Ardasher Kurbansho

Name: Ardasher Kurbansho (Ardasher Kurbansho)

Real name: Kurbansho

Surname: Ermamedovich

Birthday: January 1, 1970 (aged 52)

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Biography of Ardasher Ermamedovich Kurbansho

Any experienced climber, climbing seemingly inaccessible peaks, cannot deny himself the pleasure of at least a glimpse of looking back. In order to realize what an impressive rise has already been overcome. What a colossal amount of effort has been put in the right direction. And how deliciously clean it breathes upstairs. And only those whose success was painstakingly woven from hundreds of small and big victories along the way breathe like that. It is an incomparable feeling when you are the first… Ardasher Kurbansho may not be a climber in his daily life, but he definitely knows a lot about climbing.

In the photo: Kurbansho Ardasher Ermamedovich

Early years and education

Ardasher Ermamedovich was born on January 1, 1970. The young man received his professional education at the Medical University named after Abuali ibn Sino, in the city of Dushanbe. After completing his studies in 1986, he worked as a pediatric surgeon for eight years. Despite the most positive comments from colleagues and young patients, Ardasher Ermamedovich made a balanced decision to move into the business sector.


After gaining five years of experience at Badakhshan (whose priority was tourism), in 1994 he moved into the furniture distribution and woodworking sectors. Having delved into the study of this promising direction, Ardasher Ermamedovich ascended to the post of general director at Ostspan LTD. Then, for a whole year, he worked actively in a similar position at the Eastwood Company.

Further, Ardasher Ermamedovich focused on the development of several companies engaged in the sale of woodworking products and the furniture sector – Stroydrevsnab LLC, Melmaks LLC and Art Dali LLC.

Later there was an even more important and responsible position. Having brought together a very impressive amount of accumulated experience, and having carefully analyzed all the nuances of running a modern business, Ardasher Ermamedovich becomes the general director of the well-known company Kronospan LLC. Here, for more than six years now, he has been actively helping to develop the economic structures of Russia through investments in the places where his woodworking company has a presence.


In Egorievsk, under the constant patronage of Ardasher Ermamedovich, there is a charitable foundation “Egoryevsky” actively interacting with local residents, helping everyone in need.