Reinis Tumovs Net Worth

Biography of Reinis Tumovs

Reinis Tumovs is an international entrepreneur, influential investor and financial analyst. Recognized expert in banking, IT and fintech, investment and wealth management. He also has extensive experience in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects. At the moment, it is cryptocurrencies and blockchain that are one of the main activities of the crypto enthusiast Reinis Tumovs.

Also known as a philanthropist and public figure with an independent outlook. He believes that business should be socially oriented, and then is actively involved in charity work, helping children from socially disadvantaged groups of the population and sports veterans, as well as promoting the idea of ​​sports and a healthy lifestyle and funding such events.

early years

Reinis Tumovs was born in 1976 in the RSFSR, USSR into a family of Soviet intelligentsia (mother is a physics and mathematics teacher, father is a chaser artist). Ethnic Latgalian (Latvian).

Information about his personal life is rather scarce. It is known from open sources that Reinis Tumovs is married, a married couple has a daughter and a son.

Scientific titles

  • Ph.D.
  • Professor (Department of Finance and Statistics).


  • Bachelor of Accounting (BAcc, 1995).
  • Bachelor of Banking (BFin, 1998).
  • Master in Banking (MFin, 2005).
  • Anti-Money Laundering Stock Market Specialist (AML, 2010).
  • Legal Specialist (LLM, 2015).
  • Frequent participant in specialized conferences and international symposia.

Public image

Media persona, a sought-after analyst-expert in the field of financial market innovations, fintech and blockchain. He is also known as the author of scientific and analytical materials, regularly quoted by influential media.

Specialization and employment

Financial analyst, influential expert in the fields of:

  • project investment,
  • finance and banking,
  • business management strategies,
  • financial technologies (FinTech),
  • blockchain.

Among other achievements of Reinis Tumovs, there are many successfully implemented projects and startups brought to the market. Reinis is also actively working to popularize the practice of attracting independent investment advisor by large companies and also by individuals.

Has a diversified portfolio of business interests around the world in the following areas:

  • business consulting;
  • market segmentation;
  • banking;
  • financial technologies, blockchain, DeFi innovations, Fintech;
  • project investment in IT technologies;
  • investment migration consulting;
  • energy;
  • transport and logistic;
  • sport.

Actual business projects

Currently, she is active and fruitful international work, at the same time being:

  • Founder, President and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of RTGroup Inc;
  • CEO of Wellcome Keys WorldWide;
  • Member of the Board of Directors of Fight Gym Blockchain Solutions;
  • Vice President of Fight Gym Promoting;
  • business consultant.

civil position

He takes an active civic position regarding mass sports and the rejection of bad habits. He believes that this problem is especially relevant among adolescents and youth, and insufficient attention to it on the part of the authorities can lead to far-reaching negative consequences on a national scale.

He believes that the most effective way to solve this problem is to provide support (financial, advertising, etc.) to public organizations that popularize mass sports.

Personally, Tumovs supports the development of boxing and martial arts in the Baltic States, as the most popular and accessible mass sports among young people. She actively participates in providing all-round assistance to veterans of professional sports.

Social activity

At the moment, Reinis Tumovs is:

  • First Vice-President of the International Boxing Association of the Baltic States;
  • Vice President of the Baltic Sea Martial Arts Federation;
  • jury member of the European Institute for Policy Innovation Award;
  • an accredited member of the International Atlantic Economic Society;
  • member of IABE – International Academy of Business.


Reinis Tumovs does not advertise his personal life. It is known from a few reliable sources that he is married and has a son and daughter. In addition, it is known that the Tumovs family at one time founded a charitable Foundation that provides assistance to children from low-income families, whose activities also do not have wide coverage in the media and social media, due to the principle “Good deeds deserve silence”, which the Foundation is guided by.

Recently it became known that the Fund will soon undergo significant changes related to the need to comply with the progressive transformations taking place in society. After a thorough study of the experience of other national and international charitable foundations, it was decided to build a fundamentally new model of the Fund for the family, which will help to move from solving private to global problems.

The Tumovs family recognizes the unique perspectives through which different communities look at the world and are able to propose solutions that help build a better world for all.


  • First degree diploma in the “Bank of the Year 2006” rating, nomination “Creative Banker 2006”.
  • Special nomination of the Competition “Bank of the Year 2024”: “The best head of a bank with foreign capital”.


Thanks to his extensive experience, Reinis Tumovs is a professional in the field of corporate finance, investment attraction, strategic planning, banking (both private and investment), asset management and projects of the widest focus.

She is a strong leader and experienced consultant with extensive experience in various areas of the financial services market. As a businessman, he prefers to create teams and ideas based on innovative solutions in the field of coordination consulting and business development technologies. Reinis is a great leader who knows how to realize the full potential of the team to maximize the efficiency of the workflow.

Claims that financial success comes from realizing your unique traits. Accordingly, to reach the top requires a dream, as well as audacity and courage, which must be accompanied by a measure of humility. Reinis Tumovs follows this principle all his life.