian, often told her. “Take what is happening with humor, and be able to insist on your own,” advised the father, in whose veins both Italian and Irish blood flowed.

The girl herself learned to play the harmonica and ukulele, and her voice, inherited from her mother, struck with its strength and expressiveness already in early childhood.

Laura Pergolizzi decided to become a singer

When in 1996 Laura graduated from the school. Walter Whitman, she did not have a choice of life path. It was not easy for her to come to terms with the early death of her mother, but her father supported her daughter, and Laura, deciding to pursue a musical career, went to the capital of the state of New York, where grandiose prospects opened up for her. By this time, she came up with a pseudonym for herself LP, composing it from the initial letters of her first and last names.

LP. Start

In New York, the girl began to perform in the duet Lionfish. The line-up also included LP’s friend Alicia. Dvushki named the group by combining their zodiac signs – lion and fish. Their music was difficult to attribute to any direction: the guys performed both melodic ballads and industrial avant-garde. Lionfish gave concerts in clubs, went on tour in America. The LP’s vocals were immediately memorable and delighted the listeners.

Young LP singer

The unusual appearance of the girl did not go unnoticed either: naughty curls, which she owes to her Italian roots, pale skin, bright eyes on a thin face. The girl did not use makeup and preferred costumes that elegantly emphasized her androgynous appearance. In addition to working with Lionfish, the singer collaborated with The Plan and briefly performed in the Cracker group. LP’s voice can also be heard on the backing vocals of Cracker frontman David Lowery. It was he who helped the girls from Lionfish record a demo record. The band’s full-length album “Too Much Love”, also recorded at David Lowery’s studio, includes 11 tracks written by the LP. The disc sold out within days of release.

First popularity

In 2001, the singer presented her debut album. Again, David Lowery acted as the producer of the “Heart-Shaped Scar” disc. The album was an incredible success, LP was called the discovery of the year and the girl was predicted to be a resounding success. The composition from this disc sounded in the drama “Eternal Values” with Glenn Close.

The LP singer likes more male looks

Three years later, LP released a second album, recorded with Linda Perry, one of the members of 4 NonBlondes. The flamboyant pop-rock “Suburban Sprawl & Alcohol” brought the LP’s popularity and attracted the attention of the music industry’s bigwigs.

The LP singer has not changed her image

One of the leaders of Jam Records invited the young singer to record the next album at their studio. LP gladly agreed, understanding the need for producer support. However, cooperation with the famous studio did not work out. The producers did not like the appearance of the girl, they insisted on changing the image. But LP, comfortable in men’s suits and black sunglasses, didn’t go along with them. True to herself, less than a year later she terminated her contract with the label.


Left without producers, the girl continued to write songs and perform. Her popularity grew, she wrote some of her compositions to order for recognized pop stars. She has excelled as a songwriter. Between 2006 and 2014, LP wrote songs for Cher, Christina Aguilera, Leona Lewis and Rihanna.

The LP singer has written songs for many stars

However, she refused to sell the most personal songs. They were included in her next album. “Forever for Now”, recorded in 2014 at Warner Bros. Records, became a real breakthrough in the creative career of the singer. The compositions from this disc revealed the name of the girl to the whole world.

In 2016, the fourth album of the singer was released. Quite expectedly, “Lost on You”, named after the main track, became the leader in sales both in America and in Europe.

The singer tours a lot, at the end of 2016 she performed in Russia.

LP’s personal life

The singer has never hidden her orientation – she prefers girls. Her mother never found out about it, and her father, in her youth, thought it was some form of teenage protest. But realizing that this was not a pretense, but her true nature, he, as always and in everything, supported his daughter. The singer experienced her first serious feelings when she met actress Tamzin Brown. For a long time, the girls met, but broke up when Laura suspected her friend of insincerity. The breakup was painful for both. It is Tamzin that the song “Lost on You” is dedicated to.

LP singer and her friend Tamzin Brown

After a short break in the life of a star, singer Lauren Ruth Ward appeared. They started dating in 2016. The girls are connected by love for music and mutual respect. Their relationship is not a secret. To the delight of many LP fans, the engagement took place in 2017, and soon the wedding.

LP singer and her girlfriend Lauren Ruth Ward

The singer is fond of yoga. A lot of questions are raised by her love for accessories in the form of crosses. But in an interview, the girl said that she was not religious, and crosses for her are a symbol of rock music.

LP now

After the triumph of the fourth album, the singer tours a lot. She performed at the New Wave festival in 2017. In 2018, she visited several Russian cities with concerts and promised to return in 2019. LP works hard, she writes songs for a new album, which is predicted to be an unprecedented success. The girl collaborates with well-known producers, Isabella Summers, and Rob Cavallo (Green Day producer).

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