Named the highest paid actors in the world

Against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic and numerous postponements of releases to 2024, the amounts in the annual Forbes ranking have slightly decreased. The main trend of this season, according to analysts, is that the lion’s share of the profits for the actors this time was brought by the streaming service Netflix. For several years, the American corporation has been allocating solid budgets not only for series, but also for feature films.

Named the highest paid actors in the world


Named the highest paid actors in the world

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Vin Diesel has been badly affected by the pandemic this year – Fast and Furious 9, which was supposed to premiere in the spring, will now be released only in 2024. It turns out that for Diesel, the postponement of the release is tantamount to lost profits. Forbes experts are confident that the actor will still get his share – and next year the amount that is currently lacking will move the Fast and the Furious star to a higher place. And now – thanks in part to Bloodshot – he is in fifth place in the rankings.

Trailer of the film “Furious 9”

In 2019, Ben Affleck had the film Triple Frontier, for which he received $ 8 million. Then there were Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, The Last Thing He Wanted, and in 2024 – Outside “. The actor gradually comes to his senses after a “drunken” period of life, and his beloved Anna De Armas helps him in this. By the way, Affleck was recently banned from appearing on the red carpet of the world premiere of the spy action movie 007: No Time to Die, in which Armas played one of the main roles. The organizers of the event allegedly do not want the actor to divert attention from the main stars of the evening with his presence.

Trailer of the film “Outside”

Wahlberg, despite the fact that not so much has been filmed in recent years, still continues to appear in the ranking among the leaders. In 2024, the streaming service Netflix released the full-length Spencer Justice, in which Mark Wahlberg played the main role. The film has been well received by audiences, and over time it has even made it to third place on the list of the most popular Netflix releases over the past year.

Trailer of the film “Spencer Justice”

Although not liked by critics, the “Ghostly Six” from Netflix attracted the attention of the audience. The Michael Bay film starring Ryan Reynolds is likely to get a sequel. In general, Netflix enjoyed working with Reynolds – he starred in “Red Notice”, another project of the streaming service, which will be released on screens on November 13, 2024. Actually, according to analysts from Forbes, it was these two films that brought Ryan Reynolds the main profit.

Trailer of the film “The Phantom Six”

In the first place, as a year before, was Vin Diesel’s partner in the movie series “Fast and the Furious” (well, or not a partner, because they kind of had a fight). Dwayne Johnson not only bought the football league, but also started producing. At the same time, the actor and showman continues to act actively. He will also appear in the film Red Notice, in which, in addition to him and Reynolds, Gal Gadot played. Projects that have brought The Rock this year’s rankings include Jungle Cruise, Jumanji: The Next Level, and Fast and Furious: Hobbs & Shaw, for which Johnson was paid $20 million.

Trailer for Jungle Cruise

Also in the ranking of the highest paid stars according to Forbes were: 6th place – Akshay Kumar ($48.5 million), 7th place – Lin-Manuel Miranda ($45.5 million), 8th place – Will Smith ($44.5 million), 9th place – Adam Sandler ($41 million), 10th place – Jackie Chan ($40 million).