Comfortable Transfers From Tel Aviv Airport To Jerusalem

Jerusalem has immense significance for numerous people around the world. After all, it’s a holy city important for the three biggest monotheistic religions: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

Thus, many tourists often visit this marvelous city, and not always for religious reasons – it has numerous archeological and cultural landmarks, beautiful architecture, and amazing cuisine.

That’s when car service in Tel Aviv Israel to Jerusalem comes in handy. Tourists can order a comfortable car with a chauffeur to travel from one location to the other. This article explains what to expect from this solution and what its benefits are.

Chauffeur Car Services In Tel Aviv

ORMAX is one of the best agencies in Israel that provides luxury car brands for rent. One of our distinguishing features is that we have a fleet of VIP cars in black, which is considered the most elegant option.

Many people value comfort and independence while traveling, so renting a luxury vehicle is a great idea. ORMAX also provides services such as renting with a personal chauffeur. This is an ideal solution for people who want to relax, enjoy their trip, and trust an experienced driver.

Our luxury car fleet includes premium brands such as Mercedes, Toyota, BMW, Volkswagen, Hyundai, etc. We also specialize in airport services, including transfers from the airport to a specified location and meeting VIP clients at airports. For example, we’ve already mentioned one location so that you can consider¬†transfers from Tel Aviv Airport to Jerusalem.

Additionally, you can request the following services:

  • school transfers for children
  • family transfers
  • private transfers
  • Israel intercity transfers
  • event planning
  • pet taxi
  • VIP hospitality
  • VIP service Ben Gurion Airport
  • Ramon Airport VIP service.

Clients at ORMAX can choose cars of different types, including sedans, comfort vehicles, premium and business models, minivans, SUVs, and other comfortable options.

Transfers From Tel Aviv Airport To Jerusalem With ORMAX

Jerusalem is a very popular city among tourists which means that it’s often difficult to reach it. Luckily, ORMAX’s services include comfortable transfers from Tel Aviv Airport directly to Jerusalem, regardless of when you arrive and if it’s a holiday like Shabbat.

ORMAX’s exclusive service ensures that you are met at the Tel Aviv Airport at the precise time of arrival. The personal driver will use a flight tracking app and wait outside the airport. From then on, you can expect a comfortable transfer in a luxury car. Additionally, each car has baby seats for families with small children. You can also charge your devices directly in the car.

Visitors of the country can use a convenient booking form and pay for the services online. ORMAX accepts several payment methods and has reasonable prices. The company employs the best drivers with great experience and knowledge of the road infrastructure. Thus, you can relax and rest after a plane flight.