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Paul Davis Ryan (Eng. Paul Davis Ryan) - American politician, member of the US House of Representatives from Wisconsin since 1999, Republican Party candidate for vice president in the 2012 elections, 62nd Speaker of the US House of Representatives from October 29, 2015 to January 3, 2019.

Place of Birth. Education. Born January 29, 1970. Raised in Janesville, Wisconsin to Irish and German parents. Ryan received a bachelor's degree in economics and political science from Miami University in Ohio.

Political career. In the mid-to-late 1990s, he served as an aide to US Senator Bob Kasten, then as legislative director to Senator Sam Brownback, and then as a speechwriter for former US Congressman Jack Kemp.

In November 1998, Ryan won the election to the US House of Representatives from the 1st district of Wisconsin and took office in January 1999.

Since 1998, he has been continuously re-elected as a congressman from his district (elections to Congress are held every November of an even year), each time receiving from 55 to 68% of the vote.

From 2011-2015, Ryan chaired the House Budget Committee, where he played a prominent role in developing and facilitating the Republican Party's long-term budget proposals. As an alternative to President Barack Obama's 2012 budget plan, Ryan introduced a "Plan for Prosperity" that contained controversial changes to the Medicare health care program.

On October 29, 2015, after the resignation of John Beiner, Ryan was elected to the post of Speaker of the US House of Representatives (the post of Speaker of the US House of Representatives is the third highest in the US government hierarchy). Paul Ryan's candidacy for speaker was supported by 239 congressmen out of 218 required. On the same day he took office.

In April 2019, Paul Ryan confirmed that he would not run again in the November midterm congressional elections. V In early January 2019, Paul Ryan stepped down as speaker.

Views. After Donald Trump became the presumptive Republican presidential nominee on May 4, 2016, Ryan refused to endorse him, saying he was not ready to do so just yet. Ryan officially supported Trump on June 2, 2016, but then repeatedly criticized him.

Ryan is often remembered and quoted for his conservative views on economic policy, in particular on the issue of Medicare.

Family. Ryan is married and has three children. He is a Roman Catholic. Ryan's great-grandfather, grandfather and father died of heart attacks at the age of 56, 57 and 59, respectively, and this is one of the reasons why Ryan is a promoter of an active lifestyle, actively involved in sports. He has made more than 40 ascents of the Colorado mountains with a height of more than 4000 m.