Alexander Mamut Net Worth 2024 – Peek Into the Life of a Russian Bilionare

Biography of Alexander Mamut

Alexander Leonidovich Mamut is a businessman, media mogul. In 2015, his fortune was estimated at $ 2.5 billion. Since 2008, he has been included in the Forbes list of the richest people in the world. In a similar domestic list of two hundred richest entrepreneurs in 2012, he was ranked 40th, in 2015 – 36th.

He was a co-owner or owner of many companies. Among them are Rambler & Co group of companies, Euroset retailer, Corbina Telecom, mining companies Oriel Resources Plc, Polymetal, Pioner cinema, Atticus publishing group, Strelka institute, Praktika theater, night club The Most and others.

On the one hand, the mass media speak of Mamut as an intelligent, intelligent, modest, benevolent and outstanding person, on the other, as a complete cynic, adventurer and hypocrite, capable of betraying with ease and with feigned horror in his eyes.

Childhood of Alexander Mamut

The future billionaire was born on January 29, 1960 in Moscow in an intelligent family. His mother, Tsitsilia Ludvigovna, was a lawyer and head of the family – she made decisions that could not be appealed. Pope, Leonid Solomonovich, had a more flexible character and was mainly engaged in scientific research in the field of the theory of state and law. He had a doctorate in law and was one of the compilers of Boris Yeltsin’s speeches and the draft Constitution of the Russian Federation.

Their family, together with one of the grandmothers, lived in a communal apartment on Taganka in one room. As a child, Sasha was very fond of reading, since there was a good library in their house. He studied well, giving preference to literature and language, but had an explosive character.

And, interestingly, he loved to go to school, but not so much for the sake of knowledge, but because of the desire and opportunity to communicate. Later, Mamut noted that he was a supporter of the fact that schoolchildren should not be taught isolated facts, for example, the names of planets or capitals of all countries, but the ability to build relationships with people, make a career, and make friends.

Study of Alexander Mamut

In 1977, the young man graduated from school and entered the law faculty of Moscow State University. The choice of another specialty was out of the question in the family, where conversations were conducted only on legal and political topics. Due to the presence of a military department at the university, Sasha did not serve in the army. After graduating from higher education, he worked for 4 years as a legal adviser in a printing house.

During this time, Alexander, as a lawyer, gained experience, prepared and entered graduate school. Then he went to work at Vnesheconombank.

In one of his interviews, Mamut noted that, according to his firm conviction, every person should constantly develop, move and believe that the best is sure to come. He also believes that romance is about running together, and that love withers away when one of the couple starts to slow down.

The beginning of the entrepreneurial activity of Alexander Mamut

At the age of 30, an aspiring businessman founded a legal bureau called ALM and ALM Consulting. The name consists of the entrepreneur’s own initials. Then, raising the bar, he created the Lefortovsky Bank, Business and Cooperation (later Imperial), the Project Finance Company Commercial Bank and others.

After 3 years, he became a co-owner of the Seventh Continent network. In 1998, he founded ALM-Development and also became an advisor to the head of the presidential administration.

At the beginning of the millennium, he was engaged in business in various fields – banking, trade, telecommunications, finance, oil, publishing. In particular, Alexander was a member of the management of MDM-Bank, Sobinbank, insurance, investment companies Ingosstrakh, RESO-Garantia, Troika Dialog.

Business of Alexander Mamut

In 2000-2008. Mamut became a member of the board of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP). In 2001, in partnership with Roman Abramovich and Oleg Deripaska, he established a charitable Foundation for the Promotion of Science. A year later, he became one of the founders of ZAO Sixth Channel.

Alexander Mamut and Alexey Kudrin: From the Oil Needle to Human Capital

In 2005, Alexander became the head of the board of trustees of the new drama theater Praktika, a year later he opened The Most restaurant in Moscow. In 2008, he acquired the Euroset retailer, bought and reconstructed the Pioner cinema, in 2009, was the main sponsor and trustee of the Strelka media institute.

Personal life of Alexander Mamut

The media mogul was married twice, has 5 children from two marriages. These are Nikolai, Peter, daughter of Esther and adopted sons Leonid and Dmitry.

Alexander’s first wife was his classmate Maria Gnevisheva. True, he was in love with another girl from school, with Nadezhda Lyamina. She became his second wife. She graduated with honors from high school, and then from MGIMO.

Their romance began in 1993, and it did not stop him from the fact that both then already had families. Alexander felt sympathy for Nadezhda from a young school age, but the girl then preferred Leonid Brezhnev’s grandson Andrei to him and gave birth to two sons, Leonid and Dmitry, in marriage with him.

They met by chance in 1993, which was the beginning of their long and warm relationship. After divorces, they got married and lived in love and friendship. In marriage, their common son Nikolai was born, Alexander also took care and gave an excellent education to his wife’s children from his first marriage. Nikolai studied at the Moscow School of Economics, and received his higher education in the UK.

However, the family idyll ended in 2002 when Nadezhda fell ill with pneumonia and passed away.

After her death, Alexander no longer married, but he had a romantic relationship, and it is worth noting that his passions were married women. Among his chosen ones was Anastasia, the daughter of director Pavel Chukhrai. She went to Mamut from her husband Anton Tabakov.

Then Mamut again became the reason for the divorce of his new passion, Alena Akhmadullina, with her husband Arkady Volk, with whom they lived together for 7 years. Alexander also soon lost interest in her.

Mamut is a caring son and father. He bought his parents an apartment on the Arbat with a view of the House-Museum of the sculptor Alexander Burganov; in February 2015, he transferred 3.59 percent of the shares in Polymetal to the children.

Since his student years, he continues to be friends with Roman Kolodkin, who has become a diplomat, and also closely communicates with Roman Abramovich. The oligarch and his wife Dasha Zhukova were among the guests of Mamut at the celebration of his 55th birthday at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center.

Alexander Mamut’s interview for Dozhd TV channel

With childhood friends, many of whom have become famous people, he still communicates. Several times they almost all of the former class went on a steamer to barbecue. And, as a rule, he himself is responsible for financing the events. He often plays football with his university friends.

Mamut confessed that he loves cinema, theater, books, football, cars, and also travel. He spends about three months a year abroad.

Alexander Mamut today

Continuing to adhere to the principle of constant development, the businessman in 2011 purchased the securities of Nomos Bank, then more than 60 percent of the shares of the Dutch grocery chain Spar, bought the British book chain Waterstones. In 2012, he became the sole owner of the international media firm SUP Media.

In 2014, the tycoon became the CEO of the Group of Companies of about fifty Rambler & Co projects (includes the Rambler,, resource, the Championship, Afisha portals, the social network, the LiveJournal blog, the service, the website for parents and other projects). He is also a shareholder in Polymetal, a gold and silver mining company.