Maxim Hirkovsky Net Worth

Biography of Maxim Hirkovsky

The rapid development of the field of business training reflects the growing interest of the public in new ideas and areas of entrepreneurial activity. After all, every beginner or entrepreneur who has already managed to gain experience sooner or later faces the need to replenish their own knowledge of modern methods of company management, building relationships within the organization’s team.

Head of the CRP “Shmel”, business coach Maxim Hirkovsky

Among business coaches, the name of Maxim Hirkovsky is very well known. He began his business career as a sales consultant, quickly advancing to the position of head of the firm. Today, in addition to doing business, he conducts popular trainings for everyone who wants to start developing their own business. Successes in this field were noted at the competition “20 successful people of St. Petersburg”, where Maxim Hirkovsky received an award as the best coach in the field of business.

Maxim considers a periodic change in the field of activity to be an important component of the achieved success. In his opinion, this approach allows intensive self-improvement, obtaining new information from various fields of knowledge, while remaining the best in their main profession.

Childhood and youth

Maxim Hirkovsky was born in an ordinary family with a small income. Since there was no own housing, I had to live in a hostel. Due to the lack of connections and money from wealthy parents, the young man from childhood had to rely only on his own strength and knowledge. In addition to love and care, Maxim’s parents made efforts to properly motivate their son, explaining that in order to achieve success in any endeavor, you need to work hard and conscientiously.

Maksim Hirkovsky belongs to the so-called self-made people

The first real chance to realize himself truly appeared after the young man began working at the Groupon company. Maxim Hirkovsky found out about her quite by accident, after leaving his previous job. The conditions proposed by Groupon seemed to him very promising, and he was inspired by the idea of ​​entrepreneurship. Success was not long in coming – during the first months Maxim showed excellent results.

Career Development

Actively working in the field of sales, Maxim Hirkovsky is seriously interested in marketing theory. Months of training and analysis of the acquired material soon bear fruit: Maxim begins to advise marketers of one of the companies on various issues. Management notices a promising employee who gives good advice on improving sales techniques, and after some time offers him the post of director of marketing.

Thanks to the experience of Internet entrepreneurship, Maxim Hirkovsky realized in which direction he would like to work further. The sphere of purchases and sales no longer seemed so exciting to him, all his thoughts were devoted to finding a new vector of development. Soon he was found – it was precisely teaching aspects of business that Maxim wanted to devote his future career to. After the first trainings, the young coach came to grips with this area and today it is his main specialization.

Interestingly, for the first time Maxim Hirkovsky spoke at the seminar, arguing with a colleague. He tried to prove that conducting online training is not a very effective undertaking. His first training was attended by about thirty listeners and the decision to start working in the field of coaching was finally made. It was this accidental attempt that became the basis for the opening of “Bumblebee” – a center for the development of entrepreneurship.

When developing trainings, Maxim Hirkovsky uses the knowledge gained over the years of work in the field of trade, as well as in a number of successful development projects in which he participated. The training material is designed for students with various practical experience in entrepreneurship and is devoted to the methods of developing a business that can bring stable profits.

Personal life

Everything that concerns the personal, Maxim Hirkovsky tries not to advertise. Unfortunately, due to a busy work schedule, a large number of seminars, trainings and participation in other projects, he does not always have time for his personal life. At the same time, Maxim is passionate about sports and travels. The purposefulness developed by him in his professional activity is manifested both in sports achievements and in the number of countries visited.

Maxim Hirkovsky now

Maxim considers receiving the award in the field of “best business coach” as part of the project “20 successful people of St. Petersburg” an important achievement in his life. Today he is developing his own training program designed for entrepreneurs who want to start a business on the Internet.

Maxim Hirkovsky believes that there is no secret knowledge that allows you to quickly achieve financial success and gain public recognition. At the same time, if you follow certain rules, the achievement of your goals becomes more real.

He expressed his thoughts on this matter at the presentation of the “Three million a month” project. The key idea of ​​the training is to create a source that gives a stable passive income.

Success Tips

  • The first rule is to develop in yourself such qualities as patience and diligence. As Warren Buffett once said, the implementation of any more or less complex task will require talent and effort, but also a fairly long period of time must pass. Therefore, the training of patience should be given as much attention as the intellectual development.
  • The second most important rule: make a plan of your actions every day. To consider your future actions, choose a quiet place where no one will disturb you, devoting some of your free time to planning. Consider who you see yourself in the future, what areas of activity seem interesting to you in order to correctly prioritize and identify immediate goals.
  • Pay more attention to social development, without which it will be extremely difficult to become successful. Quality education received at a university or specialized courses is a very important component of success. However, according to Maxim Hirkovsky, personal connections and acquaintances play an equally important role. Develop communication skills to communicate effectively and get along with people from different social backgrounds. This will require not only improving internally, but also paying attention to appearance. Your appearance must be brought into line with the status of an entrepreneur.
  • Don’t stop there. A successfully implemented project should become a motivator for further growth, the search for new promising opportunities.