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Biography of Naomi Campbell


Cult top model Naomi Campbell (erroneous options: Naomi Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell) was born on May 22, 1970 in Streatham (England, South London).
The mother of the most recognizable black girl today was a ballerina with Afro-Jamaican roots, Valerie Campbell. When baby Naomi was only 2 months old, her father abandoned 18-year-old Valerie. At her mother’s insistence, the Black Panther never saw her unnamed father in her life. When Naomi was a teenager, the mother of the future model remarried, and Campbell had a “new” dad. However, Naomi disliked her stepfather and constantly quarreled with him.

Now supermodel Naomi Campbell admits that the breakup between her mother and father greatly influenced her character. Therefore, as it seems to the girl, she is so stubborn, resilient and purposeful. Since childhood, the black beauty has been categorical. From the age of 10, she constantly proved that she was already old enough and doing everything right. This applied not only to the family, but also to the school. A scandal at the school was guaranteed if someone in Naomi’s class was not to her liking.

Beauty Naomi

All childhood Naomi Campbell was in the care of a nanny. The girl’s mother constantly toured. At the age of 10, Campbell herself begins to learn the basics of ballet. And already at 7 she appeared in the video of the famous artist Bob Marley “Is This Love?”.

Step of the Black Panther

To avoid unnecessary domestic quarrels with her stepfather, the girl did not go home after school, but walked through the streets, parks and squares.
At the age of 15, Naomi had a meeting that turned her whole life upside down. In one of the parks, an employee of the Elite agency, Beth Boldt, saw the girl, appreciated her figure and invited her to the casting of models. Naomi passed the test with dignity and became an agency model. Exotic beauty was immediately appreciated by advertisers and glossy publications.

In 1985, Campbell flew to Paris for her first photo shoot. The whole family escorted the girl to France, in which consent reigned for a moment. All scandals with the stepfather were forgotten. However, the prudent Naomi behaved calmly only so that her parents would not forbid her to fly to Paris. A year later, the girl appeared on the cover of the famous Elle magazine.

She got there by accident. A certain dark-skinned model could not come to the photo shoot and was replaced by Campbell. By the way, Naomi was the first black girl to appear on the cover of a famous publication. The exotic beauty of the girl attracted the powers that be in the fashion world and, starting in 1988, the model began to regularly participate in shows, as well as receive tempting offers. By the way, she also became the first black model, whose photo was published on the cover of TIME, French and English VOGUE.

With Vladislav Doronin

Naomi Campbell began to constantly appear on the covers of a variety of publications, including erotic content. The girl became the heroine of the shows of such famous fashion houses as Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Versace.

By the way, Naomi was given the nickname “Black Panther” not at all for the color of her skin, but for her plastic, soft, “cat” manner of walking along the catwalk.

Peak of popularity

In the early 90s, Naomi entered the “Big Six” of the most sought-after models. In addition to her, the honorary list includes Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford and Kate Moss. In 1995, Naomi Campbell made her debut as a singer. The girl released the album “Babywoman”. In Japan, for example, her single “La, La, La Love Song” topped the charts.

Naomi can also be seen in many music videos. For example, in the videos of Culture Club, Michael Jackson, P Diddy, Jay-Z, Madonna and Usher. Campbell, along with her colleagues on the catwalk, starred in the famous clip of the flamboyant George Michael “Freedom-90”.

Naomi Campbell has also shown herself as an actress. Since 1984, the girl has starred in 31 films. She has worked with Antonio Banderas, Whoopi Goldberg, Sarah Jessica Parker, and John Malkovich. Critics questioned the acting talent of the model, however, the tapes with her participation invariably brought good income.

In 2003, Naomi began hosting a reality show where inexperienced students were made into fashion designers. Naomi Campbell co-authored the novel Swan in 1996. And besides this, she published an album of her photographs “Naomi by Naomi Campbell”. All sales proceeds go to the Red Cross fund.

Extra class model

By the way, with the light hand of the Black Panther, five new perfume fragrances have appeared. Sunset, Cat Deluxe, Paradise Passion, Naomi Campbell and Naomi Campbell Mystery, as well as Exult, enjoy worldwide success.


Naomi is famous for her eccentric character and is considered the main brawler of the world show business because of her own temper. In 2007, the model completed 5 days of community service and took courses in anger management. The court handed down such a punishment for the fact that Campbell beat her maid. For her trick, the girl washed the floors in the garages of garbage trucks.

By the way, this was not the only case when a girl splashes out her negative emotions on her assistants. In 2008, Naomi spat at a police officer who was trying to calm the star down at the airport where her luggage was lost. In the same year, the model took another course of psychotherapy on self-control.

Personal life of Naomi Campbell

Naomi’s personal life is very rich. In the late 80s, she dated boxer Mike Tyson. Rumor has it that she had an affair with Sylvester Stallone. In the 90s, the girl was the lover of the dancer Joaquin Cortes. A young Spaniard broke the heart of a dark-skinned girl that she almost committed suicide and barely got out of her depression.

The supermodel was the bride of U-2 bassist Adam Kleiten, however, it did not come to a wedding. Naomi Campbell has had romantic relationships with actor Robert De Niro, musician Eric Clapton and even Prince Albert. At the same time, Naomi acquired drug addiction, from which she was treated for six months. In 2004, the girl met with rapper Usher, after which the “black panther” gave her heart to P Diddy. However, the last novel was very fleeting.

Naomi Campbell admits that she likes companions older than her. In them, she appreciates “mind, education, sincere and, above all, paternal qualities.” In the mid-2000s, Campbell, as proof of this, was married to a Formula 1 race manager, 52-year-old Flavio Bratoe (the man loved his starry second half so much that he gave her his yacht). And before that, the girl was married to a “very young man” and to Robert de Niro.

Naomi Campbell on video

In 2008, Naomi and Russian businessman Vladislav Doronin began an affair that continues to this day. One of the richest people in Russia and co-owner of Capital Group met the model in Brazil, at a Vogue magazine party. The next meeting, which became decisive in the relationship, took place in Cannes at a private party of Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce.

“They danced and kissed tenderly. She said it was love at first sight. It is immediately clear that they are serious about it, ”Naomi Campbell’s friends recall. After this meeting, “Black Panther and the Russian oligarch are constantly together. It is worth noting that the supermodel took the businessman away from the family. A man left his wife and daughter for the sake of a black beauty.

Performance with Naomi Campbell

They note that together with Vladislav Doronin, the model settled down and stopped showing her violent temper. Now the model spends a lot of time in Moscow, plans to become the wife of a businessman and is even ready to convert to Orthodoxy for him.

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