Okan Yalabyk Net Worth

Biography of Okan Yalabyk

Childhood and family of Okan Yalabyk

The popular Turkish actor Okan Yalabik was born on December 13, 1978 in Istanbul in a family where the eldest son Ozan was already growing up. Okan’s parents were far from the acting environment. His father was engaged in trade, and his mother Okana worked in a bank. Okan from childhood was distinguished by a good physique and beauty.

Even in his school years, a handsome boy was constantly attracted to participate in various school events. Even then, Okan decided that he must certainly become a professional actor. He enters the school theater club and begins performing in the school theater. After school, Okan goes to study at Istanbul University.

Turkish actor Okan Yalabik is now especially popular

He studies acting at the Faculty of Additional Arts, where he was taught by famous and talented actors, in particular Yildiz Kenter. At the same time, the future actor is studying at the Istanbul Conservatory. At the age of 16, Okan Yalabyk successfully graduated from the conservatory and the university and begins his creative activity in the theater

The work of the actor Okan Yalabyk, filmography

Work in the theater brings success and recognition of the public, and in 2008 and 2009. Okan Yalabik receives high awards for original theatrical productions.

The creative activity of the young actor is not limited to the theatrical stage. He tries his hand at television. In 2003, he began acting in the television series Serseri, where he plays the role of a young unemployed man in love with a girl from a wealthy family. After the release of the series on television, the young actor immediately gained popularity and became the idol of Turkish viewers.

Sings Okan Yalabik – Ibrahim Pasha

In the same year, O. Yalabyk starred as a composer in the short film “Masterpiece”. The next works of Okan Yalabik are roles in the famous Turkish films “Understand, Beloved”, “Pain of Autumn”, “Between Two Consecutive”, “Hunting Season”. In The Hunting Season, Okan brilliantly played the role of police officer Hasan, for which he received the best actor award in 2011. The versatile talent of the actor gives him the opportunity to create diverse images, among which he is able to see ghosts.

the tenant Jihan in the mystical thriller and the reckless ladies’ man in the film “Womanizer”.

Okan Yalabyk today

However, the greatest popularity and fame not only in Turkey, but also abroad was brought to the actor by the TV series “The Magnificent Century”, where he managed to play the multifaceted and memorable image of Ibrahim Pasha. Okan believes that the historical series gave viewers and himself an opportunity to learn more about the Ottoman Empire and its rule. After all, the actor, being a student, paid little attention to history lessons. The wild popularity of the movie series attracted the attention of many film awards, and the talents of the actors involved in the “Magnificent Century” were awarded well-deserved awards. Okan Yalabik, among other actors of the series, was awarded the Antalya Award as the performer of the best male role, surpassing the famous Halit Ergench. Actors such as Meryem Uzerli, Nebahat Chekhre, Selma Ergech and others also worked in this project.

On account of the young actor more than forty successful acting jobs. In addition to his work in cinema and theater, Okan Yalabik, thanks to his pleasant voice, translates popular cartoons and computer games into Turkish. Among the cartoons voiced by the actor are Kung Fu Panda and Kung Fu Panda 2.

He often dubs popular foreign films, voices videos, participates in advertising campaigns on Turkish television.

Personal life of Okan Yalabyk

Okan Yalabyk, successful in the acting profession, has not yet decided in his personal life. He recently divorced his wife, the beautiful actress Hande Soral. No one can accurately name the reason for their separation. Some believe that the reason lies in the professional employment of the former spouses, while others believe that the couple did not have children. Okan’s loneliness gives hope to many of his fans for the opportunity to win the favor and love of a free young actor.

Many hope that Okan and his Magnificent Century co-star Selma Ergech may have an office romance, but this is just speculation. However, it cannot be said with certainty that the heart of the idol of girls is free. Recently there was information that for two months now Yalabik began dating 28-year-old Turkish actress Hande Dogandemir.

The star of the series “The Magnificent Century” has not yet married. Okan Yalabyk and Selma Ergech

The actor has many different hobbies. He enjoys playing the guitar and flute.

The actor’s family so far consists of his parents and older brother, a basketball fan who graduated from the Faculty of Radio and Telecommunications. Now he is a director who shoots commercials.

Okan does not aspire to prestigious resorts, but prefers to relax in his native Ayvalik and its environs. Favorite time for rest is autumn.

The actor won fame, but does not boast about it, he is distinguished by intelligence, modesty, kindness and decency. In any team, he quickly masters and becomes the soul of the company.

Today, Okan firmly holds the position of the most successful and handsome artist in Turkey and is among the ten most attractive actors in the country.

According to Okan Yalabyk himself, he is, first of all, an actor who loves his work, and stardom is the cost of acting, which cannot be left uncontrolled and stardom cannot be led.