Sewn Applique Banners Vs Printed Parade Banners

Banners are a great way to promote a business or organization, as well as contribute to the community. To make an impression, you’ll need the right attention-grabbing materials. With careful planning and creative ideas, you’ll make great items even on a tight budget.

So you can choose from a variety of materials. It can be satin polyester, nylon, cotton or some other type of fabric. When it comes to the production method, you should decide whether you want sewn applique banners or printed banners.

Types of banner materials


Different types of banners can often confuse you and cause you to be indecisive. Choosing does not have to be a difficult task, and all you need to do is to find out their features. That way, you will know much more about their use, advantages and disadvantages, and you won’t make the wrong decision. One of the most famous materials is vinyl. It is widely used because it uses much less energy in production, has a long life and can be recycled. It is also easy to maintain and remove.

If you choose this material as a surface, you should know what options are available to you. Each of them differs in terms of stability, strength and lifespan. The first example is cast vinyl which is a combination of a liquid mixture. It is heated to become solid, and after such a process it becomes thin and flexible. It will last you for years even if you expose it to bad weather conditions.

The vinyl calendar resembles canvas. Such banners are versatile, but they should not bend or stretch. You choose mesh vinyl if you want your banners to be transparent, because this surface allows light, sound and wind to pass through. Don’t worry, the visual elements are still visible. The next type of material is fabric banners and they consist of polyester or satin. They are machine washable unlike vinyl and are also wrinkle resistant. However, it is not recommended for outdoor use as it is prone to damage.

Printed parade banners


What is the most cost-effective way to send a clear message and create an attractive parade banner? It is exactly this way of production, according to the BigTexBanners. Research shows that digital marketing tricks play a key role in how you present yourself. If you want to be noticed by passers-by, you will consider printed banners. They are very pleasant to look at, cost effective and can be produced quickly.

Companies almost always offer a discount on a larger order. The best thing about them is that you can make any idea come true. Forget about limitations in terms of size, color and overall design. Every concept is attainable, which means you have more freedom in advertising. They are very durable and flexible. You can use them anywhere and they are easy to store.

Sewn Applique parade banners


Fabric banners have always been popular, and the method used is called applique. This process is time-consuming and requires a high level of skill. Each element and letter must be sewn and cut. A quality cutter is also required. Although this process takes much longer than printing, you will get a very durable product. Such fabric is more resistant to external influences as well as to fading. For example, nylon is dyed all the way through the fabric. Another great thing about this material is that the applications are interchangeable. New components can be added at any time. This means you have the option to change their appearance or extend their life.

How will banners become more durable? By reinforcing binding patches, corners or fixing ends. That way, the wind or some other factor will not destroy your work. So we can say that the applications are fixable. Most models can be cleaned, and repair is possible only if the damage is not too great. In many workshops, you will pay for the repair at a lower price than replacing the entire fabric, but often the repair is not worth it.

How to Choose the Best Banner Material?

Before you buy the material, you should decide on the design as well as the method of production. You won’t need too much time for it, because you can make a simple template as a sketch. Adjust the text, colors and decide on the size and see how your banner will look. Many banner printing companies offer free proofs and revisions. That way you will be sure how you want the banner to look.

Types of Banner By Style


There are pull-up and retractable banners that are an excellent solution for trade fair events and advertising signs. However, they are mostly used indoors and can be very tall. It all depends on the custom specifications. They are quite cheap compared to pop-up alternatives, easy to stack and transport. Background screens and Pop displays are made of fabric and attract a lot of attention. Its installation is so simple in this case, but it will not take you much time. Step and repeat banners are used to promote brands and businesses through photos and videos. You will often see Pole Banners on streets and avenues, and they are used to promote festivals, concerts and similar events. In addition, you can opt for hanging banners as well as feather banners.


The choice of production method is influenced by several factors. These are the size of the banner, the type of material, but also your artistic abilities. Also consider access to materials, as some may not be available to you even if you have a cool idea. To help you make a decision, try sketching your idea. Make it just a rough sketch, without much detail.

A drawing will help you imagine how well it will work on a particular surface. Think about the angle at which you want to place them, how you will wear them and by when you have to make them. Fortunately, you won’t have to think that much when it comes to printed banners. They simplify the whole process. It’s a lifesaver for anyone who doesn’t have enough time or is indecisive.