Why Dads Should Read to The Kids at Bedtime

There are many reasons to be found, why dads should read to their kids. A Study was conducted by Harvard University a number of years ago, looking into the benefits of Dads reading bedtime stories to their children. The results were surprising.

They found that children were more likely to listen to their Dad reading, than their mom. They also found that the children remembered the story better when dad read it.

Studies also showed that dads tended to ask less factual questions about the books than mom, and dads where more likely to spark imaginative conversations

Another thing they found was that moms tended to just read the story the way it was written. Read the words that are there on the page, whereas dads tended to add in words, read the wrong words on purpose to get the kids to laugh and correct them.

The Fatherhood Institute found that when dads read to their kids regularly the kids displayed better behavior and concentration.

Not only is dads reading to kids beneficial for the kids, but it is also beneficial for dads. The Literacy Trust reported the benefits found in dads who read to their kids, which included greater confidence and self-esteem, better father-child relationships, and increased engagement with learning.

Can you believe how good it is for dads to read bedtime stories to their kids? Not only is it good for the kids, but also the dads, and maybe the moms who might get a few minutes to themselves ; )