Alexander Bogatikov

Biography of Alexander Bogatikov

The Business Lines business project, founded by Alexander Bogatikov back in 2001, today is the most famous and largest Russian carrier among road freight transport in our country (according to Infranews).

Founder of Delovye Linii Alexander Bogatikov

Biography of Alexander Bogatikov

The future entrepreneur was born in 1978. After leaving school, he entered and received higher education at the BSTU “VOENMEH” named after A.I. D.F. Ustinov. Already a student, Alexander favorably differed from his peers in business acumen, sharp mind and quick wit in the field of building a business.

During his student years, he intensively studied the best practices of successful foreign businessmen and the modern European approach to entrepreneurship. He was especially interested in logistics, and before graduating from university, he clearly outlined his goal: to establish his own logistics company, which would be based on advanced European experience in the field of transportation.

Business Line

Through trial and error, creating a variety of projects, in 2010 Alexander Bogatikov brought to life his most successful and progressive project called “Business Lines”. The transport empire immediately confidently took a leading position in the cargo transportation segment in our country and became the leading domestic logistics company.

“Business Lines” by Alexander Bogatikov became the embodiment of innovative advanced technologies and methods, and in tandem with high European service standards.

Company “Business Lines”: the history of creation

The main slogan of the company – “Make complex transportation simple” – fully corresponds to the work of the enterprise. With the advent of “Business Lines” on the market of cargo transportation, the impossible became real. This was achieved thanks to the professionalism and talent of the founder of the company and his partners. A team of professionals has automated many processes; its fleet uses exclusively modern and powerful vehicles that quickly and efficiently perform any task.

The central office of the company is located in St. Petersburg, and its branches are located in all corners of our boundless country.

To date, Alexander Bogatikov and his “Business Lines” have become a real breakthrough in the logistics business segment. Thanks to the determination, sharp mind, great fortitude and diligence of the founder of the enterprise, the company occupies a leading position and a significant share in the entire segment of cargo transportation in Russia.

The success of the enterprise allowed it to go beyond the Russian business, and at the current stage, “Business Lines” carry out transportation not only in our country, but also in all countries of the Customs Union.


Alexander Bogatikov, by his personal example, confirms the people’s truth – a talented person is talented in everything. As a fully developed personality, Alexander Alexandrovich is fond of professional photography, and in the rare moments of rest that fall to his lot, he loves to read.

“Business Lines” tirelessly introduce innovative technologies in cargo transportation

The biography of Alexander Bogatikov is not replete with data on his family life. The personal life of Alexander, like many other famous and successful entrepreneurs, remains behind the scenes. As a man of his word and the head of the family, he anxiously keeps his family from excessive attention from the public. But a successful entrepreneur willingly shares his experience. He always helps and prompts his colleagues and new companies that are just starting the difficult path that Alexander has already passed with dignity.

The businessman is confident that only on the principles of mutual assistance and mutual support can a successful country be built, based on high moral principles of relations between people and the economic stability of its citizens.