Victor Budarin Net Worth

Biography of Viktor Budarin

Budarin Viktor Konstantinovich is a reliable banker in the south of Russia, the main shareholder and chairman of the supervisory board of Kuban Credit Bank. An entrepreneur and financier who created his own business independently of anyone else, at his own peril and risk. He created it in those difficult years when banks issued loans to industrial enterprises at 200 – 230% and thought for a long time what period to indicate – six months or three months. An excellent manager, independent in decision-making, able to firmly defend his position and strategy, as practice has shown. A person whose charitable activities are known far beyond the Krasnodar Territory.

early years

Viktor Budarin was born in 1954 in the Krasnodar Territory, in a small village in the Krymsky District. He spent his childhood and adolescence in the suburbs of Krasnodar, where he lived with his mother, sister and grandmother. The Budarin family lived modestly and amicably, they were hardworking. The main dignity in the family was considered to be the desire to achieve success, relying only on themselves and their own work. From an early age, the habit of working and asking first of all with oneself was deeply rooted in the character of Viktor Konstantinovich.

At the age of sixteen, Victor left, at the invitation of his sister, to Magadan, to the Far East. Few people in those days got to work in this harsh land shrouded in legends. Budarin began his career as a dock worker in the port. These people were harsh, but extremely independent and distinctive. The Magadan Territory did not tolerate the weak – it threw it out. Among those who were distinguished by a characteristic “zest”, the tempering of the character of Viktor Budarin passed. He matured, learned about life, gained experience in hard physical work. Over the next few years, Victor mastered other working professions.

The School of Life in the North helped build character, added maturity and taught purposefulness. Realizing that without education it would be difficult to achieve the results he was thinking about, he looked for opportunities to continue his studies. Despite his youth, a man who always wanted to achieve tangible success in life understood that working as a loader would hardly achieve them.

Viktor Budarin’s education

Realizing the need for higher education, Victor entered and successfully graduated from the Polytechnic College in Magadan, having received a technical specialty (car repair and maintenance). Therefore, the service in the army took place in the engineering troops of one of the military units of Khabarovsk. Demobilized, Victor continued to work in the commercial port and rather quickly became the head of the heavy equipment and special equipment section of a construction organization in the same Magadan.

In 1985, during the beginning of perestroika, he returned to his native Krasnodar Territory, where he got a job in his specialty at the VAZ station – the head of a car repair shop.

This work prompted him to create in 1990 his first company – “Kuban Marka”. In 1991, an opportunity arose that Viktor Konstantinovich did not fail to take advantage of: an invitation to the United States under the experience exchange program. He studied with great interest the work of industrial enterprises and construction departments, various commercial organizations and banks on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. He was especially interested in the activities of banks and their role in the development of business. At the University of Anchorage (Alaska, USA), the future banker also enjoyed listening to a course of lectures for 6 months and gaining theoretical knowledge in the field of business management.

Creation of the bank “Kuban Credit”

In 1993, Viktor Budarin made a responsible decision to create his own commercial bank “Kuban Credit”, which, as he understood from the example of foreign experience, was to become the basis and locomotive of all future successful business. At the same time, he studied at a prestigious university since Soviet times – the All-Russian Institute of Finance and Economics, which he successfully graduated in 2001. Realizing the idea and the strategy clearly defined by him for a balanced system of investments in the real sector of the economy, Budarin brought his bank out of a small niche in one direction to the top 100 banks of the Russian Federation.

Now the bank “Kuban Credit” under the management of Viktor Budarin is engaged in lending to enterprises important for the Kuban, as well as organizations that provide the region with products and goods, that is, those who make the economy real. These are agricultural producers, the construction sector, including its full cycle; food production at flour mills and other enterprises; construction of factories and combines for the production of agricultural machinery and building materials, financing of many other areas and industries of the Krasnodar Territory.

Budarin adheres to the principle of an individual approach in working with the bank’s clients. He meets entrepreneurs halfway when he sees how responsibly they approach their work, worry about the cause, for the people, for the Kuban and Russia. Business intuition helps you not to make mistakes in investing. In the years of crisis, Budarin always knew how to choose the right strategy, and if he was wrong, he memorized the lessons and tried not to repeat the mistakes.

In the most difficult years of crisis, he always managed to mobilize the team and choose the right strategy. The best clients of the bank became business partners, the stability of Kuban Credit grew along with Budarin’s own capital. The additional capitalization of the bank by one billion rubles in 2009, the year of the acute financial crisis, contributed to an additional impetus for growth, which, in turn, increased the bank’s capabilities. In 2016, the bank’s capital exceeded 8.5 billion rubles. Viktor Budarin considers his work to be a duty towards people, the Krasnodar Territory and Russia.

Achievements of Viktor Budarin were marked by a number of prestigious awards, among which – a victory in the competition “The Best Banker of Russia” in 2007, a medal “For Outstanding Contribution to the Development of the Kuban”, received by him from the hands of the head of the administration of his native land in 2008, the title of the Hero of Labor of the Kuban (the highest award of the Krasnodar Territory), as well as the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, II degree, which Budarin was awarded in September 2016 by the decree of President Vladimir Putin.

Family of Viktor Budarin

Married. A friendly, hard-working family, four children. Wife – Kandiner Elena Georgievna. She works with her husband at the Kuban Credit Bank. In family and business life, she is his first assistant, responsibly approaches the solution of emerging problems. Budarin prefers to always be with her at all important receptions. Occasionally he goes out hunting. Doesn’t like to rest. Doing business for him is both work and leisure.